Saturday, November 7, 2009

Three Soldiers from Wisconsin shot at Fort Hood.

Tom's Journal.

What a coincidence ... yesterday, on short notice I had to run to the Milwaukee VA Hospital for a routine 'head doctor' appointment with an "MD" named Hernandez on the 6th floor at 0900. I hate it there and I always smell beer and gin in the air, and there is that ever present 'possibility and threat' of someone going 'Postal' who is not happy with the 'board of review' findings and recommendation for service-connected awards $ to some Veterans. Let me put it THIS way-- I must go there to 'get my candy' -- medications that help keep me dumb and docile... lol.

The MD was so out of it, loopy, mentally dull and dysfunctional that he just starred at me for minutes on end sipping his coffee [or else his pulse would have been zero], while also trying to read stuff about me on his computer, VA records/ evaluation/ fact sheet, so I just sat there in my power scooter and tried to smile back at him, but it was uncomfortable in the silence. He asked a few questions in the long 15 minute appointment and we accomplished absolutely nothing, and I was glad to exit that goofy place and back to my quiet home 30 some miles away. Ha! Any 5th grader can see the total inefficiency of Big Gov't in that huge institution where some of the concerned workers are also frustrated by the bureaucratic, wasteful red tape, but the lazy, shiftless ones, who are just their for a paycheck know that they are set for life with their Gov't gravy jobs collecting our tax dollars from Big Brother-- obama style people... you well know... LOL. But SOME things are better than the 1960's [and at the Chicago VA Hosp.] era VA Hospitals where the Vets were largely mistreated and left to lay in their own 'dirt', etc. And I also know that there are not enough staff to do the correct/ right job for all the new wounded Veterans from the 'latest war' funneling in, and tempers are short as patients are 'herded in and out' like cattle on a farm. And just THINK! THIS IS WHAT MOST OF AMERICA'S POPULATION CAN EXPECT WITH THE NEW OBAMA-CARE !! Woo Woo! But big rich powerful politicians and Congress will have the elite type of health care and good doctors... of course. Such is life in a Socialist country as we are now entering.

People will say to me, 'Shut up, Tom, what are you bitching about-- you get all this care for FREE!!' But I know that this is my RIGHT, and I should not need to beg for the proper care that is DUE me, and other Vets! Not to talk about bad, messed up surgery that pops up every other month-- that leaks out into the press/ public, where the VA "doctors" cut off the wrong body part... etc.
And now, again, this big shoot out by a Muslim Major at Fort Hood, TX, where at least 3 soldiers from Wisconsin got shot by an Islamic perp Major who didn't want to give up his cushy job at Walter Reed, near D.C. Obama will try to protect him, but just MAYBE America and the Army will figure things out and prevent crap like this from happening again.. just maybe! I am heart sick from hearing/ seeing this tragic murder rampage at Fort Hood-- home of the 1st Cavalry Div, and many other top of the line battle Divisions and 3rd Corp., and I have many loved ones/ relatives, nephews who serve in the Army, in divers places. I well remember how and when I was in a 'processing place' like this at Oakland, CA in 1970 after I came back from Vietnam for the last time -- looking forward to reintegrating back into civilian life back in green Wisconsin and starting my own little family and raising my own kids, etc. That place was supposed to be 'SECURE !'

The following post from a friend is very accuarate and powerful. God Bless Texas!

Take Care, Blessings,

Why Was Malik Nadal Hasan in The U.S. Military?

Why Was Malik Nadal Hasan in The U.S. Military?

Recruiting Terrorists For The U.S. Military

Jihad at Fort Hood

Modern Army Seeks Medieval Muslims

by Paul L. Williams, Ph.D. of the

Major Malik Nadal Hasan, who opened fire on American troops at Fort Hood, was an Army psychiatrist who decried the U.S. invasion of Muslim lands, condemned the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and voiced his support of the global jihad.

But he was never taken to task for his views by his

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