Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Writing on the Wall.

Tom's Journal.

I just want to pass on something a friend sent me today-- please click on this Link:


Military people, experts, Generals have been studying for 6000 years how to best fight and defeat their enemies. Since I always was a History buff-- the bible is full of colorful, panoramic battles of the Israelites directed from/ by God Himself! First you have to 'identify' your enemy, and then choose the best way to defeat him. Some people say, "Cut off the head and the body will die." But when the enemy is an 'IDEA' or mindset run by a hidden 'group' of powerful, wealthy people who are so clever so as to disguise themselves just like Satan-- the "angel of light" there may be a problem!

God in His love disciplines those whom He loves to save them from greater harm in the future, just as a human father teaches his own children right from wrong. But when a whole generation or national group, or the world in general has become SO WICKED and rotten to the core, more than a simple correction or amputation is called for, unfortunately. Several national groups and civilizations have had to be exterminated because of their super gross continuous behavior and immorality, such as the Global Flood in Noah's time, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Canaanites, etc. We are in such a time RIGHT NOW according to the Bible. Beware. Most of us in America are already tired, burned out, drugged, too fat, lazy, into entertainment non-stop/ 24/7... that we take no note! I USED to be that way many years ago, and if I take my 'eyes off the prize' or fall asleep [spiritually], I could return to that cess pool mentality. The above LINK is a powerful reminder of the 'hand writing on the wall' -- a stark reality check of what WILL come to be, and soon! It has the ring of truth, is logical and makes sense to anyone who has taken time to read/ study the true Word of God. As for others, 'party animals' or people just too caught up in the daily barrage of politics, too full of themselves, and smoke screens-- it will bounce off their fore heads like a paper ball in the breeze.

I feel that I am getting a bit burned out lately too with my own problems of health, my wife's disabilities,and just fighting for what is mine-- mobility in old age... LOL.
Now days things are just so unreliable, untrustworthy, with mediocrity and shallow promises or workmanship and services. When ever you buy anything or deal with anyone-- always get a written guarantee, names, numbers, extension codes and a redundancy, and safety nets !! Don't worry, with Obama's 'total transformation' health and services will get MUCH worse! My Christian and knowledgeable friends believe that the next 6 months will see a BIG Change that will be a NIGHTMARE for the whole world.... and the God of the Bible will certainly pull His Blessings and Protection from America for desserting and harming the 'apple of His eye'-- Israel.

Take care.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord

Bless all our Troops in Combat.