Friday, October 2, 2009

The Apple of God's Eye.

Tom's Journal.

God's supreme mercy and undeserved kindness/ Grace to His "elect" people which includes we Christians is so important to me, and I am grateful.

This following article is so reassuring to me and I love the poetic Psalms that sooth my frayed nerves this days of mega stress. Praise the Lord for payday so I can pay [and pay off] my bills and mortgage. My dear wife and I were 'speculating' about buying a new full size Van to transport both of our power scooters/ chairs, but I am thinking, why should we go back under that heavy hammer of super debt when 'the wolf is banging on the door' and so many people are losing their homes, jobs and sanity. Hey, if you really need a new vehicle-- buy one! But we have too good vehicles now and one is almost paid off. I bought a new Timex wrist watch today and had a new battery installed my other watch. Lately I have been forgetting to put on my old wrist watch as I drive away to do chores 20 miles away in Kenosha, WI, on Lake Michigan, etc. So I figured that I would keep the new watch in the truck when I forget the old one. Does that make sense-- or am I an eccentric old fart?? Sharon said it was a good idea-- and I like to keep track of the time. My days go so fast now that I am retired since 2002 from Chrysler.

So we already KNEW that all people and Governments/ kingdoms who oppose and war against Israel are honestly making God very angry-- as if they were sticking their finger in God's eye. They just don't get it, even after Pharaoh of Egypt and his mighty charioteers/ army got swept away in the Red Sea chasing Moses... Ha! But God KNOWS the hearts of men and His angels have perhaps already completed the "separating work" -- the 'elect- Saved' -- and the wicked who are controlled and completely blinded by their father, Satan. We Christian know our salvation is secure but we still have to be on guard for deceptions, lies, and false prophets, false churches and preachers who seek to lead us away from our Lord and Savior right before that grand day of Rapture, or martyrdom.

In my mind, every day should be spent in prayer and supplication for God's wisdom and mercy, kindness and knowledge of His own Holy Book, the Bible. Not to sound like a 'holy Joe' as I spend too much time on the PC, TV, hobbies and other various pursuits.
I would still like to make as many true friends to share things and be encouraged as things start to get dicey. We look at all the grand, sanctimonious displays and endeavors of the "president obama, trying to secure Chicago for some future Olympics when in fact America may not even be a nation in a year or so !! Even a rat knows when it time to get off a sinking ship! Satan has got the whole world chasing it's tail ! Incredible. It's like the Roman emperor Nero fiddling away while Rome burns. And HALF the people in this country still want to put their trust in obama?? It's like the blind leading the blind -- both will fall into the pit.
I welcome your honorable comments and thoughts.
Have a great week end!

Tom Schuckman

The Nations that Come Against Israel Have Come Against God

Posted: 02 Oct 2009 08:02 AM PDT

By Jim HutchensIsrael’s Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “Anticipating a vote in the United Nations Human Rights Commission by Friday … if the international community accepts the Goldstone Report, which charges Israel with 'war crimes' during the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza last winter, it will deal a serious blow to the peace process with the Palestinians as well as the global war on terror.