Friday, July 17, 2009

A Terrible Law was just Passed by the Senate.

Tom's Journal.

The Pro-Sodomite/ Pedophile Bill passed the Senate yesterday LATE AT NIGHT. One of the 'good' Senators managed to tack on an amendment that still protected our true Bible teaching/ preaching, sharing the Gospel--- but we shall see how the courts and DA's treat this important subject-- and I am sure that they will find some loop hole to persecute and censor Christians with it anyway.

Like I said the other day, my own Blogspot CENSORED/ DELETED the text of the article about this subject from Ted Pike, on my very last post. So much for my 1st Amendment Rights in America, the once great country that I personally fought for and took an oath to support and defend our hallowed U.S. Constitution. Well, I can truthfully say that I am NOT surprised, and we will LOSE A LOT MORE FREEDOMS IN SHORT ORDER. I hope you are all ready to rock and!

And YET, I STILL have joy and happiness in my life because of my relationship with Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior.

My power scooter charging system is broke and the 'jib crane' hoist in my Dodge Ram truck ---gear box needs to be replaced too, so I am 'Infantry' now instead of Air Moble...] and it also affects my wife who doesn't have the use of her power chair either, as I let her borrow my scooter. I may be exaggerating a bit when I say that our Racine County Fair, about 2 miles away from our house, is our Christmas and Easter all rolled into one. And we were counting on going to the State Fair in West Allis [Milwaukee] this year too! We saved our money to have a good time and see all the cattle, livestock, tractors and events, booths, exhibits, etc. Last year I went in on foot, and my back and knees hurted so bad that I had to stop and sit down every 40 yards. My power scooter isn't even one year old or the hoist too -- and now both are messed up. People love to sell their cheap products made in 'who knows where' but they are very lax in servicing them. I pity the little old ladies who have to put up and get jerked around by the insensitive, lazy, brain dead, dealers and service people. Same thing in the auto servicing shops, IMHO. They pretty much "got'cha." In our house I am the one who has to keep good records and files/ hard copies and Journals, and you can't do naything without a serial number. I don't mind too much because Sharon makes great meals and helps me in other areas.

A word to the wise-- save all your documents, service agreements and copy down the serial numbers for future refference! Anything made by man will eventually break down, usually at the time when you need it most. Murphy's Law.... Ha!

The nice cleaning lady, Sue, just left our modest but comfortable house, and she is aching too from all the hard work she does. I treat her good and tell her how much I appreciate her hard work and kindness. Then Sharon's Physical Therapist came for the last time to help my wife.

Yes, today is a very special, marked day when upside down, stupid politics and a stupid, DANGEROUS Law was passed by our "U.S. Senate" that will protect the guilty perverts while shackling the innocent. I would expect as much from a godless society sliding down the slippery slopes on the highway to hell. Life will be very interesting now in the 'Land of the Free-- Home of the Brave.'
This WAS the last bastion of free, safe, blessed Society on earth. Right about now we can figure that the Almighty Lord God of the Bible will start withholding His Grace and Blessings of the USA. Just watch.