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The Bible: More Than Stories

Posted: 24 Jul 2009 11:02 AM PDT

I am often hearing people say these days that God has revealed himself to us in stories, and that story, not doctrine, is the framework in which we should see our faith.

I LOVE story (which is why I’ve written and enjoyed fiction and also love good biographies). However, story is NOT everything. There is also revealed propositional truth and many other forms of communication God has taken with us in his Word.

I love this blog from John Piper on this very subject. It’s not long so I’ll take the liberty of quoting it in its entirety, but I very much encourage you to familiarize yourself with the
Desiring God blog it comes from, one of my favorites.

The Bible Frees Us From Being Swayed by Overstatements
By John Piper

Being convinced that the Bible as we have it is God’s choice for the world is pervasively decisive in how we think about a thousand things.

I’m not referring only to what the Bible teaches on a thousand things, but also what kinds of writing the Bible is made up of, and the fact that it is writing at all.

It makes a huge difference in how you think about reading and education if you are convinced that God thought it was good to communicate with the world through a book. There are dozens of foolish ideas about education that we will be protected from by simply thinking God was wise in using a book.

And it makes a huge difference in how you think about many things if you are convinced that God thought the world should have a book that contains

  • fact-laden narrative history,
  • poetry (lots of poetry)
  • stories (lots of stories)
  • seraphic prophecy like Isaiah 40-66
  • proverbs,
  • Gospels,
  • parables,
  • logically constructed, doctrinally dense letters like Romans,
  • repetitive, spiraling letters like 1 John, and
  • symbol-laden prophetic books like Revelation.
For example, if someone starts to overstate the case for “story” and says that the “real” way to communicate God’s truth is in “story,” implying that the other ways are “less real” and marginal, we will be protected from that sort of thing because we are convinced that God thought the tightly argued, doctrinal book of Romans was a very good idea for the world to have.

Or, on the other hand, if someone starts to overstate the case of doctrinal exposition to the exclusion and minimization of story and poetry, we will be protected from that sort of thing, because we are convinced that God thought it wise to put two-thirds of the Old Testament in poetry and fill it up with stories.

It is a great liberation to take the Bible—all of it, and as we have it—very seriously.

We cannot Stop what God has put in Motion.

Tom's Journal.

I only copied and pasted PART of Rep. John Paul's article below to whet your taste buds.
I want to relate another 'spark in my brain' that shot up a red flag from yesterday's witness to a fellow believer at my Mom's home. Flash! Another Connection in my mind... lol. From all my former studies in the Bible for the last 40 years-- how the books of Daniel and Ezekiel are the keys that unlock the book of Revelation, these great and terrible happenings NOW, TODAY, from Obama's Administration are here for a reason! Here is what we know: the book of Revelation tells us positively that such things WILL and HAVE TO come true-- but not how [in what way or manner] they will. Obama and his 'demons' just may be the lynch pin that will spring board/ trigger the start of the Trib. Some students say that the economics will get so severe [and now we know that they are man-made, mostly from the great messiah Obama and the Dims] that they will frantically look for some solution to pay off their creditors - like China, etc, and then all the world's religions may be banned by the 'Anti-Christ' and replaced with his own false ONE WORLD RELIGION-- and a ONE WORLD GOV'T ! The United Nations Org, and Military Arm will have full authority over every nation to 'police' things and enforce the new Laws.

Sorry, folks, I may be a little bit off center, but that's the way I see things. And when a nation is up against a rock and a hard place-- weird things will happen and radical Bills/ Legistration will be passed to ease the hunger and rioting, and rationed "health care", lol. Only a good student of History and the bible will be able to understand this stuff, IMHO. And in my opinion, we brought most of this upon ourselves by allowing the politicians to sneak God-hating Bills into our American system without standing up and putting pressure on the Senate and Congress people! I am just as guilty as the rest-- being either too lazy or stupid to get involved in the old days-- passed years. But then on the other hand-- this Scripture MUST be true and come about, just as God's Word predicted.

So... it looks pretty late for any human to turn things around [and we humans are so full of ourselves...] as things will continue to get worse and worse until it all catches up with us like a maxed out charge card compounding interest after you missed a few payments. Been there-- done that-- and it WON'T EVER happen again in my life! God wants us to be good stewards of our finances/ money.

It's a nice, hot, humid day in S.W. Wisconsin, and I am going to take a shower and kick back now! Woo Woo!

Pandora's Box.

Tom's Journal.

Forget about all the rest of my posts-- BUT PLEASE READ/ WATCH THIS VIDEO! Just click on the link below, please. ATTENTION: All Americans, especially the tried, tested and true combat Veterans. If you had any reservation before about how crooked, corrupt and radical Obama's Administration is-- and why he is so dishonest so as to SNEAK and Rush another terrible Bill [dog pile] thru under the 'radar' [ so no body has a chance to read it] --just take a gander at this Video! The man cannot be trusted anymore. Period. Yes, I fully realize and admit that several past Republicans Administration were very corrupt too-- but this new Bill that was just delayed takes the cake!

Comments, please ?

Tom Schuckman
Vietnam Veteran: 68-70
please try to have a good day... after you see this true news video.