Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday's Visit with Sharon.

Tom's Journal.

I slept later this morning but had to let the Rotty out at 0300. He wakes me up by putting his ice cold wet nose on my arm that is hanging out- off the side of the bed--- and it works! I was happy to fill up my gs tank for $2.53/ gal., then bought a 40 pound bag of dog food for $40. Then to the store to shop for stuff that Sharon wanted; I brought her fresh Navel oranges and a big bag of carrots on purpose to make me look a "hero" with the hospital staff [with heart healhty food... LOL] , and even a cardiac doctor stopped by and I gave him a carrot, and my personalize pen, [Dr. Kevin Fullin, MD], and he explained some medical stuff to us, was kind and cordial, and he enjoyed my humor. But prior to that after I just got to the St. Catherine's Hosp. on Highway 50 just West of Kenosha, WI., a RN, Kim B., was in a scratchy, nasty, arrogant mood,and didn't care for my jokes and observations. She took it out on my poor wife by slapping the TV remote against her leg which is still very sore, swelled and sensitive before she walked away in a huff. Hey! There is always some malcontent butt head in the bunch of staff, and I told a few people about her actions today. You CANNOT let people get away with that kind of abuse! Report it quickly, and then the next time she pulls that same hissy fit with someone else, her superiors will 'lean on her.' Don't you think that the rest of us have had to conduct our business properly and respectfully all our working lives? --- and I'm sure that you all know exactly what I am talking about. With all the money $$ we pay these 'medical people' [thru our insurance premiums [or that were bargained with the Company thru the Union] we ought to demand proper, respectful treatment. That's my personal view. And that is what a "Patient Advocate" is for-- someone who will look out for your best interests if and whn you are incapacitated. I AM my spouse's ADVOCATE and Guardian, and she is mine. And I have been around the block a few times, and will NOT TAKE VERBAL AND PHYSICAL ABUSE! And from now on, I will have to be a butt head-- by telling my wife, 'NO MORE SALT AND JUNK FOODS!' I confess that I have been 'enabling her' by buying what "she likes", potato chips, salty stuff galore. So I guess that [even though I hardly touch the salt shaker [ I prefer hot peppers and spice/ herbs. lemon juice, etc], I will now have to dramatically change the way I eat too, and not eat bad stuff in front of Sharon, be a hypocrite or set a poor example. I am just too fat and disabled! It's going to be hard. Your prayer will help with that too, please.

Sharon says the food is not that bad at St. Cat's and most of the other staff take care of her well. Sharon has also 'witnessed' to a few doctors, nurses and staff that came to check on her constantly, having her big Bible out, and she likes to tell her story about reading the book of Joshua, and how it helped her get closer to the Lord. I am PROUD of her skill and the depth of her biblical knowledge that she eagerly shares with all who would listen !! I started teaching Sharon ever since the first day I met her as she drove all the way from Ohio to meet me about 6 years ago. I told Sharon today [again] that 'no one ever said that being a biblical Christian would be easy.' Just like danger and combat is inherent to a soldier-- we Christian soldiers must be willing and ready to give up our lives for Christ, and NOT BE ASHAMED of Jesus, no matter what comes down the pike. Matthew 10:33, "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." -- Jesus' own words. But you say, 'how will we know what to say?' READ/ STUDY THE BIBLE EVERY DAY! How can we expect to be Raptured up to heaven when we don't even know the Lord or anything about Him or what He said and taught?? I keep saying to people that I surely don't know everything-- but the Scriptures are mostly written on a 4-5th grade level, and it's just like any other book or endeavor -- 'you get out of it as much as what you put into it.' I would hate to stand before the Lord and say that I didn't/ could not find the time to read His Word, because I was too busy watching the stupid TV or too much computer/ InterNet, etc. God speaks and teaches us when we read the Bible, but like I posted shortly, the Holy Spirit is what 'enables' us to understand what the scriptures are saying. How do you get the Holy Spirit? Just go to God and ASK FOR IT [HIM].

Just like that verse I just posted ... I knew it was in Matthew, around the chapter 7 [I guessed] but I had to hunt for it and found it in Matt. 10:33 ! Oh no! I had to do a little work so I could get it right and accurate! but I knew approximately from prior reading a hundred years ago... LOL. The brain is like a muscle-- the more you 'exercise' it, the more you will retain vital information. So, as I have exhausted myself before-- it boils down to WHAT ARE YOUR HIGHEST, PRIME PRIORITIES? HELLO...

When ever I get to visit my wife, thee are tons of people checking in and out, hovering, knocking at her door, interrupting, giving her medications,checking her vitals... but that is their job-- that's good. When I first got there today about 1PM, she was very groggy and had trouble breathing-- so I just grabbed anyone in the area and told them the problem and puff more staff converged in her room quickly. MOST of them are good, careful workers who CARE about the patient. And go figure: the amount of money they get, the super high cash flow and money paid for by my Chrysler Insurance would bankrupt me if I had to pay for it! We are very 'blessed' in that area [for now], and I prefer to use my VA services [right now], but I expect things to get worse and more mixed up with red tape and 'obama rationing' and BS... down the road. REMEMBER: what ever the Gov't touches-- it turns into a dung heap! Ha! Beware. I love your many comments-- but know that most of you are very busy. Thanks for taking the time to visit and comment!

I wish I could get out of my up coming Jury Duty in December, as it will be very hard to walk any steps, etc. But you know... if I thought the 'perp' was guilty beyound a shaodow of a doubt, I would say, "Hang the Bum !" LOL.

Time for bed. Have a great week end!

Jesus is Lord


Christopher said...

Hey Tom, Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I left a comment in-turn there but wanted to repeat it here.

Just so you know, I have not served in our Military,my fervant support for them was ingrained in me from birth. To understand more please read my post 'In Honor of Veterans Day' @

Baically,I am a quasi-Military brat,my Dad may have been discharged (Honorably) from the U.S. Army but the Army never left him.

Terri said...

I'm sorry that nurse treated your wife that way but glad you told someone...that is uncalled for. Glad you had a nice visit with Sharon and took her some healthy goodies...I know she appreciated that....hope she feels much better soon!


Carolyn said...

Hi Tom- I'm glad Sharon is feeling better. I know it will be hard for both of you to eat right, but whenever she gives you a hard time- just tell her that you love her and want her to stick around for a while! :-) God Bless you guys Tom. Keep spreading the Truth!! And keep us posted! Have a Blessed week~