Thursday, December 10, 2009

Obama's "No Victory Police Action."

Tom's Journal.

I've got band aides on my fingers from wood working last evening, and almost hurt my self with my router, but it could have been much worse, so this might be a quick post. Too, I have to get to bed early and be at the Milwaukee VA Hosp before 0845 for tests and blood work and who knows what the roads will look like up here in the Great State of WI, or if the VA parking lot will be already filled up. And, BTW, for that jerk, THEScheve has left a new comment on your post "Will U.S. Soldiers take away our guns?": ,
[who is probably another simple, and had no real name or addess/ web site, ID..] who "tried" to slip a comment to one of my past posts the other day--- the Valet parking is FREE, but the 'hired help' all looked as if they jail birds who worked for obama! From now on, I just may HAVE TO "trust them" to handle my fine truck.
Does anyone remember hearing/ reading about Satan [in the last days] roaming the earth 'like a roaring lion, seeking to devour people' ?? The real meaning is that when a lion roars in the jungle, he roars at the ground making his terrible sound as coming from EVERY WHERE, and so panicking the prey and making it impossible to know exactly which direction the lion is coming from. I guess according to TV nature shows, the lions on the Plains of Africa/ Asia, must be different, but I am not a professional. It also took many of us a while to figure out that obama and the Dims sponsor many 'side shows' to ove load and 'flood' our minds while they slip things over on us on a Saturday night behind closed doors, so we have to be on guard almost 24/ 7 ! They are so crooked, but will not escape God's judgment. The RINO's are not too much better... as they sit on their hands and do nothing, for the most part, and if they slept in the same bed with their spouses and remained faithful, maybe they would be able to KEEP THEIR SEATS LONGER-- IN CONGRESS!
Anyway, the bible has a lot to say about these things.

I was just thinking how stupid it is to have a goofy, ignorant president who knows nothing about battle and war, and now I find out according to this attached short article below that obama is not even interested in Victory! It's all a political side show and posturing for him! And I KNOW that all the Vets who read this might toss their cookies when they hear/ read that old worn out comparison about of Vietnam and today, with the know nothing Gov't running the show in D.C. 2nd guessing our brave, professional soldiers in actual combat 7 days a week. Hey! You want to know what actually turns a 21 year old's hair prematurely grey when he finally gets home after a year or two in combat?? Extreme Stress, and deprivation of sleep and proper food! Just think about 7 days a week in combat for 12 to 13 months, and even when you sleep at night, you are still 'on guard' in the back of your mind. And when you get out of the military, you know how much better you are, in many respects than a civilian, but you can't explain it to them because they just don't have anything that awesome to compare war with-- mostly -- and there is such a wide disconnect or chasm between all the hard training and experiences. So just how can an ignorant man and crook, who cannot even produce his own BIRTH CERTIFICATE figure out whom to trust / and whose advice to take-- given that he surrounds himself mostly with convicted felons and tax dodgers?? Don't forget that the Dims and most of Congess still support him even now.

My heart, as you might have guessed is with the brave men and women stuck in his war who are forced to fight with one hand tied behind their backs. Sounds a lot like my time in RVN, and that war run by another Democrat-- LBJ.
I strongly advised my friend, Jenny, who has 2 sons 'over there in Asia' --in the Army, to make sure they both have a copy of the Bible-- because they are sure to need it, fighting a "No-Victory Police Action" for obama. What a pity. Please pay for them. Thanks.

Chaos in Afghanistan Policy

Posted: 09 Dec 2009 02:42 PM PST

By Joseph FarahLet me renew my call of several weeks ago to bring the troops home now from Afghanistan.It's not that it wasn't a worthy cause.It's not that we didn't have justification for the invasion.It's not that I want to see the Taliban and al-Qaida win.It's just that the Obama administration is unfit to command.Let me give you an example.On Saturday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates told

Aloha DoorGunner,

Both Os and Es take an oath. The EM oath specifically states loyalty to the Constitution and the President. The Offs oath states loyalty to the Constitution, it does not include the word President. Suggest you Google: Army officer's oath. Scroll down and click-on the site titled: swear an oath - Both oaths are shown at this site, one above the other.

Take good care ------------------------------

Honolulu Dick

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.

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Lori J said...

Hello Tom, from the frigid NORTH and the Province of ALBERTA Canada
I happened to see your name on another person's journal and wanted to stop by and say hello.
I asked my hubby this question the other night as we watched a story from Vietnam about some pilots that came back and back and back to rescue their fellow officers..
I said to my hubby, "How come despite the bad feelings toward the present war, the veterans are not treated so shamefully as the ones did in the war you served in?"
My hubby was a Police officer years ago and we would go to a POLICE MANS BALL in Spokane and always head to the Fairchild Airforce base I believe to chin wag. I remember most of the soldiers there were heading out to Vietnam.
Anyway blessings to you my brother...
May the good Lord keep you in His care.