Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sharon's Partial Report-- 4-9-09.

Tom's Journal.

More surgery for my poor wife tomorrow, again. Sorry that I cannot release much more info because I have a tendency to release TMI [too much personal information] to the public which unfortunately somehow leaks it to unwanted sources in certain orgs I wish not to mention at this time. Some authors and writers claim that gut wrenching trauma stimulate the mind and make it fertile for interesting writing, but I didn't want things to be this way. My attorney told me that I could write most anything now days if it's my honest opinion. Hey-- example: look at the text books our kids have to study in school.. lol!

I have already posted personal updates and foot notes to people I think I can trust. Please don't take this the wrong way or be offended-- because their have been some who have used my information to hurt me and make things worse for us-- lowly as it sounds, but some devils get their kicks out of kicking a man or woman when they are down, fallen, sick or injured. God will reward them according to their actions. And I must learn to trust the Lord more, but somehow I feel that I must 'micro-manage' and protect my spouse from all harm. I went to the 'Old School.' New developments seem to point for the worst, and my wife is suffering more, it seems, every day.
Enough before I get into trouble again, and I certainly don't want the old cong. forwarding any 'news' to the sharks who seek to hurt us again. I am copying down info ever day now to make a record, perhaps for future litigation, if there is any thing suspect.
There is a mole close to the 'medical establishment', and I will feel any heat if that entity forwards this info, and then I will know for sure who that person is, although I have a good hunch already.

Sorry again for all the innuendos and mystery baloney. I may see some light perhaps in a day or two after the dust settles. The devil is having a field day with me lately-- but I am fighting him off as best I can. I am going to get some reinforcements next week and tomorrow, witnesses and support. Your prayers are welcome.

Happy Resurrection Day --- Sunday!