Tuesday, August 25, 2009

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I believe my friend, Kevin, has a good Christian Blog that keeps me on my toes and helps me keep my mind on Christ. Enjoy!

From late news on TV I heard that Sen. Teddy Kennedy has just died in the wee hours of the Wednesday morning. I know it's the normal thing in America to praise a "great" lion of a man like him with a 3 week funeral, etc., but for the absolute truth be know, that man was a far Left Liberal who was Pro-ABORTION, anti- gun, Pro-Gay, Pro- illegal alien and many other kinds of stuff/ ilk. I will leave the rest of my opinions go right now, out of respect for the dead.... but I believe that without a man's confessing his sins before God and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as his PERSONAL LORD AND SAVIOR, and trying to imitate Christ--- the place called hell still has lots of room in it. If we lived in a land with a wicked king who raped and plundered his people-- and he suddenly died, would we weep or celebrate? Sen. Kennedy did some good work to help out the common man, built and signed many good legislation, and set an example of how WE ALL SHOULD GET THE SAME KIND OF ELITE MEDICAL TREATMENT THAT [TOO BAD] WE ALL SHOULD BE GETTING! If the crap the Gov't wants to serve US is so great-- THEY ought to get it too!


They are going down to hell by the thousands


If we follow the world yet proclaim that we are Christians, then my friends, this that is a recipe that will lead us directly into the bounds of an everlasting hell; a hell that will show no mercy to those of us who will attend all because while on this earth we choose to follow the world and refused to follow in the steps of Christ.

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