Thursday, November 26, 2009

T-Day- 2009

Tom's Journal.

Just a short note, bragging a bit about the turkey and duck that I roasted this morning-- it fell off the bones and tasted great. I made a generous plate and took it to my dear wife, Sharon, and she ate it all-- but after that the staff bought her a small pizza for lunch! I just didn't get to make any side dishes like potatoes, etc, but I ate some cottage cheese to sooth my sore stomach. Since it is 32 degrees F. outside with a thin layer of snow, I will just put the remains on the enclosed back porch over night and eat some more tomorrow. Sharon especially loved the juicy duck that I brought her. I bought a 11 pound butterball turkey and read the instructions that came with it, just to make sure I did it right--- Sharon is a better cook and always used to prepare the food-- but I am glad that things turned out OK for us this year... under the less than optimal circumstances. Sharon showed me her legs and they swelling went down dramatically! She feels somewhat better, but her heart is weak. They seem to take care of her well at St. Catherine's Hospital near Kenosha, WI, about 20 miles from our house. She sleeps a lot and gets rid of the fluid build up mostly. Your prayer must have worked! Thank you!

My feet got too dry and cracked open so that my feet were especially sore and hurtful today, and I really didn't care for any company today. Just tried to clean, organize and cook today and visit Sharon.

Sharon found out that her heart ventricle was so very weak BEFORE the heart surgery last March, and it still is not up to the task, so the doc's may consider a Heart Pace Maker, down the road, perhaps sooner than latter. Of course I will support and help her as much as I can-- except that I am getting pretty disabled myself! Don't it always happen like that...? And people that knew me all though my life would tell you that I as a human dynamo, hard worker and power lifter until the last 6 years ago when I started going down hill from 2 near death injuries. I was darn lucky to have made it to the end of my 30 years to retire! But I was determined to do or die. Mom and Dad didn't raise a quitter. Still, I still feel cheated by Chrysler for demanding all my SSDI lump sum money $$$ back, and I don't trust that Company OR the Union farther than I can spit. Yes, I fully know that I am more blessed than most other people in the world right now. PTL.

I plan to go to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is another day which I intend to see Sharon again.


I was very surprised to read about my own small home town in the country side of Wisconsin have hungry poor people !! Wow! See article below >>>>

Remember Those Less Fortunate this Thanksgiving

A report released by the Department of Agriculture last week showed that nearly 50 million people, or one in four children, did not have enough food to eat last year. This is a staggering number, and the highest reported since the USDA started keeping records in 2005.

During a week when most of us will be fortunate enough to eat more than we could ever need, it seems hard to believe that just a few miles away or even next door, there will be those who are struggling to get enough. But that is unfortunately the case.

The Union Grove Food Bank reports that they are serving a need that is 30% greater than it was last year and many food banks are reporting shortages. This is most likely driven by the recession. As people continue to lose their jobs, more and more will need food assistance.

This is even more concerning considering the jobs numbers released last week show Wisconsin shed another 14,000 jobs since September and we have lost 166,000 in the last 12 months - the biggest year-to-year drop in 70 years of recorded data. There are currently 232,300 people looking for work in the state of Wisconsin.

In light of that fact, it's important that as we all ponder the things we have to be thankful for this weekend, we also remember those who are less fortunate. If you would like to donate time, money, or food to one of our area food banks, there are a few to choose from:

Love Inc. is located at 480 South Pine St in Burlington. Their phone number is 763-6226. To find out more information about Love Inc., you can also go to their website at

The Union Grove Food Bank is located at 1015 State Street in Union Grove. Their phone number is 853-4144.

The Racine County Food Bank is located at 2000 DeKoven Ave., Unit #2. Their phone number is (262) 632-2307. They can be found on the web at

I would like to wish you and your family a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday.

Enjoy the Last Weekend of Gun Deer Season

I would like to wish all Wisconsin hunters a safe and productive final weekend if you decide to head out to the woods. While the news of lower numbers in opening weekend might be discouraging, the woods will still be full of thousands of Wisconsin hunters carrying on the hunting tradition like the generations before them.

To ensure the tradition continues, I voted to create the hunting mentorship program this session to allow 10 and 11 year olds to hunt with an adult mentor. The Department of Natural Resources reports that since the bill was passed, a total of 10,016 mentored hunting licenses have been sold. This is great news considering there has been a concern that the number of hunters may decrease in the future. Experts claim that by getting kids involved early, it makes it more likely they will continue hunting for a lifetime.

Maintaining a healthy deer herd in Wisconsin rests on the shoulders of Wisconsin's hunters. It's vital that we make sure that the next generations take an interest in carrying out the tradition.

Deer hunting in Wisconsin is also an important part of tourism. Seven hundred thousand people visit Wisconsin every year to hunt. On average, each of them spends $1,868 each season for equipment, lodging, and food. That's a huge contribution that we can't afford to lose.

Finally, if you are looking for another way to help those less fortunate, many of Wisconsin's food pantries will take any venison you do not plan to keep. The Venison Donation Program has donated nearly 70,000 to food pantries all over Wisconsin. If you are interested in participating in this program, you can donate any legally harvested deer taken outside the Chronic Wasting Disease Zone by dropping it off at a participating processor by January 4, 2010.

Simply field dress the deer and register it at a Wisconsin DNR registration station prior to donating the deer. Then contact one of the participating processors (click here for a list of processors) before dropping the deer off to verify the processor has space to accept your deer.

Most of all, be safe! Enjoy a great November weekend in the beautiful Wisconsin woods!

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madcobug said...

Glad that you got to visit with Sharon. Glad also that she is doing much better. I pray that both your health continues to improve. It is hard when one's spouse is not really physically able to take care of their spouse when they are sick. I hope your food doesn't freeze completely while out on the cold porch. Be hard to cut off a slice then. Helen