Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Apostasy.... and Preterism.

Tom's Journal.

I want to point out that I was very sincere although woefully ignorant in my young age of 21, and was still sucked into a religious cult that took me 22 years to exit, PTL.
There is a good, protective warning in the Bible-- to search the Scriptures often and hard so that we not only have that Rock foundation of the basics [because for many it seems too 'dry' and boring], and number (2.) it may be that we were deceived earlier or hurt when someone we trusted turned out to be a evil person or hypocrite. But it was so true as the Army told us in Boot Camp/ Basic... and then again in college, "The more you know-- the better off you will be in the real world where it's dog eat dog in a slippery poor economic time!" When there happens to be something that just doesn't seem quite right about a person or organization-- that's the time when you want to pray for help and guidance and and dig deeper into the scriptures.

Well, I often keep the 'mediocre' things to myself -- but the so-called 'eye openers' .. of special interest Posted on my blog for all to see and learn. About a month ago I commented on some article without really checking it out, and then suddenly found out it was a nest of Preterist people [that are explained in the article below], and they sort of ganged up on me pushing me to get and read a number of books that leaned toward their style of thinking... which I disagree with. One of their big Preterist leaders is, Gary DeMar. Perhaps he is not wrong in all that he says -- and he is also right in between other fine writers in Bible Prophecies web site, but, I am sorry, I personally don't agree with him... with all due respect. I am still checking things out, but one thing for certain-- the Bible never lies, or is mistaken/ wrong! And just because someone is slick, with a better education and huge vocabulary doesn't make him right or truthful!

You've got to wonder just why apostasy is so alluring/ tempting, and always seeks to 'devour' from WITHIN the Christian congregation. There is glory, attention, and then lots of money from starting your own church and book sales. Yes, Money $$$$$ ! I was not aiming to drop any names or put anyone down, but people need to be warned and be on guard. It can happen in the most least suspected places/ churches, even from those you trust the most! The antidote? Continue reading and studying the Bible every single day. It just may mean your eternal life-- and keep you safe and out of trouble.


The Last Days Apostasy of the Church - Part 2

Posted: 03 Feb 2010 09:58 AM PST

By Andy WoodsApostasy must be understood in order to comprehend the last days scenario. This series of articles is dedicated toward tracing the general characteristics of apostasy. In the previous article, apostasy was defined as a movement within Christ’s church representing a departure from known truth. There, it was also established that apostasy is the central sign revealed in Scripture

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