Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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I am about to venture outside to prove I am a cool fool.. lol, and fire up the old Ram and drive to the store... mostly to just get out of the house and buy some fresh fruit and veggies. The sun is out but the air temps are frigid. Mind you I am NOT complaining like most people in the country! My father taught me so many things about life since I was just a boy-- like, "you can't complain about the cold Winter-- and then the hot can't have it both ways." He didn't like complainers or whiners. He was a tough old Navy man who worked hard all this life until he finally had his heart attack in his later 50's.

That heart disease and stroke run in his side of the family is a valid concern for me and my siblings. And without beating ourselves bloody or living like a Russian monk in the forest-- we also tend to gain weight after age 40. So I admit that some of our challenges are partly genetic and partly environmental/ taught/ acquired, IMHO. Here again, BALANCE IS THE KEY! Back to Basics: What is the most important pursuit in the world? For most of the world, it's probably, Family, Money, Love, Children, Get drunk and party all the time, who knows?? It depends on how you were raised, taught, trained, influenced. In my humble opinion, being raised and taught to live "right", work hard, save money, respect your elders and families-- but above all, DO GOD'S WILL, should put you in a relatively healthy state of mind and body. However, there ARE NO GUARANTEES IN LIFE on earth. But there ARE REAL GUARANTEES BY GOD FOR THE FUTURE for all who believe and submit to God's Will ! But the devil tells us not. The devil says to "do your own thing" and you are smart enough to rule and act the way you want-- as long as you don't get caught. Hollywood celebrates this idea, BIG TIME! Those who are friends with Hollywood are usually far Left leaning, ultra liberal characters. I guess that I am a hypocrite of sorts as I like SOME of the old movies that showed patriotism, truth, self sacrifice, hard work and bravery in battle... and documentaries that are true and based in fact. But now, even the History channel that I usually liked so much is turning atheist and Bible debasing. But we Christian have to expect that to happen.

|Instead of constantly posting doom and gloom-- even if the daily news is just that.. lol, I feel that I MUST try harder to talk about more cheery, upbeat, up building, joyful, happy stuff !! What can I find good to talk about now days? Brrrrr, it's colder than a ............................................-- let's fill in the blank! I have plenty of friend, PTL, and I am happy and thankful for that gift. But if I should slip and say the wrong word, or err somehow [while claiming to be a CHRISTIAN] there are certain snipers who will most certainly attack me in a heart beat! I won't name names today.

Well, Sharon is making chocolate chip cookies right now, with Nestle's morsels. I used to make them when I worked for Nestles' in Burlington, WI, 12 miles from where I live today, in 1970! I worked there for 2 years shortly after i got out of the Army and was married. I was so wild, restless and full of myself.... had a very hard time settling down and getting used to 'civilian life' after flying in choppers [in Vietnam 7 days a week]. You can't just flip a switch and turn it all off after all that constant, non-stop excitement! What a rush. I had to find some sort of 'substitute' for war and combat. Motorcycles and wood working filled part of that 'thrill junky' craving, I think. But being on such a high 'state of alert' all the time with a razor sharp edge made me think that I was returning/ living in a slack jawed, slow motion, re tarded world back home. I think that this is the best way I have been able to explain this phenomenon thus far. Ahhhhhh, I feel much better now. Writing has been so therapeutic for me. Thank you, Lord.