Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things moving quickly in the world events.

Tom's Journal.

<<< Smart dog loves his master.

The more deep, serious reading and research I do concerning the 'end times' -- 'last days', and our current National/ World dilemma of economic and possible big time War activities with nuclear threat, the more I realize that there is NO significant thing I can do. Except for 'Soul Winning', sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, prayer, study, paying off bills--- Humpty Dumpty [Our Gov't and the World] will have a great fall and IMPLODE economically and other wise ! At least it's painfully apparent to me and other normal true Christians and some folks on Fox News- TV, that things could happen to us just like the old Soviet Union, in a heart beat. I am NOT advocating some radical survival technique or activity because most everyone will be in the same boat, IMHO, -- and this IS Bible prophecy coming true and real in front of our very eyes. The big difference is that most everyone still THINKS that MAN can somehow SAVE ourselves and earth all by own hands--- NOT GOD'S. That in itself is a sin against Him and folly to us. We have not trust in God, and our money now even reflects that to a large degree.

Have YOU ever had to depend on another human being for survival or your own life? Soldiers are close knit just for that very reason-- and deep bonds are formed in the service and combat. Yes, we tend to cling to each other for a REASON! If we don't -- who will? Surely not the Gov't that loves to poison, abuse, refuse support, treatment, etc...Ha! We have more homeless people in the USA who are Veterans than any other social group! We take of illegal aliens better than our own Veterans!
But trusting your very life to another person or entity, group or Gov't is a scry thought, IMHO.
How then can we trust in God almighty who is INVISIBLE -- when we can't even trust another human? The Bible is full of examples of God's help and salvation-- but then He also allows His servants to die and set a wonderful Witness to the Universe. One scripture that I will reference latter says that, "God will never let us bear more temptation or pain then we can stand-- or has been dealt out to other people in the past." Just like the prophet Daniel and his 3 Hebrew friends who were cast into a fiery oven-- and survived, they said: 'Either our Lord saves us or not-- we will worship only the Lord God.' And as I have posted many times, the best way to know God is to read/ study His Word, the Bible. Tell HIM that you just never had the time to read His Word..... lol.

Back at the ranch, Satan is winning his game plan just like a good football team [Vikings vs; Packers] yesterday night, by striking fear in most of the world of mankind where economics, job loss, disease, war, violence, corruption and greed are making most of us very nervous. Some smart Bible scholars/ Christians say that this just may be God's Plan! God will allow these terrible things to happen [and man will cause it for one reason or another] to BRING MORE PEOPLE TO THEIR SENSES AND COME INTO THE FOLD AND BLANKET OF THE LORD'S SALVATION! The preaching work has been going on for a long time but now at the 11th hour God will shake loose all the right people who have a 'good heart' to seek His salvation and protection BEFORE His Judgement comes on earth. Yes, sometimes we just have to stand still and let God do the fighting and shepherding work as only He can.

Those of us who are still trying to amass tons of gold and food, investments that are supposed to build a hedge around us or move away to some lovely island of peace and security might be surprised. God is the ONLY answer to all of mankind's woes and miseries. This stupid in-fighting between elephants and donkeys in the U.S. is just a diversion to keep us away and ignorant of God's real Will-- just as the days of Noah! All the various organizations, agendas, legislation, parties, etc are just a joke, IMHO. Yes, I will continue to vote and post things about what we can do in the short run of things -- but I want to remind and prove what shall surely come in the near future, with the Bible and pure logic.

Call me slow in the head, but things are changing so fast that I am constantly 'tweaking' my own life and priorities when the dollar will be worthless... lol. WHY am I always paying triple or more on my bills -- when I bet that our dollar will be dead in a year or less-- Ha! ?? There will be a huge critical mass/ event in the USA, and we will all have to make a quick decision that will be a radical change and also cost us our FREEDOM. I can pretty much guess what the majority of jelly fish in America will do-- and then we be little more than slaves in the global system of One World Gov't. But all the world will eventually believe in the Lord God at the last minute-- before He unleashes His mighty lost [Army] of invincible warriors of heaven-- but it will be too late then. Yes, then everyone will BELIEVE-- but it will be too late for most.
Sinner than I am-- thank you Lord for letting me see the light-- in time.

Count all your blessings now and praise the Lord for His Mercy and Kindness. He will forgive all our sins and count us as Saved and have a special place in Heaven because we refuse to let go of our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Churches who claim to be servants of God will fall and crumble and the hypocrites will be shown naked and marked as they play games and twist words. I am going to worry a bit because that is my nature.... oh, I talk a good game... lol. I have to 'toe the line' and 'beat' myself too when I start to 'drift away.' Our mighty God reminds us too, and sometimes with a big stick, but it's for our own good.
How many people feel the same way as me ?? comment.........
Have a great night/ or day.

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.