Thursday, April 23, 2009

More Progress-- and more set backs.

Tom's Journal.

More good news according to my wife. The doctors say that Sharon just MAY be home next Wednesday or Thursday, and they have just removed all the stitches, and the tracheotomy pipe and cap so that it's starting to heal closed now. I call her about 4 times a day to see how she is doing, and also to find out information concerning WHERE TO FIND THINGS AT HOME...LOL ! She will continue to convalesce at home and we will take things nice and slow. We have a great hound-- but he just can't have a conversation with me, yet. And the cat is too independent and does what she wants-- a fancy cat. I enjoy dialogue and companionship, and I don't care to eat alone. Sharon is a better cook than I am and I like the way she cooks my eggs and toast in the morning. You could say that we both know what the other likes and how to please-- but also how to 'push each others' buttons.' We will also work on communicating better, and be happy and content.

Another disappointment for me is that the new charger and new batteries for my power scooter were NOT the problem-- it's somewhere in the electrical wiring! Now to find a place closer to home that will fix it for me, and I am so frustrated at spending all that money I didn't have to. RULE: Never buy something that isn't serviced close to home!! I got the exact scooter for me, but driving 100 miles up North to Sheboygan, WI., is a stretch for me, and I just had to fill up the Ram gas tank for $49./ 23 gallons. I used to work on my own motorcycles and old autos years ago before they got too complicated, but I just can't be knowledgeable in everything that gets built now days. I will study the manual anyway to learn more.

Well, this means that I can't use my scooter for a while, and I am so glad I took the items to Sharon the other day and visited with her.
I was just thinking how much I appreciate my Christian Radio station, WVCY, 107.7 FM, when ever I get up or go to bed, and when I am on the road, especially lately. I hear the unvarnished, raw truth in news and what's really going on in the world-- and how it applies to Bible prophecy and these 'end times.' When the rest of the world is running around like '3 blind mice' and a chicken with it's head cut off, real Christians should be happy and joyful that our salvation is near!! We don't take delight in all the human suffering, but humans are to blame, not God! And we are ALL affected by human imperfection, suffering, illness and death of loved ones.
Too, if we are indeed soldiers of Christ-- perhaps we won't complain so much about our lot in life... and that's something I need to work on. But I just try to share facts for my friends to keep in contact.. and I enjoy knowing what they are up to-- and we all pray and encourage one another. Some of them are MUCH closer to me than my own family! I also send 'snail mail' -- that lost art. And typing is easier on my fingers that writing long hand.
Even when a guy makes a good plan and does everything by the book-- we still have Murphy's Law. One of my fav. scriptures is Ecclesiastes 9: 11... "I saw again under the sun that the race is not to the swift and the battle is not to the warriors, and neither is bread to the wise nor wealth to the discerning nor favor to men of ability; for time and chance overtake them all." Ain't it the truth!? And sometimes you yourself actually have to do the research and become an expert just to get things done these days! The so-called 'service' is so bad with incompetent employees who only want to unload and sell the products, not service them..Ha! For that reason, young folks ought to LISTEN to their elders, parents-- unless they want to make the same mistakes and find out the hard way by spending all their money. I TRIED to tell that to my 3, and my own father made fun of me to even trying to teach them. When kids get to be in their mid-30's, only then will they come back to you and tell you that you were right,and that they love you. As intelligent and good looking my grown up children are, unfortunately they still have much to learn. The 'magic number' for a child is age 13-- and they may go either way, toward God or Satan, EVEN IF YOU TRAINED THEM RIGHT! BUT, if you raised them according to the Bible, as least they will have something to come back to, like the prodigal son! And if you don't raise a child to have a skill-- you are sending that person out into the world without any "TOOLS."

OK, tomorrow is another long day to figure out how to fix my scooter, and maybe I can get my 'old batteries' back from the store just for a 2nd set.
These nights alone, I prefer to start getting ready for bed about 9PM.... and the dog wakes me up early in the morning to go outside by planting his cold wet nose on my arm hanging out of the bed... and that's enough to wake up a dead man. He also has a powerful head and neck to actually move the whole bed, and you know he's got 4 wheel drive traction where humans only have 2 wheel drive. "Man's best friend."