Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Day I got Hired into AMC.

Tom's Journal.

11-7-72 is my "hire in" date at AMC [American Motors Corp] in Kenosha, WI, and the beginning of harder work and more prosperity for the Schuckman Family way back then. But to be more candid-- it was more like: 'one day chicken-- the next day feathers' , LOL. We had a deep sense of pride for being able to put up with the hard, dirty, sweaty and sometimes dangerous work -- led by the bottom line $, and many supervisors were just prideful slave drivers, IMHO. So many times I was tempted to lose my temper and slug someone who was simply obnoxious, threatening or over bearing..... child molesters, murderers, thieves, drunks and drug addicts who the company hired and kept, as long as they kept up with the assembly line and came in every day. I feel that it's a small miracle that I actually put in the 30 years to retire with full benefits at the age of 54! Even so, the Chrysler Corp reneged on the Contract and just cut off our Retirees' Dental, Hearing and Vision last year without even consulting the rank and file! And I am sure they will pull more of the same crap in the future. And the Union has ALWAYS pushed for the Dims [Democratic agenda] politically.... but they ought to watch out as the 'beast' they voted for may turn around and bite THEM when it is done 'using' them. I was one of the few who stood up for my own personal beliefs and values. Such is life in the real world. As I look back upon many of my mistakes while being young and ignorant-- I also have some pride in doing the right thing by persevering/ paying all my bills and raising our family well, as best I could. Even if kids take such things for granted, are selfish and rarely come home to visit or call to say 'hey' .... LOL. But my 'hard work ethic' attitude back then had much to do with the way I was raised by my loving but strict parents, and good old Army training.

My wife has been sick all this week after the hospital ran her through the scheduled 'respiratory' tests, and perhaps her medications. She stays up all night sitting in her EZ chair because she says that laying down makes her feel as if she is being smothered and can not breathe properly-- even with her Oxygen and CPAP mask on. I love sleeping with my wife but what can I do?
Thank you all for all your prayers and well wishes.
Guess I will be going to church again this morning alone.


America Repent!

But wait, we are Christians! Aren’t we?

Link to Video America Repent!

Matthew 7:13-23

“Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.

“For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.


Insight From Former Combat Stress Unit Commander

By Tom Murray

MCFARLAND - Retired Lt. Col. Mike Alesch is at his country home near Madison, but his heart is with soldiers from his former unit now in Texas. He served nearly 30 years with 467th Medical Detachment based in Madison and retired three years ago.

"It's upsetting," Alesch told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray. "If they wanted me to come down, I'd go down in a heartbeat to be with them, comfort them."

Staff Sgt. Amy Krueger and Capt. Russell Seager were killed at Fort Hood. They belonged to the 467th Army Reserve combat stress team. As do injured soldiers Spc. Grant Moxon, Dorrie Carskadon and Sgt. John Pagel. They all lived in Wisconsin and are all trained to treat the psychology of war.

"It's a very specialized unit," Alesch explained. "That's why we had people from all over the state of Wisconsin."

Members of the 467th were at Fort Hood preparing for a deployment to Afghanistan. So was accused gunman Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, himself an Army psychiatrist.

"He had a deployment date for late November to Afghanistan," said Fort Hood Spokesperson Col. John Rossi.

The military is not revealing how close Hasan was to the Wisconsin soldiers or how much time Hasan spent with them in the days leading up to attack. Intentionally or not, a doctor in a highly trusted post seemingly turned on many is his own corner of the service.

"This was very shocking," said Alesch. "Something nobody would have expected, especially from someone in his position."

Alesch said soldiers with the 467th combat stress team undergo some weapons training, but the only people authorized to be armed on the Fort Hood grounds are military police.