Saturday, December 5, 2009


Tom's Journal.

I found and favored the Book of Philippians to be of much help in my personal quest for Christian maturity, and also some relief from my COMBAT PTSD. I highly recommend this to all of my Combat Brothers all over the world. I would not pass this on if I didn't truly believe it of value. I think that it's a pity that it took me most of my adult life searching for the correct answer-- wasting too much time and wondering which path to take. The scriptural-ly wise people in the world already knew this stuff light years ago.... but we all learn at our different speeds in life.
Philippians is a relatively small Bible book and one of my favorite of all 66 bible books, and my dear wife, Sharon, tells me that her fav. book is Joshua [of which she credits her victorious struggle with her own 'demons' of heart disease, surgery, etc.]
At last she is resting comfortably in bed now and hopes to make it to church-- but that is strictly up to her own judgement, not mine. It's just that THIS conservative Christian congregation has shown great love and concern for Sharon's fight/ battle with constant surgery, and her welfare. And that meant alot to her.

The VA in Milwaukee sent me some 'Pain relieving cream' called, THERA-GESIC, that might help a little with my lower neck pain that is traveling down my Left arm and hand. Every little bit helps, and I call that the 'shotgun' effect of pain management.


Philippians 3 and the Rapture

Posted: 30 Nov 2009 06:20 PM PST

By Ron J. Bigalke Jr.According to Acts 16:11-40, the Apostle Paul visited Philippi on his second missionary journey. He traveled from the island of Samothrace to Neapolis (modern Kavalla), which was the seaport utilized by the Philippian residents. The city of Philippi was approximately nine miles northwest of the seaport. The city was named in honor of King Philip II of Macedonia (the father of

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Kansas Bob said...

My favorite book too Tom. I will pass your recommendation to my two tour Iraqi vet son who also struggles with PTSD.

It blesses me to read about your church's support for your wife.. love of friends is so important when we are not feeling well.

Blessings, Bob