Sunday, October 4, 2009

Beware False Prophets.

Tom's Journal.


I started reading a book today and thought it was a great, exciting bible based book until I got to the part where the author claimed to be God's anointed prophet having a direct line of info about the coming great Tribulation.... etc. Bang! Red Flag! When you have been in a quasi-Christian Cult as I have-- you get to know/ smell a fake from miles away. Beware of Ronald Weinland-- 2008 God's Final Witness! Yes, I had to agree with many of the things he speculated on, but my bible trained mind already knew that stuff. BEWARE ANYONE claiming to have some special "channel" exclusively open to him alone-- or some man made organization!! My friends and I agree that any normal, Spirit filled SAVED human who loves and serves Almighty God and who has accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his/ her personal Savior, should be able to understand and apply the Bible. Sure, we all come to the Lord at different stages in our lives and learn at different speeds --- but we all should be on the 'same page' and know the basics of salvation, etc. Just a word to the wise should be sufficient. God bless all believers!

I missed church again today as my wife was too dizzy with low BP [blood pressure] and I was afraid she would fall down again as she did last night without me knowing or being able to help her. We think it just may be some of her many medications that are making her dizzy and off balance. Take her to the hospital and it's all about 'Key Stone Cops', so disorganized, etc. Sorry-- it's the truth. For older people, do many costly tests and go home with a pill. And I truthful expect things to get much worse. Study Herbs on your own and LEARN to take care of yourself-- my advice.

Well, anyway, this new book predicts that America will not exist and one third of our population will be killed by next Summer 2010. That may well be so! But for me to read someone who claims to be one of the great prophets of the Bible was too much for me. IMHO, all the big earthquakes, big waves of water, mudslides, destruction, stress, worry, violence are but PART OF THE BIG COMPOSITE PICTURE and 'pangs of distress' of a pregnant woman fore told by Jesus in these last days. See, Matt. 24-- .. and Rev. True Christians who really study and apply their Bible already KNOW that these things MUST come-- and NO MAN MADE GROUP OR ORGANIZATION will prevent what God has set in motion!

Well, what sort of persons should we be [Christians]? Are we gong to party on, live like no tomorrow, get caught up in all the shiny, glittery, worldly things that the devil tempts us with? Like I told a friend, on-line today-- I will continue to brush my teeth, repair and paint my house, change the oil in the vehicles -- but I firmly believe that things are going to move swiftly these next 6 months and year. While stupid politicians play their silly, goofy games, things are sliding down the slippery slope, and I believe that our money system will change for the worse over night-- and America may NOT exist in ONE year. If this is God's Will-- I must accept it, as He is allowing His plan for human kind to unfold.

I am an old man --having lived an extremely active life, working hard, having fun, saving, investing, living, being productive and paying all my taxes. Now I have some health challenges and so does my wife. We have a good life style and are thankful for everything we have and have worked for. God has blessed us! But we are also preparing for a mean, nasty stink storm that no human can stop.
Seek God and Jesus Christ while He may still be found. Let Him correct us in His mercy-- and not in His wrath.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eloquent Rationally-Sounding Lunatic Ronald Weinland

False Prophet Ronald Weinland is in Hawaii this weekend. Actually, he has been there longer, leaving for Hawaii directly from last weekend's Los Angeles gig. I wonder how much progress he has really made on his feast sermons while on a Hawaiian beach.

After he returns to Cincinnati, there will be a few put out of PKG. Sheriff Ron has been patient. While some have responded to his clarion call to pay their tithes, a few holdouts remain. We can't have any of that -- it costs money for Ron and Laura to travel.

Kirrily has followed her article of last week with an analysis comparing "2008 God's Final Witness" against reality. She's uncovering some items I've missed. Here is her piece:
I have outlined all the obvious errors/failures in Ron’s book – God’s Final Witness. All quotes have been typed by me directly from the book – I have done my best to type exactly as stated in the book. I would suggest any reader follow what I have stated (page numbers and paragraph numbers included for your ease of reference).

Any error would simply be a typo. Emphasis – sometimes mine, sometimes Ron.

As the book itself does not actually contain the dates for the first timeline, or the second timeline, the book in this regard needs to be either true or false when information relating to timelines is combined with the book itself. After all, the book is written by the very same author who delivers the sermons.

For those of you who wish to go into the book to prove the ‘truths’ – go for it, but remember, the very definition of truth given by Ron (as you will see) and of the Bible itself is that “no lie is of the truth”. As I outline all the FALSITIES of the book (even if there were only one) by that very definition, the book is FALSE.

The first few pages of the book concentrate on massive destructive events – thereby setting the ‘theme’ of concentration of the book.

Page 4, first paragraph: “The proof of the validity of my first book, and now this one, is in the timing and the destruction that follows, exactly as both books describe.” So, it is the TIMING that determines it’s validity.

Ron describes events to eventuate as similar to labour pains of a women – contractions get closer together, and more powerful – “such will be part of the proof of what is written here.”

Page 4, Paragraph 3: “What we have witnessed since those interviews a year ago will only increase in magnitude and frequency until we come to the last and final stage. This final stage is referred to as the great tribulation, which is prophesied to last for a final three and one half years. It will begin with one third of the United States being destroyed – followed by World War III.” (Well, it has begun for the second time according to Ron nearly 7 months ago – no 1/3 of the US destroyed – FAILED).

Page 6, 3rd Paragraph: Ron states that people can not believe things unless there is proof. That is part of the reason God chose to reveal end time events in the manner that He has – who are people to believe with all the different religions out there?

Page 8, 2nd Paragraph: “Only God Himself can prove what is true by bringing to pass exactly what He has said. Only the next few years can prove whether or not these two books are true and of God. If nothing happens, then you can know positively that this is complete fiction.” WELL, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED ON THE SECOND TRIBULATION YET, SAFE TO SAY – we know it's FICTION.

Page 8, 3rd Paragraph: “This is one of the main reasons these books have been written, so that people can begin to respond to the one Great Creator God when they see these things come to pass.” NOTHING COMING TO PASS YET, NEARLY 7 MONTHS INTO SECOND TRIBULATION. FAILED.

Page 9, 2nd Paragraph: “This period of time will BEGIN with one-third of the United States being destroyed.” – NOPE, NO DESTRUCTION – FAILED.

I welcome your serious comments, suggestions and ideas/ thoughts. Attached is a pic of my woodworking hobby.