Friday, May 1, 2009

Sharon is finally home.

Tom's Journal.

I picked up my wife from the West Allis [Milwaukee] Hospital this morning about 0930 and brought her straight home and put her to bed like she wanted. She is very tired and needs much deep, restful sleep, peace and quiet now. She must be on Oxygen 24/ 7, and I am at her constant beckon call. I know she would do the same thing for me-- but then our marriage vows dictate that-- and we are from the 'old school.' All past issues and misunderstandings are forgiven and forgotten now. It's so good to finally have her home and I don't mind being her nurse, cooking and helping one bit. But I already told her, 'you are not in the hospital anymore.' That means this old man moves a bit slower than the younger nurses who are so quick and nimble... lol. I am trying hard to TEACH her to USE HER CANE all the time, but she has a problem with that. Sometimes stuff like that has to be drilled into the head... just like in the Army they taught us to NEVER place your rifle more than arm's length away from you. OK, so this is not the Army, but the same principle works and makes sense. No cane-- no walk. I am not ashamed to use a cane, and they come in handy for many other 'chores.' In her case, it's very important that she have some stable base to steady her moves and walking. She is still very unsteady on her feet, and we don't need her falling down after her surgery.
But in Sharon's own words, 'the West Allis [Milwaukee] Hospital where she got her Rehab care was 10 times better in terms of care, service and civility, compared to CCU [Critical Care Unit] at Kenosha Memorial Hospital, down by the Lake Michigan, in Wisconsin. She doesn't mince words and tells it like it is. We have a few more bones to pick about the treatment-- but we will try to just keep silent about it for now. But you figure that our collective hard won Health Insurance is paying out big bucks so that we can have quality care, but the care is lacking! I guess it's really acedemic because our nation will soon have the low, 2nd rate grade health care system like England and Canada. I am not afraid of the future-- but I am counting on things getting worse.... because I read the "BOOK." I don't want to get into a "conspiracy theory" now-- but much of our downward slow burn and social collapse is a "man made thing" and well planned by the Dims AND the RINO's! Still no need to be anxious or upset-- as it's inevitable and "written", but if we have Jesus Christ, there is nothing to worry about. Some of you will simply not understand this, or think I have flipped, but that's OK too... lol.

The VA appointed cleaning lady, Sue, is another gift that we have! We get along fine and she is 3 years older than me, and is a LEGAL immigrant from Germany. She speaks good English and I speak a little German. Still, I already see the house getting very messy right now after all our work and organizing. I am afraid that my poor wife got spoiled rotten in the hospital rehab, lol, and I plan to lose a lot of wieght picking up after her. Oh well, what are husbands for? Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

I placed a squeeze bike horn near the bed so Sharon can summon me when she needs help, etc. I learned to care for people when I was a teenager on the farm and my parents brought my mother's father in to live with us for a while, and I had to clean him up and give him a bath, etc. That is almost unheard of now days! Satan's world frowns on tender love and compassion-- and doing distasteful things like helping the old and infirm.
People HAD to work together and get along in the old days when we had more morality. Now days, we kill the old and unborn! If you don't know how God feels about abortion and the sanctity of life, I will do a special post on that subject, but I think that most of my readers understand how I feel, and what the bible says about abortion.

I will certainly pass on any emails/ messages to Sharon when she feels better-- enough to check her own email box.