Monday, September 28, 2009

Catholic Church Funding ACORN.

Tom's Journal.

It is NOT my intention to anger, incite, or criticize good, God-fearing, Bible believing members of the Catholic church and good Americans of which I have many good friends. But God allows the real TRUTH to be manifest sooner or latter, and now is that time. I have left 'churches' who taught lies, falsehoods, errors and strayed from the pure meaning of the Scriptures [ the Bible], poisoning minds and hearts; and my well consumed Bible knowledge is a 'safety fuse' or 'red flag' that goes up in my head anytime something un-scriptural runs by my ears! "Let God be true though all men be liars."

This strongly revealed article jumped up in my face because it mentioned people, places, organizations that I am acquainted with-- that I actually pasted [articles and events] in my hand written Journal / Diary while living at the VET'S PLACE CENTRAL in the Winter of '94-95 on 3500 Wells Street in Milwaukee when I was attending MATC [Milwaukee Area Technical College] studying more welding and related subjects while also collecting tons of resources for my expose book. I got half way through with my book, 150 pages, and quit writing from getting side tracked from other pursuits. Now it's all coming together, and I am going to expose it!
Call me crazy, but that 'Black run Org' abused me and many others BIG TIME, while taking tons of Federal and State Funds $$$ to supposedly help homeless Veterans.... and I kept a good diary of those accounts for a future book that I was working on after I was called back to Chrysler in May of 1995. Please check this substantial article out. Wow! This a hot topic for me.


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September 24, 2009

Catholic Church Funding ACORN

By Cliff Kincaid / Accuracy in Media
Federal funding of ACORN is not just a Democrat Party or Obama Administration problem. As a chart (PDF) produced by House Republican Leader John Boehner shows, most of the federal money going to the organization was provided under President George W. Bush. This is not something that most Republicans want to talk about, especially now that they can use ACORN funding as a weapon against Obama and the Democrats. To Boehner's credit, however, he had sent a letter to Bush asking him to block all federal funding of ACORN. The Bush Administration did not comply. While Obama has strong ties to ACORN, they were originally established through the U.S. Catholic Church, which has also funded ACORN and similar organizations to the tune of millions of dollars.
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I had to take Sharon to the Hospital again.

Tom's Journal.


Blue Monday, Blue Monday, Everybody cries someday.

We knew it would come back to haunt and hurt us, and today it did. My wife was having problems for the past 2 weeks with her ankles, feet and lower legs swelling up and hurting, plus more chest discomfort, [ and latter we found out that she had congestive heart failure-- again] --so I insisted that she call her doctor this Monday morning for help and they told us to check in at the Kenosha Hospital down by Lake Michigan this morning for tests and procedures. We were both crying in bed this morning for knowing the BS from hospital staff and waiting without knowing what would come of it all, and answers. I totally understand that the god-like docs and nurses don't have all the answers and solutions to fix a broken vessel, but they sure act like it, and nothing has changed at these small town places... lol. I would say that even the VA Hospital in Milwaukee is 'one -up' on Kenosha House of Horrors.. Ha!

I have to go get more injections to both knees in a few days and then just maybe I will simmer down from my own physical pain for a while and be able to think more clearly. I hear much of the same story from other combat Veterans all over the world. We get the scraps from the table while 'obama's chosen' get first class health care -- you know, the folks use have never worked or saved in their lives. Same old -- same old.

Well, this is the season of saving more energy when we can turn off the A/C and open the screen door in the country, State of WI. My wife needs cool air and oxygen to survive, but I like it cool too. The garden is pretty much petered out now, BUT IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED! After I rest up and catch my breath, I will start cleaning up the mess at home and organize them, take care of my best buddy, 'Deuce the Rottweiler' who keeps me somewhat sane.... and get back to more serious study and reading of the Bible-- my life line to God the Father.

I just wanted to point out something I posted last night concerning WHY God lets bad things happen to us. Those of us who are suffering from one thing or another just WISH Jesus would come back tomorrow and Rapture us up to heaven and paradise-- and then "deal with the wicked unbelievers on earth..." But the Lord knows that there are probably a few more million who have good hearts and they need to be in 'His fold' and protection. Please let us see and discern the BIG picture and not just our own selfish needs and desires. Remember Matt. 6:9, "Let YOUR Kingdom come, Let YOUR Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven." But dear friends and readers, we can surely pray hard for endurance, patience, love and peace! When you join the Army, inside you know in your heart that you are much more better trained in so many ways than "Jody-- back on the block who is goofing around and wasting his life." Or the person in college who is so full of himself and getting brain washed by his atheistic professors. Yet I, personally loved college when I learned the skilled trades, etc., but our instructors didn't try to mess up our minds and values. But then many of my friends and co-workers went back to school after we all got laid off from Chrysler in 1089, when we were past age 35.
I hope you know what I mean.

Well, now I have a lot of time to think, contemplate, read, worry and pray more.

Stop the presses! Sharon just called me up to say that they are now sending her home with some new meds that should pump out the bad water inside of her and perhaps she will get better at home now. Still I would be in your debt if you remembered us in your prayers and thoughts. I know that Sharon very much appreciates emails and well wishes. I will always pass them on to her.

Thank you.