Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Visiting a buddy in the Hospital.

Tom's Journal.

<<< Marvin is the tall skinny guy on the right.

For some reason, I always felt uncomfortable going to hospital to visit people, and I suppose some of that feeling remains from the time I and some other soldiers went to visit our wounded comrades in Long Binh Hospital, RVN, where we watched a young soldier dying, choking to death on his own blood [as it seemed, and carved up like a turkey] after catching a lot of shrapnel from VC-- 122 mm rockets on an early morning in 1968--Bien Hoa Air Base.

Well, today I kept my promise to an old friend by visiting him at the Kenosha Memorial Hosp., and brought him some oranges. Marvin Ray Ellis, disabled/ wounded Marine and Christian brother of mine was on the 7th Floor with nasty pneumonia, AGAIN! I talked about what he wanted to know-- my own childhood and things about Vietnam, but he was kind of loopy from all the constant Meds they pushed on him. And as soon as I wheeled in with my nifty power scooter-- all kinds of nurses and techs appeared to give him more pills, inhalation therapy and then lunch.... so I stayed for a short time. Marv was glad that I came but i suspected that he was very sick and in some pain. Marvin told me that he was surprised that I came up to see him-- with all the bad germs/ Wine Flu, and sickness on that Floor. I told him that 'I was too mean to get the Flu bug'... lol. I prayed with him before I left and gave him a current copy of 'Our Daily Bread' to read. Just think, he was at my home just a week ago helping me clean our furnace, etc, in the basement. I would ask your prayers for my friend in Christ, who worked hard at AMC/ Chrysler all his life and also a good welder and Marine. Some day he will die and be in heaven with the Lord Almighty--Jesus.

I was surprised to learn that Marvin was raised on a dairy farm not far from the farm my family had in Racine County--WI., but we raised beef cattle, hogs and grain, etc. He went to a different school. Funny how he wanted to talk about MY childhood today...and where I lived and grew up. Should my good friend die-- I think that he will be the 'lucky one' to escape all the terrible things that are written in the Bible that should soon be upon us--America and the World. My personal feeling is that things will get much worse after Christmas... [but I hope I am wrong-- but God's Will be done.].

I consider this subject of the 'last days' to be my specialty, or me being a near expert [and I have hard at work studying the Bible, etc., for that last 30 years], as are most of my Christian friends. I was always a History buff and loved the Bible, but could not put it all together until I got the Holy Spirit to help me understand the real, true meaning-- but I am STILL learning! Like Carolyn said: 'we are seeing the prophecy of the Bible come true right now before our very eyes now !!' Sometimes we want to slap ourselves and wonder: 'How can the majority of the world be SO BLIND-- AS NOT TO SEE WHAT IS GOING DOWN!'
"But the Wisdom of the World is foolishness with God......" -- 1 Corinthians 3:9 The world is certainly blinded by Satan-- but they also are so 'full of themselves' with their 'higher Socialist education' and blind ambitions, greed, power hungry, selfishness and moral depravity, the Gay agenda and Abortion! Ha! And I was one of them... but I found the Lord and now He is my personal Lord and Savior -- I am Saved. I had to personally give up many stupid things I craved and lusted over, and change my thinking-- but the Holy Spirit was my Helper and Friend. PTL. If some of you want to get right with God and join His Army but don't know how -- just ASK me! And I will try the best I can to help you-- or put you on the right path.

My dear wife, Sharon is a great cook and just made 2 ham and cheese grilled sandwiches for me.

Time to relax with my wife and tell her how much I love her.