Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reply to all the Skeptics.

Tom's Journal.

I didn't mean to start a hail storm of strife, but some of my humble opinions seemed to have done just that concerning some 'End Time Prophecies.' I am but a humble servant of the Lord, I love the Bible and consider it the Main Truth and Blue Print for my life. I am a humble servant of Jesus Christ and He is my master and Lord, the Source of my eternal Salvation. To put things in prospective, WE Christians-Believers know that we are Saved by accepting the Basic Truths and Commands of our Lord, Jesus Christ--accepting Him as our Personal Savior. We know and understand a lot, but we sure don't know everything. Go figure: What is more important, knowing [or seeming to know] all the fine, tiny details-- or gaining ever lasting Life in Heaven FOREVER ?? From what I gather, we will be learning tons of new stuff and all the details in HEAVEN.... so why sweat the small stuff and waste energy and time? Why argue over small stuff that has little bearing on our life now?

The few camps that fight and quarrel about, Pre- Trib, Post-Trib, Mid Trib, etc, seems like a childish grade school game played at recess. I have out grown that goofy stuff. As my wife and I attended the Baptist church in our small town, I asked some older brothers about this stuff about Left Behind, etc., and they agreed with me that we THINK that we shall be Raptured up BEFORE the Great Tribulation. But if it doesn't happen that way-- we are still servants and followers of Jesus Christ and will obey and worship Him forever! Duh.... I simple don't have the time or space to express every word, idea and scripture that it took me 30 some years to absorb. I know how to be SAVED and can explain and share that great thing with any of my readers... and that means your ever lasting life!

Weather God's chosen people, the people in Israel, the Jews, choose to elect a 'Pre-Empted Strike' against those hostile neighbors who wish Israel total destruction, Iran and Syria, --- is to me a fair and reasonable objective. IMHO, Israel has a much firmer grip on REALITY than the present goofy monkey in the WH, who loves golf more than anything else, it seems, and has been hostile to Israel and friendly to the Muslims. To be frank, after living a very full life, hard work and adventure, in war and peace, I am ready to accept what ever God puts on my plate... be it life or death. Some would say: 'Let's all pull together and get America back to the golden years of pure worship and Patriotism!! Woo Woo! But they have not studied the Bible -- nor History. I am not throwing in the towel-- I looking at reality thru the eyes of a mature Soldier of Christ and serious Bible student! We ARE in the 'end times !'

I may have been so bold as to bet that 2010 will be a worse year-- but only because I have TAUGHT finance and investments 12 years ago for a big Financial Company, and know that we cannot borrow and print money forever without facing the fact that we have to re-pay some day! We need not worry about Islamic attacks-- because we will 'IMPLODE' from within from the crushing big time DEBT and FOOLISH SPENDING ...$$. Wake up, America! Please, don't take my word for it--- just read God's Word, the Bible. If you just don't have the time and energy-- you may be Lost already. To my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, I say, 'Lift your heads high [in these End Times] for your salvation is near!'

I have been getting a gush of 'hate mail' because of my recent posts, but not too much Scriptural back ground, and all most of these folks can do is to point to Gary DeMar for reference. While I may respect the man and admit he has a large following, let me say that I have seen such people [humans] come and go, and I will not be bullied. My only source/ last word is the Bible! The Lord could come at ANY TIME! I thought I made that fact abundantly clear, and I will NOT follow mere humans no matter how powerful and wise they see themselves. Paul told the Philippians: "For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." Better yet, who not read the entire Bible instead of parroting some great human leader?? The "End Times" prophecy is but a tiny part of the Message we [all Christians] are commanded to share/ witness to others. See Matt. 24:14, please.... and how many of you wonderful folks will bother to look that up...LOL? We serve God for all eternity, on earth and in heaven, so why split hairs on some minor point? Why do unbelievers, and many so-called Christians fear death so much IF THEY KNOW THAT SHALL BE IN HEAVEN WHEN THEY DIE?? If we set the Rapture aside completely-- would it change the equation at all? I would say NOT because our love for Christ and the Father should remain forever.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.

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