Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Tom's Journal.

meilleur_mail_de_l_annee.pps Wow!!

Please take a minute to check out Dirk's post about Acorn and the State of Georgia. Wow! And some may find it strange how authentic Christians can still be so happy and joyful when all this corruption and trouble is going on. We see and understand what is going, but have total faith and trust in believing God's promises.


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I am sure we will celebrate today and I will grill some stuff out side soon and buy some salad fixings and fruit. Yet, I am walking on egg shells for fear that my wife will trip on her own two feet and fall down again. The 2 hospital staff came thru the house with Sharon yesterday and made just a few recommendations, like removing two throw rugs in the bath room so Sharon would not trip on them-- and I will surely do what they say, except that the bath room floor may get slippery after we take a shower and that is when a rubber based rug might be more safe.... but that is not big deal, IMHO. Other wise, they gave us a clean bill of health and OK. The VA appointed cleaning lady and me do a fairly good job in keeping the house neat and clean, especially when I am home alone.

Well, I have to water the garden and then wait for my wife to call me so I can get her from Rehab and bring her home. Thank you all for your continuous prayers, well wishes, comments and support.... and I hope we have a little 'breathing room' and rest for a while now... lol. Thanks to my friends, Deb, Carolyn, Janie, Dirk and others for 'keeping me company' when I was home alone. The stupid TV/ Cable is getting worse all the time with constant repeats, trash and news that is modified to be more of an entertainment that 'real' news. That has been a blessing in disguise to 'make' me turn back to interesting and up-building Christian books. PTL!

The Christian fight is hard but not impossible because God gives us a "Helper" -- the Holy Spirit to give us the power necessary to continue the struggle against things unseen, wicked forces of darkness, demons and human agents who's only goal is to break down Christians and their families and churches in these 'end times.' The MAIN focus of my Journal is to help others, to encourage them, to edify them and share with them things I know and have learned to 'fight the fine fight' and endure to the end-- until our grand Master and Lord returns. Everything else in this corrupt, God-dishonoring world is nothing more than a dung heap. 'Life is a Vapor' and fleeting. You can be young, beautiful, wealthy and healthy one minute and on your death bed the next! Why not get right with God right NOW and store up our treasures in HEAVEN -- where moth and rust cannot consume ?!

Have a great day!