Monday, January 25, 2010

Political Buzz Words.

Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends and Readers: Just because we put a kink into obama and the Dims [Progressives -- as Glenn Beck calls them, more accurately ] style with Senator number "41" doesn't mean their extremist agenda is all done and over. Those people are sneaky and DANGEROUS to civilized people all over the world! "Let God's Kingdom come" -- not the 'One World Gov't and Religion !'

Sharon is home now-- and resting, and I am at her beckon call. PTL.

Heaven is my Home. [Himmel ist mein heim ~ German]

Tom Schuckman

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October 8-9, 2010
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Heidi - conference photo
Heidi Swander

Heidi is an assistant to Jan Markell. She joined the ministry in August 2007.
By Gary Kah

For the skeptical observer, the material in this book should serve as ample evidence that the drive to create a one-world government is for real. Globalists and New Age groups are combining forces to make it happen. This book is a must-read primer to explain what is happening behind-the-scenes in the front-page news stories we read about every day. Purchase this book for $13 + $5 S/H.

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The Road to Holocast

Road to Holocaust - from Web

By Hal Lindsey

Just as current events are converging into the precise pattern the biblical prophets predicted would herald the return of Jesus Christ, a movement within the Evangelical Church denies it all -- allegorizing away the clear meaning of prophecy and setting the stage for a SECOND Holocaust. This movement, commonly known as Dominion Theology, reintroduces an old error that brought catastrophe to the Church and the Dark Ages to the world -- the same error that founded a legacy of contempt for the Jews and ultimately led to the Holocaust of Nazi Germany. Purchase this 283 book for $17 + $5 S/H.

The Danger Behind Political
Buzz Words We Ignore
by Heidi Swander
January 25, 2010
(Note from Jan: We are living in a surveillance society. As my radio guests last weekend [January 23] said, we have gone well beyond what George Orwell imagined due to today's technology. This new film documents how this happened, why this happened, who is involved, and what we can do. Get the film and better understand what on earth is happening. The issue Heidi Swander writes about is just one aspect of what the producers of the film -- Cloud Ten Pictures -- are trying to present. You can see a trailer of the DVD here.)
There is a social value that has been forced into the fabric of our society today, and I daresay that the majority of us haven't a clue what it means, nor do most of us care. But we should. We must. It involves our freedom, our homes, our very lives and the lives of those we love. Are you ready? The social value is called "Sustainable Development." Please -- hear me out; don't tune me out.
I was watching the DVD,
Shadow Government a couple weeks ago when this subject was broached by a number of the authors being interviewed (including Gary Kah, Chuck Missler, Dr. Kathryn Albrecht, Grant Jeffrey, Jack Kinsella, and others). The more I heard, the more alarmed I became at a term that I've patently ignored for years.

"People don't know much about sustainable development because . . . our public information systems have been bought out, or have been taken control over, by forces that seek the creation of this one world where human beings become chattel to the ruling elite," explains Michael Shaw, president of Freedom Advocates. "It seems that there have been plenty of people signing up to become slave masters and keep this information under cover."

Chuck Missler concurs: "We have a media that's prostituted itself totally to an agenda, and not only in terms of what it promotes, but in terms of what it hides. The real truth was hidden to the American people -- still is. It's an incredibly well-organized propaganda machine."

So, what is Sustainable Development?

According to Michael Shaw, the specific plan for Sustainable Development that has been outlined by the United Nations is entitled Agenda 21. "That plan, in its own expression, calls for reduction of the human population by 85%." Hello Heidi! Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. The powers-that-be within the framework of the United Nations believe that the population of Planet Earth must be reduced by 85%. See how important it is to listen to the talk behind liberal buzz words?

Now I visited the United Nations Web page for Sustainable Development. They use ten-dollar words to explain their plan and it's quite a laborious task to wade through it all. But I found the most awesome article online entitled, "Sustainable Development/Agenda 21 for Dummies." This article puts the gist of the Agenda 21 plan in layman's terms.

The author, Polo, quotes the Agenda 21 plan, "All biological life has natural cycles of birth and death, and we should learn to accept these natural cycles and teach people that saving lives at birth or extending life at our times' end is non-sustainable." Then he elaborates. "In other words, what these Sustainabilists are saying is, 'Can't you just have the good grace to simply die, rather than be a strain on society'? Or, 'Why can't you just accept that your baby was born defective and can never be a contributing member to society, and have the decency to simply let 'it' die?' Can this really be happening? Yes, it is happening. Every re-iteration of Health Care Reform bills have heavy taxes to be levied against medical devices. These devices are the ones used to sustain life, to extend life. They simply must be run out of business!

"Two major components of Sustainable Development are de-population/population control and bio-equity. As Cass Sunstein announced: 'Animals and all living creatures have equal rights to humans.' We may laugh, but they are laughing harder as they re-shape the map of the United States in nefarious ways to meet the objectives of Sustainable Development."

According to Polo, we are eventually to live, work, and socialize within government-controlled, urbanized cities. He continues, "This can't be true, you may say. Yes it is. The San Joaquin Valley is being starved as their economy is shut down to protect the smelt. Logging villages are being shut down in Oregon to preserve the spotted owl. Over 400,000 square miles of the United States is currently being 'grabbed' by the government in the name of the Agenda 21 Wildlands Project (WP) . . . There are currently 39 massive WPs ongoing in the United States this very moment with the objective to engineer population distribution."

Back to the DVD. Gary Kah -- one of our speakers at Understanding the Times 2009 and returning this fall to our 2010 conference -- is a former high-ranking government liaison. He is the author of the must-read book En Route to Global Occupation. Gary states, "I've seen a map that shows that ultimately as much as a third of the United States could be declared as one-world property where people wouldn't have any access to it at all."

Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones

Regarding population control, Gary shares, "There's a place I visited called The Georgia Guidestones where they present the 10 commandments of the New Age movement in a number of different languages, and one of the commandments calls for the reduction of the population of mankind down to a fraction of what it is right now. So a thinking, intelligent person should be asking, 'How are they going to achieve that?' If that is one of their goals, and they're going to work toward that goal, then who are the victims going to be and how are they going to choose who lives and dies?"

Friends, this is the world we're living in. There are people in high positions within the governments of the world who are orchestrating this movement. I felt you should know. There is much more you should know, and if you haven't already, I highly recommend you purchase a copy of Shadow Government -- and then have some friends over to watch it with you. Talk about eye-opening!

But here's the good news: We've read the end of the Book and Jesus wins! That makes us winners too! Be aware. Stay alert. Hey -- that sounds scriptural (I Thess. 5:6-8)! And look up (Luke 21:28). All of this only reveals that Jesus is coming soon!

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Always looking up!
Heidi Swander
Personal Assistant to Jan Markell
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Carolyn said...

That's interesting Tom. I remember back in the AOL journal days, I wrote a few blog posts about the UN's different programs, including the grab on America's "public" lands. The UN and socialist global minded gov'ments have been planning all of this for so long, along with parental rights being taken away, lands set aside for environmentalists, no more drilling for oil or any other industrializeation, and global small arms removals (ie- no more second amendment rights for US citizens, well no constitutional rights anymore periodbecause we'll be ruled by the blue helmets)
Add all the so called conspiracy groups such as Builderburgs, Trilateral and CFR, and we have a RIPE environment for the antichrist.
People think we're nuts for believing in the literal Revelation- but those who are seeing all what's going on and still question us are the nutty ones. I pray people will wake up soon! As for the cutting the human population down to 85%, well, I imagine that will happen when the few true Christians are taken up.
I look forward to that day. God Bless you both Tom. Glad Sharon is home, but hope she is well enough to be home!

covnitkepr1 said...

Tom, haven't heard from you lately, please drop me a line.

lounorm said...

Obama's desire to repeal "Don't ask, don't tell" can actually help to fulfill the "days of Lot" (Luke 17, cf. Gen. 19), the fulfillment of which will hurry up the return of the Heavenly Commander-in-Chief who will make all things straight (pun intended)! Interesting Google articles include "Obama Supports Public Depravity," "Obama Avoids Bible Verses," "Separation of Raunch and State" and "David Letterman's Hate Etc." - required reading for the "Obama 101" course.
PS - You're invited to use these new pro-life slogans: "Unborn babies should have the right to keep and bear arms - and legs and ears and eyes etc.!" and "Unborn babies should have the same right to be born alive that abortionists had!"