Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rapture-- Jack Kelley.

Tom's Journal.

I was so happy to read and then post this great article!! The Super Bowl game disappointed my wife and I.... but that is only a 'game.' This clear understanding about the RAPTURE is one of the most important things that real, biblical Christians live and hope for! It was exactly the right thing at the right time-- as some folks were trying hard to dissuade me from holding fast to the pure truth of the Bible concerning this timely subject. Like I said before, if someone claims to be a true Christian, they couldn't help themselves from telling EVERY ONE THEY KNOW--INCLUDING STRANGERS about the fine promises of the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ! At Matthew 10, Jesus said that, 'if we were too ashamed to claim Him as Lord and Savior in front of others -- He would be ashamed to acknowledge us to the Father in Heaven.' Even the most timid of real Christians would NEVER deny Christ, at this point in time-- the 'last days.' WE have the Holy Spirit to help and strengthen us!! What is the problem? In our simple Baptist church in the small rural town of UNION GROVE, WI., we have some developmentally challenged people [from near that special school/ home for the mentally challenged -- that Joe Kennedy sent one of his daughters --John's sister, to in WI-- Southern Colony] who know the 'truth that will set them free', and they openly tell others about it. Yes, the Holy Spirit is mighty!

This article has helped me see the 'finer points' that were challenged by some people/ friends/ followers of Gary DeMar, recently. Isn't it ironic that this help should 'fall into my lap' just when I needed it the most...? A husband and wife could easily turn this article into a study, and look up each cited Scripture and dig their teeth into it. Just think to yourself: 'T-bone steak.'
Enjoy! Thank you, Jack Kelley. I just may contribute to his ministry.

Tom Schuckman

Rapture References - Part 2

Posted: 07 Feb 2010 08:52 AM PST

By Jack Kelley. In part one of this series we explored some of the clearest hints from the Old Testament that the Lord has always intended to rapture the Church before the End Times judgments begin. This time we’ll continue with a two part survey of the New Testament. Because Paul was the first to reveal the mystery of the Rapture, we won’t expect to find a clear explanation in the Gospels, but

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