Friday, February 5, 2010

If I die before you wake.

Tom's Journal.

Do you think that American Soldiers fighting over seas want America to turn Socialist?? I don't. Do you think they want to see America go bankrupt with China owning us and having power over us?? I don't think so, either. I hope that some of them return to run for public office-- and kick out the bums [Dims and RINO's] ... and remember, the President can't do ANYTHING or Pass anything WITHOUT THE CONGRESS TO APPROVE IT !

But as always, in the final analysis,
Heaven is my Home... and Jesus is Lord.


This came to me and I think many of you will enjoy it.
This is a new and awesome video.
Three soldiers wrote the song and put
this together in their 'free time' over 'there'. The singer needs a
Recording Contract when He comes Home! This is a small way
we can show our troops we support their efforts, their sacrifice
and that of their families.
Please pass this on.

Send this around the country to as many people as you can.

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Rev. Hagee said...

Hello Brother

Your posts impress me. You have read well. Interesting blog. Please continue to enlighten and educate in grace.