Thursday, September 17, 2009

The 'Old Trickster and Deciever.'

Tom's Journal.

I sometimes have trouble like others in falling for the same Satanic trick of being 'distracted' from that old trickster-- missing the point of it all. The nasty old devil wants to side track us so we miss the train and primary purpose of our Christian lives. We are to magnify, bring praise and honor to the God we worship and do HIS will. NOT try to polish the brass on this 'sinking ship' [world] that will be destroyed according to prophecy. I admit that it is human to take the bait and try to solve earth's [and America's] problems and challenges with our human hands and intellects.

Yes, I will fight the evil in 'high places'-- right now the obama/ Dims agenda, but that should be secondary to praying, 'LET YOUR KINGDOM COME.' Just as Jesus' own words about Noah's time... "and they took no note until the flood swept them all away.." -- book of Matthew. Diversions, traps, misleading tactics have always been the smart way to win a battle or war instead of sacrificing all your good fighting men. We still use the tactics of the ancient people of the Bible! But then, for a serious Bible student [and History too], 2000 years ago or more might seem like yesterday, at least in my mind.

And don't we see a ton of deception right now in D.C. as some courageous few lead the charge to uncover big time crime and corruption in our 'new' Gov't. Do you think that obama and the Dims will volunteer to uncover their own lies and real agenda and then correct it?? Shake your head 'no.' Some would say, "Absolute power corrupts-- Absolutely", and I tend to agree. The Dims are not alone in treacherous lies and corruption, but this has been a super big precedent in weakening and destroying our once great country in a very short time-- and that another thing. Doesn't it make a lot of sense to throw as many items, bills, new laws at us in a short time to confuse us and demand that we pass them fast?? Duh.... All this planning and strategy has been on their table for decades until they had both houses and a "messiah" with so much charisma rise up for the 'perfect storm !' Or maybe they think that they can do as much damage as they can BEFORE he shows his true colors, or is finally discovered NOT to be a natural born American citizen-- and things can not be reversed. Some suppose that things in America and the world might get better with the right men leading it-- but the Bible is NEVER wrong, and that holy Book says that things must get worse. We can handle what will [must] come down the pike IF we lean on God and trust Him for our salvation. Time to 'get into the Ark' already. Our guns, money, stored food, silver and gold will NOT save us from God's fore told actions. The world is too wicked and cannot be salvaged-- just like whole countries are infected with the AIDS virus, etc. Ancient nations were ordered completely destroyed for their deep rooted immorality, sins, abortions, child sacrifices and Sodomy, etc. Just read Genesis to Judges.

Silver and Gold are really climbing up. Do they know something that we don't? We have so many crises falling on our head and most are of our own doing... greed and corruption. Something has got to give, and if some goofy politician or 'leader' says he has the cure, he's a LIAR!

Tom Schuckman

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