Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Family and Rituals.

Tom's Journal.

I think that I was taught to obey and be an obedient 'follower' as a child and attended a Catholic grade school in Milwaukee. I liked the structure and regimentation and was proud to have that strict guidance and discipline [for some reason] and there was a sense of "belonging" to a "group" and the only "TRUE RELIGION." When I grew older, in high school, I was like a sponge and always kept asking questions, and read everything I could get my meat hooks [hands] on... lol.
But, in my humble opinion, the Army and going to other countries like Germany and Vietnam really made me think about things, and the thing I most hated was LIES! As I continued to learn and study, I found out that the Gov't lied to us constantly-- and I thought at the time... maybe they HAVE TO LIE TO THE IGNORANT PACIFIED, WIMPY AMERICAN PUBLIC BACK HOME-- TO GET THE BLOODY JOB DONE!

When I got back from combat-- 2 years in 'Nam [RVN], I continued to search for the TRUTH, but by that time [according to the VA, other authorities/ experts and smart people] I had some serious PTSD, etc., that I learned about later, and ended up getting suckered into a religious cult that sells the WT and Awake Mags door to door, etc. for 22 years. When I walked away from that hurtful , lying organization-- I incurred the hated and wrath of many so-called "friends." After meandering for a short time I finally found the real TRUTH of the Bible and true Christianity -- but had to 're-learn' many things of the Bible!

Belonging to some "church" doesn't cut any ice with God! Having the name or label of Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, etc, doesn't mean squat as far as God is concerned!
Confessing your sins, repenting, studying the Bible and accepting JESUS CHRIST as your personal SAVIOR is what truly SAVES you !! Hey! It's so easy to attend some church and follow/ listen to what your religious leaders [mere humans] say, following empty rituals/ traditions --- instead of doing the WORK of learning, reading, studying what God's own Word says! Been there-- done that.

Most of my own family and relatives are Catholics and are my dearest friends-- I love them! I may have had a poor track record in my 'wild years' [for numerous reasons] personally-- with relationships, and crazy stunts and mistakes/ poor judgments. And especially AFTER I found the Lord and tried my best to learn, change, put on the "new man of Christ" and practice true Christianity-- my family loved and still does throw up my past in my face, when I talk to them about the Bible. They mock me and try to say that all my sins of the past doesn't give me the right to teach and preach-- share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All they care to talk about is their kids, material things, 'toys', personal achievements and notoriety. Sorry to say, they remain ignorant for the most part, of the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WORLD-- JESUS CHRIST, Salvation and heaven ... and that hurts me, but I must carry on as God directs thru His Word. I don't wish to see anyone suffer God's wrath.

But I know that they don't have a leg to stand on because they have NEVER even bothered to read the truth of the Bible for themselves!! So I end up not even talking about what I hold most dear to my heart-- the Bible and the Salvation of Jesus Christ! Pity... Shame.... But Jesus said that this would happen to his followers in Matthew chapter 10, etc. 'Your worst enemies will be from your own household' [and extended family], and your past friends make fun of you for not joining them anymore in drunken, goofy, immoral escapades, wasting time on silly frivolous things, Wasting money on things they don't need, etc. YES! It takes 'stones' to stand up and not be ashamed of Jesus.... and relatively FEW in the world will actually do that.
Beware. Jesus is coming soon.


Exchanging Religion for an Eternal Relationship with God

Posted: 17 Feb 2010 08:43 AM PST

By Mike Gendron. Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries Nineteen years ago we began inviting all the Roman Catholics we knew into our home to watch a video called Roman Catholicism: Crisis of Faith. The video explains the difference between belonging to a religion and having an intimate relationship with God. Former priests and nuns shared how our Sovereign Lord opened their eyes to see and believe the


Carolyn said...

Excellent post Tom, and a great link, but sad. I know how you mean, as my husband's kids were raised Catholic, and still believe that I belong to a fake church. Many of them don't believe in the literal end time prophecies either. It's interesting that the author of the article mentioned the tearing of the veil when Jesus died. I LOVE that verse because it clearly shows that Jesus removed any barrier that people had from God- that we can go directly to Him! No need to seek forgiveness from a priest etc. No need to pray to saints and mary. No need to bow down to statues.
I do pray that many Catholics who trust in Rituals instead of Sola Scriptura will have their eyes opened!
Unfortunately, as the article also mentions Catholics aren't the only ones. My ex mother in law was brought up southern Penticostal- now you want to talk about man's law!! What a bunch of pharisees! God Bless you Tom. Keep on telling the truth- even if your family hates you for it- you never know when that one time you tell them, they may be ready to know it! God Bless!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Helen said: Very good testimony Tom. I agree with you. A church doesn't save you . Jesus Christ our Father does if you come to him and repent of your sins and ask him to come into your heart. Helen