Friday, January 29, 2010

Green Beret, CMH recipient- Vietnam 1968.

Tom's Journal.

Not to thump my chest, but this is a true story that we can ALL be proud of [collectively] as Americans. I believe this happened BEFORE I got to the 240thAHC-- Aviation Company in Vietnam, as I was serving at that time in a different Aviation outfit in RVN one year before this incident with USARV on my first tour of duty. Every day dozens of battles took place-- but in different parts of that war torn nation, and years later we are still putting the pieces of the puzzle back together. Men and Metal were tested to the limits, and those of us who came home alive knew that we were special and unique. Not bragging -- just stating a cold hard fact. When the 'people who were protected' later sought public office, like obama, even in their gross ignorance/ inexperience, who now sit in the clean, air conditioned White House and act so arrogantly pushing their socialist agenda and APOLOGIZING FOR AMERICA -- we combat Veterans whistle in amazement at their lack of understanding in so many areas.... Ha!

About 30 years later, my wife and I attended a great Army Aviation Company Reunion at WRIGHT-PAT AFB in Dayton, OH, where the true stories were told and there was a 'Great Healing' of the Spirit of wounded soldiers with PTSD and many other challenges. There were many speakers there at the main dinner gathering, but I remember Joe "Ragman" Tarnovsky getting emotional [as we all did] when welcoming the son of the famed Green Beret, Roy Benevedez, the CMH recipient .... [Congressional Medal of Honor], who worked with our 240th AHC [
Assault Helicopter Company] from BearCat, Vietnam-- 1968. Some people have speculated that this story would later be made into a movie-- but what is left of those involved will always hold this story dear and with pride. Feel free to check this story out a few hundred times.

Tom S

This is a story of incredible courage under fire. Please watch with respect.

Maybe many of you have heard this story, but in case you haven't.

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