Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Carolyn's New Post.

Tom's Journal.

My good friend, Carolyn, from FL posted a great, timely article packed with special timely scriptures and hit me on the fore head like, 'My! I should have had a V-8 !!' As a matter of fact I just stocked up on that commodity and I love it.... lol.

If we could attach a 'sticky note' on our arm that said, 'just keep your eyes on God's eternal Plan and don't get sidetracked by the devil's traps and machinations,' that might help us when all these DAILY goofy "news" spurts get us all excited and agitated. Wow! I get drawn into that trap too and I just hate it how the devil gets us all whipped up in a lather. Man, Satan sure knows how to mess us up and has his dirty thumb on MOST of the world-- so they won't ever get to know the Lord Jesus Christ until it too late! I feel that the church of REAL Biblical Christians really needs to help one another stick to the task at hand-- even as many are worried about the 'obama-care' and the state of the Republic in America. Should we not know that these things MUST COME TO PASS as the Anti-Christ is about to come on the earthly scene after the Rapture? The 'end times' Scriptures are very clear on this subject-- but the world goes around as if they are all blinded by the sun and spell bound like a rabbit stupefied/ scared by a snake.

Thank you, dear Carolyn, [and David] for sharing this wisdom and encouragement with us.


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