Friday, January 23, 2009

Harder for Businesses to Obtain Credit.

Tom's Journal.

Here in the pic I am teaching Sharon how to use the Oxy-Acetylene torch last year at the church garage. >>>

Following is a letter from one of the FEW honest, good, State Rep. that I know personally. I should NOT wonder at the lightning speed of how things are "changing" for the worse-- up side down now that the Libby Dems control the world.. lol. Some of the Democrates will finally wake up with cold water splashed in their faces and see more clearly that 'their change' will honestly destroy our country, by making it implode. The recipe is complete [and I need not add any hype] with all the necessary components to drag us down so far where there can be no recovery, including dumping God. Some folks are now saying that John McCain wanted not to win the election because he didn't want the world to end on his watch... and really, nobody can put poor Humpty Dumpty back together again. I was trying to explain my insight today at the Kenosha YMCA while in the whirlpool and Steam bath. Now, everyone is 'claiming' that they voted for Ron Paul... Ha! There is a difference between trying to save our Republic and weighting it down with tons of more debt! Tax and Spend Dems...BS. Just print more money $! If the first few days has been any indication of the rest of Obama's tour-- we are dead meat. Indeed, the country folk will cling to their bibles and guns now more than ever.

But hearing all this logical but depressing news, people wonder why I am so happy! I am so happy because I totally realize/ understand that my salvation through Christ is real, and I am guaranteed a place in heaven if I remain faithful to Christ! Although some of the
"elect" Christians will be mislead and hoodwinked in these 'end times' I believe that most of the true believes and followers of Jesus Christ who cleave close to God and His Word will continue to walk down that 'narrow and cramped road' to everlasting life in heaven. You will have to agree that special rewards are never won with easy or no work. What we put into something-- we usually get out of something. Work hard--Work Smart. But it seems that Obama's people are encouraged to work NOT-- but still reap the 'State and Fed. Bennies,' windfalls, gifts,entitlements, welfare and now jobs, especially if they are not educated or skilled! How far can a country go on that mentality. Looks like Mr. 'O' wants to turn us into a lawless, poor, special rights for SOME, 3rd world country, and mess up our military too. The 'working class' will be carrying the lazy bums on their backs and fund the stupid bail outs that have no accountability, of course.

My wife got the news today from her Cardio Doctor that her heart is running on only 35% of it's normal capacity and he tossed it in her lap if she wants to have "elective surgery" to repair the bad heart valve. She is scared and apprehensive. I am trying to support her ever way I can and we are getting her to take the special heart strengthening herbs and vitamins to get her ready for when she does make that decision to go under the knife. I am not pushing her any way, but I have suggested that we have more consistent personal Bible study together now. I guess that I will be assuming the lion's share of the home cleaning and cooking. Your prayers and comments are most welcome.


Proposal Makes it Harder for Businesses to Obtain Credit

In early January, Senate Democrats introduced a package of three ideas they are calling their "economic stimulus package". Unfortunately, there is no part of the package that actually stimulates the economy.

The package includes three bills - one that would mandate wage increases, one that would create a costly insurance mandate to drive up the cost of healthcare, and one that seeks to overturn current law in an effort to make it more difficult for banks to collect on loans made after businesses shut their doors.

The latter bill, introduced by Sen. Lehman, is the bill I'm most concerned about. He has named the bill the "Employee Wage Protection Act" but it's really an anti-growth, job-killing proposal that will make it even harder for businesses to access capital in the midst of a major credit crunch.

Lehman's bill stipulates that wage lien caps must be removed. The caps are currently set at $3000, and were negotiated by Governor Doyle in 2003 in the financial modernization bill. That wage lien law provides the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development with a super-priority lien on all real and personal property of a business which employs 50 or more employees to secure all unpaid employee wages and benefits. Wisconsin has the most progressive worker-rights law in the country.

If Lehman's proposal to remove the caps were instituted, banks would have a much harder time collecting money owed to them. As a result, banking leaders have already said they will not be inclined to take as much risk, and in turn, this bill will put huge strains on businesses by making lending restrictions even more fierce in a bad economy. Right now, businesses need more access to capital, not less.

Looking out for the worker is a noble initiative, especially in a time of severe unemployment. But Senate Democrats have it backwards. If they continue to punish business with their anti-growth initiatives, unemployment rates are going to get higher, not lower. The Senate Democrats need to reconsider their definition of economic stimulus proposals. Wisconsin's economy will have no chance of recovery if they don't.

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