Thursday, July 23, 2009

Long Day and Full.

Tom's Journal.

We visited my Mom today in Burlington, WI as she wanted to return some sentimental items to me, like the flag that was given to her when my Dad, a WW-2 Vet passed away back in 1997, etc. As we all sat outside her apartment complex down by the Fox River on a park bench in the warm sun, I struck up a conversation with a nice lady who visits her loved one too, and I asked her if she was a Christian [as she had a nice silver cross around her neck] and she said, 'YES!' Well, that started off about an hour's worth of good, up building conversation about the Bible and what will be ahead in our future, etc. I gave her one of my personalized pens and a business card so she could retrieve more info on things I said that interested her. It was a distinct 'treat' for Sharon and I connecting to a 'spiritual sister of the Faith' -- but my Mom kept poking my leg and sore knee to shut me up until I said out loud that "she was poking me because I was embarrassing her by preaching the truth of the Bible-- and she was NOT a Believer [lol]!" She quit poking me after that.
I didn't want to be rude, but the lady named Julie had genuine interest and thirst for what I was telling her and I will NOT be quieted nor ashamed of my joy and happiness in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with anybody who wishes to listen to me. My Mom, although I love her, has told me a few times this past year, even when Sharon was suffering in the hospital after open heart surgery and complications, that 'she considers the Bible to be a collection of fairy tales and that Jesus and God don't really exist.' Go visit Matt. 10-- to see what Jesus says about: 'your enemies will be members of your OWN household..!'

On the way home after shopping and having our rings re sized at the jewelry shop in Kenosha because we both lost some weight, my wife was proud of me saying that 'I had the gift from God to be able to speak so well about the truth of the scriptures-- and we both felt good about that! I had to clarify however that it was the Holy Spirit that put the right words in my mouth at the right time... All praise and honor go to the Lord! By the time we got home it was time to watch Glenn Beck on the Fox News Channel-TV.

I am sure that MANY other true Christians must struggle with relatives who put them down, make fun of, throw every obstacle possible in the way of their biblical Christian family members/ relation.
Yes, it sure does take guts to stand up for what we believe in now days when true Christianity is not popular or in vogue-- but why should we even care?? Our true reward is in Heaven with Jesus. After a while those negative people who love to make others miserable will wonder why you [we] chose to move away and live in peace and tranquility by ourselves. Don't waste your time, effort and resources with people who constantly love to drag you down into their own pity-party, hog wallow! Move on and rub elbows with REAL Christians whom you trust. True, real Christian friends may be hard to find now days with many predatory hypocrites in the churches pretending-- but we are out there even looking for you! I fear that when the Inter Net is purged by obama and the his demons and our conservative Blogs canceled we will lose contact of each other-- but we will find a way to consolidate and re-connect. Contact me for possibilities and suggestions:

Next week is the Racine County Fair that we are looking forward to, and we intend to have a great time this year, no matter what comes down the pike. Maybe the State fair too.

Seems like my days are so full in the Summer with lots of sun, reading, woodcarving and sharing the Gospel/ Bible, and I often go to bed early. I am so disappointed with Cable TV in that there is nothing but repeats and trash, and we bought an HD flat screen that is brilliant-- but now I find myself reading more and buying more good books anyway... Ha! I have to save up quickly to buy my dear wife some new eye glasses $$$ the first part of August, and then I can rest for a while. We have not had a real vacation in 4 years, but only weekend get aways twice a year. I call them 'shoe string vacations.'

When I was raising my kids/ family, I took them to FL, SC, up North WI hunting, fishing and a lot of camping. They were never deprived and never knew hunger. I wish I could have been a better father, but at least they had the basic essentials of good food, clothing, shelter, garden veggies, Bible study, and the best of my LOVE.
They are all welcome in my house anytime and they know me to be loving, hospitable and generous. I visit and talk to my good son, Andy, the most and love him dearly. I only hope that he finds the Lord in time, I pray. I think of my 3 kids often, but they are always busy with their jobs and families.

Long Train Running 1971

Latter, have a great night, but ESPECIALLY AFTER YOU WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO!!!