Monday, November 16, 2009

Count your Blessings.

Tom's Journal.

I guess I had a pretty good day-- went shopping for some hardware to replace some broken knobs-handles on our full dresser in the bed room. I had to contort my large frame into a pinched area in our too small bed room, but I got a lot done and will continue tomorrow. I always have a good time when Sue, our cleaning lady comes over and we joke with each other all the time. She is a hard worker and I appreciate her help immensely. She also brings her dull knives over for me to sharpen, and we trade helpful advice, and she helps my wife learn to organize things.

Sharon's feet, ankles and calves are very swollen and painful, so I decided to clean, massage and apply skin cream to her feet every other day. We hope for the best, but both know that she will get worse--and I know how to do my duty and take care of her as best I know. Her chest pains diagnosed by her doctor is congestive heart failure, and there doesn't seem to be any more medical options for her, except putting her in the hospital or rehab place again, and she does NOT want that. My extensive knowledge of Herbs doesn't seem to help much either. Both of her parents died in their early 50's from heart attacks.

We are trying to get rid of/ sell our large 'dog crate' because it takes up too much room, and the Rotty is trained enough that we don't have to pen him up for any reason [like for "time outs"].

Have you seen the price of Gold and Silver go up?? Wow! I know it's 'dry reading' but I used to really get into investments and finance while I was laid off from Chrysler and PFS Investment people 'claimed me.' I also learned too much about the super corrupt Banks and Insurance Companies and what they did to people during the Great Depression, seizing so much property as people lost their homes, jobs, land, farms, etc. It was akin to theft, IMHO ! The same thing could repeat itself in the near future. I wish I didn't have to be the bearer of bad news all the time, and there are myriads of other sugar coated, fairly tale, goodie-goodie type of Blogs and Journals out there in the InterNet highway. But will they prepare us for what is to come?? I have always wanted to be in the KNOW, on the cutting edge, be ready for any emergency, like my Dad on the farm. We were never rich, but just middle class, hard working farmers who could butcher the 'fatted calf' so we never went hungry. My brother, Albert, and I loved to go small game hunting, especially on a Winter "Snow Day" when the weather was so snowy that their was not school.

To set the record straight, I AM NOT A PESSIMIST. I am a REALIST and a serious student of History and the Bible. Even military students at West Point study old battles, tactics, and text books to learn about things that WORK! So... who is more savvy about wars and battles than a seasoned General?? Surely not a young "community organizer !" Ha! And if you surround yourself with greedy, self serving Socialists, what kind of advice with they give you? Like I said a hundred times, the definition of an expert is: 'Some one who knows every thing there is to know about ONE SET SUBJECT.' If I want to know about precious stones I will ask a jeweler. If I want to know about masonry, I will contact a brick layer, -- and so on. From what I have seen and read, obama gets his advice from his elite greedy, power hungry Socialist felons who are experts in ripping off the working man, and destroying America!

Time for bed, friends. Today was a cold, chilly day with a fierce wind that took my breath away... and I can't believe that some Milwaukee radio stations are playing nothing but Christmas music, but I am not complaining. Who will have money for gifts and spending this year when so many are out of work... lol. Count your blessings. Thank you for all your fine comments and well wishes.


Busy Week in Prophetic Fulfillment

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 11:46 AM PST

By Nathan JonesStudents of Bible prophecy are always keeping a close eye on the news, looking for events that fulfill what the Bible explicitly says will lead up to Jesus' soon return. This past few weeks the news has been filled chock full with set-up events that have arranged the players in their proper place for an epic prophetic event.Read through the following headlines and summaries and see