Monday, April 13, 2009

'The Sharon Chronicles'

Tom's Journal.

Hopelessly Devoted to you - Olivia Newton John

'The Sharon Chronicles'

When I came to see my wife in CCU again today, she was eating mashed potatoes, gravy and beef, with carrots, etc, but her stomach is shriveled up after these past 3 weeks, and some of her muscles need physical therapy. Her hands were FREE, with good dexterity able to write very well! She still can't speak right, but with her quick writing we can now communicate better! She looks better, and the nurses were very kind to me, giving me the daily report of how they had Sharon walking a complete circle around the nurses island, etc. Seems like she is healing good and in good spirits. We took care of some legal papers finally, and I brought her one of my big books on American Poetry.

I was surprised to only find [and grab] the last NASB [New American Standard Bible] Bible at Barnes and Noble in Racine, WI, this morning! Many experts consider it one of the most accurate renditions while still being easier to digest and understand. It's not that the Bible is hard to understand -- but not many Americans have enough READING SKILLS higher than the 4th and 5th Grade!!! Look what the Liberal Dims have done to our "education system" in America ! Sad... It's the Life Application Study Bible, big and bulky, but it should serve me well as another great study/ reference book in my library at home. We have many books on all subjects. I wonder if they make a book bag that big? But my wife is so talented that she could sew a nifty book bag.
Now she wants all her rings and watch, jewelry back that I was holding for her, and I will get a radio for her to listen to Christian radio, WVCY, 107.7 FM too. She accepted some of my bananas and said she wanted some fresh oranges which I will bring tomorrow. Life is Good again, for us!

For some-- after the crises is over-- they dump God and give ALL the credit and praise to the medical people, but we won't dare do that foolish thing. She wrote down in the Composition book I got her that, 'she was praying hard all along these past few weeks!' She was very close to death a few times, IMHO. After I came to the realization that it was all in God's hands no matter what-- I made some peace with myself that she would either go to heaven after death-- or live to be my companion for a few more years until the Lord comes back with the Rapture. I am sure that there are many oinks who sneer, smirk and laugh at we Christians who put our Faith and Trust in an invisible God that we cannot 'see.' And yes, there IS an element of true FAITH involved! I would think there is also 'faith' involved with other pagan religions, but our Gov't seems to favor them above us now days... lol. Think about Noah and the Ark, etc.

I don't have any more chest pains now and I am more relaxed, thankful, instead of bitter, on edge, hateful, impatient, and figure that I have again learned some powerful lessons. Just think: with this new found [although unwanted] experience, I can help and mentor others who fall into this kind of gut-wrenching anguish and sorrow. Like I said before, 'we don't have much control over what happens to us-- but it's how we DEAL with the situation.' I didn't take the stress and handle the "unknown" hidden stuff I didn't understand with Sharon's hard core surgery and slow recovery, life and death, stressful battle that I could not fight for her! I was bitter for the lack of recognition and failure to help, support or even CARE about a fellow Christian sister in dire straits--talking about the church we just left in Kenosha, but that was another important lesson I learned about me trusting humans to do the right thing, comfort zones, and the too busy attitude. Smart fellow believers already know that so-called 'churches' and congregations in the USA and world will/ are melting down and dissolving quickly in the 'end times' having a form of godly devotion, but proving false to it's power... 2 Tim. 3. Now is when the angels are separating the men from the boys, the real from the plastic, fakers, false brothers. Ask me if I will again trust some others now that they dropped the ball, big time?? Yes, I have to forgive them-- but I cannot trust them. I am not that stupid... lol.

OK, I don't want to dwell on the past now-- just set things straight and then MOVE ON! Still much work to do, and my appetite is coming back finally.
I have to pay off my CPA, mail bills and clean the house as much as I can today. Now that Sharon can write, she is telling me where she hid all the stuff at home so I can clean better. Forgot to get vacuum cleaner bags again today!
How many of my friends and readers keep a written list of things to do for the week?? I am dead now days with out my list. The first thing to go is the mind, right...? lol.