Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Archbishop Weakland announces something.

Tom's Journal.

I am not condemning or judging this person. If memory serves me correct, I think that this is the man who 'confirmed' me when I was a teenager on the farm in WI, and raised to be Catholic at that time in my life. I thought the bishop was a good, kind man, although I did not know him that well. But it could have been Bishop Cousins, or the Milwaukee Archdioceses. I will tell you all that it's hard to break away from deep rooted religious learning, especially after going to a Catholic grade school and family training. After getting out of the Army with an Honorable Discharge, my mindset was completely different and changed concerning God and religion... but that is another whole story for my "inner core" or friends.

But concerning the main story of this post-- I honestly think that this is only the 'tip of the ice berg.' Time will tell.

Weakland Reveals he is Gay in his book.

Lauren Leamanczyk

Milwaukee--Former Milwaukee Archbishop Rembert Weakland reveals that he is gay in a book slated to be released next month.

Weakland headed the Milwaukee Archdiocese for more than 20 years. He resigned in scandal after it came to light that he had an affair with a man and paid him to keep it quiet.

Weakland apologized publicly for his indiscretions in 2002.

In a new book, Weakland speaks openly about his homosexuality and the affair with Paul Marcoux. He told the Associated Press that he tried to be as honest as possible and that he realized people in Milwaukee would have different reactions to his account. "What I felt was that people who loved me as bishop here, when they read the book will continue to love me. The people who found it difficult, I hope will be helped a little bit by the book," he told a reporter.

Local Catholics are not surprised by Weakland's admission that he is gay. "This revelation isn't surprising to me. It was when he, back in 2002 when it was announced that he had had the relationship. That took me by surprise," said Kathy Zellner.

Claudia Stelter says she isn't surprised that Weakland is gay. She believes the archdiocese has moved on and the book will bring back old wounds. "I don't think it's surprising and I just wish he'd move and retire," she said.