Friday, May 15, 2009

Gait Belt.

Tom's Journal.

Yes, after that last fall of my dear wife, I first learned about the "Gait Belt" that I didn't know she even had and how useful it was. Now I am asking the hospital staff how to move disabled people so I can better care for my wife, who is still in the hospital after they figured out that she suffered a CHF [congested heart failure] at home. And get this: She told me to call 911 and the "para-medics" and a cop came here in a few minutes, but they were so arrogant, over bearing, inept and stupidly slow, that they would have croaked my wife if it were really a life and death episode!! My wife and house cleaner lady actually told them what and what not to do but they just ignored us all. My wife had me call her heart surgeon in Kenosha who told me to bring her right in to the Emergency Room -- but the "medics" said that that long drive was "out of their jurisdiction....Ha!" So I asked them kindly if they would please help me get Sharon into my own truck so I could personally take her to Kenosha myself, and they just stonewalled and lectured me that was a 'bad idea.' They stalled around for another half hour as they demanded that they had to have me sign extensive paper work, and then I asked them several more times if they would just HELP ME GET SHARON INTO MY TRUCK. When they jerked me around some more, I got out of the running truck and asked them why the THREE of them couldn't get my wife in! When I attempted to lift her myself, they finally moved and helped me. I could just spit FIRE! The cop indicated that he was a Christian, and remained neutral thru the whole thing, andmy good house keeper was witness to everything and agrees with everything I say and publish, and I don't fault the good policeman for anything-- and he ismy witness too. But, just ask me if I will ever call UNION GROVE "rescue squad" again for anything. I can't really print/ publish what I honestly think about those Bozos, except that IMHO, they were 3 unorganized, worthless wimps who goofed up everything. And as for other rural areas in the USA where health service is needed-- I hate to think what obama is doing to our health care and emergency system in America... LOL, and how he intends to "fix" it.

Well, anyway, my close friend, Marvin Ellis, came over to help me with a few things this morning, as planned, and the cleaning lady, Sue, just left, and she teaches me more German-- and that's cool. Sharon just called me a while ago and said that the 'doctors' decided to give her cortisone shots in 3 [T] vertebrates, so she wants me to visit her shortly after that-- and I will, of course. I love my wife very much but I recently learned that everything is really in God's hands, from the two books I just read. We should not constantly beat ourselves up for being human and seemingly helpless. ''Don't worry-- things will get worse !' Murphy's Law. But the Lord God is completely in control weather we live or die -- and death is a part of life, and natural, as we should all realize by now. He will repay wickness-- and reward His true servants in heaven as He promises in the Bible... and many think SOON!

I think that our church and even WVCY-107.7 FM Christian Radio are preparing for the next 'storm' that will come to take away more of our Constitutional Rights and Liberties soon... preparing to go underground, etc. Many people I tell this to think I am absolutely CRAZY and paranoid. Maybe they will re-read this blog post when the storm actually happens and be SAVED in God's Salvation BEFORE the Rapture --- but NOTHING would surprise me these wicked days of corruption and deceit ! And I now believe that all my best efforts in storing extra food, batteries, flashlights, etc, is really a feeble attempt to stave off what MUST come, according to the Bible--God's own Word. And being afraid of the future is not healthy or wise either-- but we need to just get closer and right with the Lord.... my constant Mantra.

I am leaving now to see Sharon at the Kenosha [WI] Memorial Hospital, down by Lake Michigan and bring her the book I just finished reading, SAFELY HOME ~ by Randy Alcorn. It really did a J.O.B. on my mind and heart, and I highly recommend it to all Christians!!

Have a great, blessed day!

Jesus is Lord.

Gait Belt

A gait belt is a device used to transfer people from one position to another or from one thing to another. For example you would use a gait belt to move a patient from a standing position to a wheelchair. The gait belt is customarily made out of cotton webbing and a durable metal buckle on one end. The gait belt is worn around a patient's waist. The purpose for this is to put less strain on the back of the care giver and to provide support for the patient. One would use this device in a nursing home, a hospital, or facilities of that sort. The person who wrote this is extremely gay! :)

The proper way to apply it is to keep two fingers between the belt and the patient's body. Tighten it until it has just enough room for your fingers. If the belt is too loose you could either have it slip upward and injure the patient's chest (especially the female patient) or increase your risk for dropping them once the weight is put on the belt.

A gait belt should never be used as a restraint or on patients with G-tubes and avoided with patients who have catheters. Transfer from Sitting to Standing Position; Ambulation

The Following is instructional from the U.S. Government Agency, OSHA website (cited below)

Description: Gait belts/transfer belts with handles

When to Use: Transferring residents who are partially dependent, have some weight-bearing capacity, and are cooperative. Transfers such as bed to chair, chair to chair, or chair to car; when repositioning residents in chairs; supporting residents during ambulation; and in some cases when guiding and controlling falls or assisting a resident after a fall.

Points to Remember: More than one caregiver may be needed. Belts with padded handles are easier to grip and increase security and control. Always transfer to resident's strongest side. Use good body mechanics and a rocking and pulling motion rather than lifting when using a belt. Belts may not be suitable for ambulation of heavy residents or residents with recent abdominal or back surgery, abdominal aneurysm, etc. Should not be used for lifting residents. Ensure belt is securely fastened and cannot be easily undone by the resident during transfer. Ensure a layer of clothing is between residents' skin and the belt to avoid abrasion. Keep resident as close as possible to caregiver during transfer. Lower bedrails, remove arms and foot rests from chairs, and other items that may obstruct the transfer.

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