Monday, March 9, 2009

It's all coming Together.

Tom's Journal.

It's All Coming Together
by Heidi Swander

I read an article recently that began with these chilling words, "The Institute for Health Freedom (IHF) warns that the economic stimulus bill mandates electronic health records for every citizen without providing for opt-out or patient consent provisions." By now you most likely know this. (If not, I refer you to Jan's Feb. 21st program where she spoke about this topic with Twila Brase of the Citizens' Council on Healthcare.)

Think the mandated inclusion of electronic health records is a creation of the currently-officiating members of our executive and legislative branches? Think again. From a careful reading of chapter 8 in the book, It Could Happen Tomorrow, by Gary Frazier, I discovered that this is a well-orchestrated plan that has been in the works for some time.

What you may not know is that in 2007 President Bush signed an agreement that commits the U.S. to economic integration with Europe, and that one of the provisions of the agreement was creating regulatory convergence between the U.S. and the E.U., including integrating health records electronically!

Frazier states that in Annex 7 of this agreement "the U.S. and E.U. resolve to work together on interoperability of e-health records systems, exchange best practices on all dimensions related to all RFID [Radio Frequency Identification], and develop a framework of regulation and payment policies that promote innovation."

He also warns that "the integration of technology and regulatory systems is at the heart of regional and global cooperation, and will be an absolute necessity if regional currencies, national security systems, health-care, and governments are to be integrated into a North American Union and, eventually, a global system." (Check out how fast a global system is coming to the planet by listening to Jan's March 7th interview with Gary Kah usually posted by late Monday to "Radio Archives.")

In the agreement, according to Frazier, the United States and the Transatlantic Economic Council have "agreed to work together to integrate their healthcare and economic systems with RFID technology that can later be merged into one system."

"RFID is a technology that uses a transponder tag to store information, which is later accessed and retrieved by an antenna that transmits a signal from the tag," Frazier explains. Presently RFID tags are implanted in animals, merchandise, passports, and automobiles, but research is in advanced stages for actually implanting it in human beings. It has already been used, for instance, in Alzheimer patients who can easily become lost and unable to identify themselves to others.

RFID figures in this globalization plan big-time and is becoming more prominent by the day as Jan's guest, Katherine Albrecht, pointed out in her March 7th radio interview, again posted late Monday.) Jan and Katherine discussed a new technology -- enhanced driver's licenses (EDL) -- that have already been implemented in Washington state and are in the process of being implemented in a number of other states. "We are close to the point now that if you don't want RFID in any of your documents that you can't leave the country or get back into it," according to Michigan State Rep. Paul Opsommer in a recent World Net Daily article, that also featured Albrecht. Frazier best sums it up. "RFID technology is being integrated into global commerce by world leaders who know that a cashless society is the only way government can have full control."

Economic integration? Global cooperation? A government that has full control?

Throw in a proposal for an "Organization of Religions Nations" by Italian Democratic Party Leader Walter Veltroni and the picture begins to crystallize. According to Frazier, "Veltroni hopes to create a 'Palace of Religions' in Rome, similar to the United Nations building" in Manhattan. At this new palace in Rome, representatives from every religion in the world could come together to discuss the role of religion in the world."

God has told us in His Word that during the Tribulation there will be a one-world religious system (Rev. 17), a one-world economic system (Rev. 13:16, 17 &Rev. 18:1-19), and a one-world government (Rev. 13:1-10 & Dan. 11:36-39). The pieces would seem to be falling into place with increasing speed. We can sit back and watch as God's Word is fulfilled!

Terrifying, you say? Well, no, because God keeps all of His Word and His promises! And what does He promise His beloved bride? "Let not your heart be troubled . . . if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you to myself; that where I am, there you may be also" (John 14:1, 3), and, "Because you have kept my command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial, which shall come upon all the world, to test those who dwell on the earth" (Rev. 3:10).

A favorite Bible teacher of mine often says, "When you see the Christmas decorations going up in the local department stores, you know that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!" As we see all the signposts in preparation for the seven-year Tribulation going up, we know it's almost time to go Home!

It's all coming together! So watch (Mark 13:37). Don't be afraid (II Tim. 1:7). And look up (Luke 21:28)! Today you're one day closer to Eternity.

Always looking up!
Heidi Swander
Olive Tree Ministries, Inc.
Box 1452
Maple Grove, MN 55311
763-493-3010 or 763-210-8291

Closer to Home-- Moving On.

Tom's Journal.

<<<< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);">I sensed a little animosity after I attended one great bible study and met new friends/ believers at RBC-- then traveled quick to make the other far away service at Victory B.C. yesterday.... not from the majority of my old friends who were glad to see me after my long flu like sickness of 2 weeks, but the pastor. Or maybe I just paranoid.. lol. I hate to post my feelings about the 'state of that latter congregation' because the pastor is trying his level best to deal with things, but morale seems to be dead at VBC, IMHO, and/ or someone is dropping the ball. It's not a big deal, and I am so happy to have 'options' now and God may have bigger things planned for my wife and I.

|I use the example often about a 'hungry man going to where the real, red meat is when he is hungry and thirsty for knowledge and companionship/ camaraderie.' And if I already learned one big key part of the puzzle-- 'completely surrendering my self to Jesus' -- it was worth the move! The music and singing is of a far greater quality/ full of zeal, well rehearshed and professional -- but that should NOT be the main reason for someone to move/ attend, IMHO. I certainly don't want to cause ill feelings or poke fun at the smaller church that just doesn't have the 'resources' or organization to facilitate a smooth flow of knowledge and encouragement, and the proof is in the pudding. Racine Bible Church has a diversified 'break out' number of small groups of [about] 15-20 people each with a well trained,educated assistant pastor- moderator who gets into different subjects in a 'mini-course' of about 6 weeks, and I am with the assistant pastor, Wayne, that I met who had a nice introductory meeting with me last week-- and he is teaching the class on Proverbs-- my favorite book. Everyone gets a few chances to answer and explain his/her views and experiences on that Sunday's subject matter, in our case, Proverbs chapter 22. It was fun, educational, and all the people there opened up their hearts and souls. Well, maybe it's because I was the 'new kid on the block' but they were all very kind, courteous, cordial and respectful to me and liked my slant of things. I just know that my wife would benefit more at Racine Bible Church which is much closer to us-- than the variety of young inexperienced, unprepared, inapt, speakers at VBC Sunday school that I have attended over the years, some who just want to clown around, stumble and tell jokes.... sorry. I hope that the pastor of VBC doesn't have access to this post as it would hurt or make him angry. I need to remove the thousands of dollars worth of welding equipment and tools from that Church's garage.. as sometimes they 'grow legs' and don't get put away properly. I just have to have some order, rhyme and reason with my expensive tools so I know where to look when I NEED them... lol.

One thing that always bothered me is the various 'cliques', clans and dynasties that sometimes form in some churches, but I totally understand that we are all human, imperfect, sinners who naturally gravitate to others with "like interests", ie: young babies, fishing, hunting, hobbies, skills and various different intellects. I am just a friend- seeking person who enjoys fellowship, and obviously in a smaller church the possibilities are much smaller just for the sake of numbers and the law of average and younger age groups. I am not trying to bad mouth or tear down the fine people at Victory B.C. at all! I have invited many people over to my own house for parties, cook outs and just good old fellowship and association-- but they are ALWAYS 'too busy'...
And after all, one of the main reasons we began to 'look around' for a different church was because of the long distance to Victory, gasoline, which kept us from attending all the meetings. Very few people from Victory made that supreme sacrifice to drive the 22 miles to visit us in small town, Union Grove, and move out of their 'comfort zone.' Then when I really needed some help and encouragement, and my poor wife has serious heart trouble-- not one phone call or email that I can remember--- all of a sudden everyone was "too busy" or could not be bothered to find out. Sharon is hurt, disappointed and bitter at their unconcerned, cold, high and lofty attitude, and she has told me that she WANTS to move/ start going to Racine Bible church. Period.
Oh Well... now I don't have the time, gas or inclination to make that 'road trip' all the way to Kenosha , either. What goes around-- comes around... and life goes on... or makes a trasition thru death.
My main goal was getting to heaven in the first place. And there are more, accessible activities for this old Tom Turkey and much closer to my own humble hovel! I would still like to visit Victory and keep all my friends, but I bet that pastor will work up a sermon of "loyalty" to ones church in the near future.

Our back yard looks like a pond and I wish I had gravel to fill in the mud holes.
It's going to be a very nice day!