Sunday, November 15, 2009


Tom's Journal.

You can't say I have not been pushing, sharing, preaching about the Holy Spirit being the "Helper" that Jesus promised that He would send down after He ascended into Heaven. Well, I must admit that I feel good, and vindicated having read this great, helpful article written by, Jack Kelley. Frankly, I get very bored and frustrated not understanding something I am reading. I was trained to read and understand Securities and Insurance contracts that are mostly written to be MIS-understood by the client so the Insurance man could sell you something that benefits HIM $$$$ -- not you! My company, PFS Investments taught us that the so-called 'bundled' insurance policies like: Universal Life Insurance are a very poor investment, and most Annuities are terrible. We used to call them "Bungled" Insurance.
Better to buy "TERM Life Insurance and invest the rest !" Right now I am 'un-insurable' for health reasons and age, so I just INVEST to make sure that my wife is well taken care of-- when I die. Doctors and Lawyers get scammed too just like the working class, and I think that most Life Insurance is a rip off, unless you are well educated in that stuff.

And how about the recent obama Bills that are being pushed through Congress without anyone being able or willing to READ THEM FIRST?? If passed, ObamaCare and Cap and Trade WILL KILL AMERICA economically and other wise, IMHO !! The Rapture will come anyway-- but these bad Bills will make life a lot worse in the mean time. But who knows that God may be fed up with all our insanity, corrupt greed, selfishness, abortion and immorality- Gay agenda-- and He will allow America's demise and down fall. I have posted about that a few times too.

But... HIS Will be done [Matt. 6:9] NOT ours.


Tom Schuckman

The Vikings beat the Lions! Woo Woo!

How to Interpret the Bible

Posted: 15 Nov 2009 09:27 AM PST

By Jack KelleyThe Bible isn’t such a complex document that it requires years of formal education before you can begin to comprehend it. I’ve always believed the Bible was meant to be understood by any believer who can read and has a serious interest in knowing what it says. I say this because I believe the Bible is best approached by relying on the power of the Holy Spirit rather than one’s own

A crazy woman at Piggly Wiggly.

Tom's Journal.

I went to the local yokel [PigglyWiggly] grocery store at 4400-67 Drive, Union Grove, WI, early this morning to get some bread, butter, etc., and I used my cool power scooter to get around easily. As a rule, I normally get along with 99% of everyone I come in contact with [even if they are slow...] , but I won't be abused or stepped on, and I know the Law. I have learned, unfortunately, that being nice only works with people who are reasonable. Some people are just bad to the bone and do NOT want to change for the better. Case in point, see: North Korea, Iran, U.S. Democrats, etc, who push stupid, dangerous legislation without even reading it!! Ha!
Well, there is an old, cranky check out "lady" who is always grumpy and rude-- whom I try to avoid at all costs, and today she was in a different lane but she saw me checking out in the 1st lane. I had NO trouble today and everything went just fine, until I got outside in the parking lot where she ran out and ambushed me out of the blue and starting yelling at me abusively, got in my face and bad mouthed me for a few minutes. Finally, I said to her, 'Listen lady, I have not said anything to you for months -- maybe a year!' She claimed I was talking to others behind her back, etc, etc. Finally, I said, 'You are crazy!' and went to my truck to get my scooter and groceries in to go home.

When I first had business with her at the check out counter YEARS ago, she would constantly cough on me, my food, and everything else-- and I 'called her on it', and said, 'please don't cough on me and my food.' That pissed her off, and afterward, I just went to another clerk to do my business and avoided her completely. Just what goes through these old wimmins [ -- that's Southern term that my 'Smokey the Bear' Drill Instructors in Boot Camp use to, [sic] (Women's) minds??? Hey! I try to avoid confrontations, unless someone has done me serious injury. So, I got in my truck today after composing myself and called the assistant manager to complain about the episode this morning, and made sure to give her my proper name, number and address. I also told her that I usually shop at the bigger stores in Kenosha and Racine to get a better bargain, etc., but sometimes I run out of something and need to use their local store for small items. I also promised to never use that smaller Piggly Wiggly store in town again...AND I would tell all my friends about the rude treatment I got today. I didn't tell her about all the rotten, spoiled meats, seafood, etc, that I got there in the past, and some of my friends have told me the same thing.... but I did tell that to the main owner/ manager in the past.

Now-- I will not lose any sleep about this commotion today or think about it anymore. I will just spend the extra gas money to travel some 20 miles farther to shop at a better store in the future. Too, posting stuff like this is good for my Blood pressure, and it calms me down... lol.

My wife and I want to watch the football game on TV latter in the day. We have a shoulder of Lamb in the Roaster, and Sharon is fixing our lunch of hamburgers, onions, etc now, that I grilled outside in the back yard yesterday, and all will be well.

The, 'Tom's Journal' article that I posted yesterday about the Holy Spirit, was an eye opener for ME and I tried to share it with Sharon verbally, however, it's somewhat DEEP and weighty, IMHO [in my humble opinion] and takes a while to teach/ explain. It was very important to me, and I figure that if I can't effectively TEACH something-- than I don't know and understand it sufficiently! As I may have said before, I learned from college that sometimes a person has to re-read something many times before it gets 'set' in the mind. I got straight 'B's' in college, but had to work hard for them. HINT: It helps to read the text book... lol.

The air temp in WI is 44 F.

Have a GREAT day!