Friday, February 19, 2010

Sovereignty at Stake.

Tom's Journal.

Tomorrow, Feb. 20th, is my birthday, but I think I will be like Bob Hope and celebrate it earlier... like today! I will be a ripe, old 61, and I thought I would NEVER make it to age 50... LOL! Sharon and I will just go to the great, little, Greek restaurant in Union Grove, and enjoy their Friday fish fry. I have never made a big deal out of my own birthday, and only had one big party on my 50th; what a great time, surrounded with all my close friends. I am just happy that the Lord has blessed me and allowed me to be His humble servant trying hard to fulfill my appointed duty [of ALL Christians -- Matthew 24:14] to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all who will listen to me. I firmly believe that is the only reason God allows me to still live on Earth, having survived so many near death experiences/ traumas/ crashes/ accidents, in combat and at home.

The proof is in the pudding... and my Blog history is such that I actually made the bold statement: 'America may not even exist in a year or so!' We hope and pray NOT, but ALL of it is in God's hands-- and Bible Prophecy! Serious students of the Bible always knew WHAT would happen, and approximately WHEN, but we didn't know exactly HOW it would happen. So we as a 'group' always found it so interesting and powerful to watch all these giant world events unfold RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES-- RIGHT NOW!!

In all my exciting, adventurous, breath taking life, I have known riches --but also poverty and even homelessness, extreme sorrow, remorse, deep clinical depression and PTSD. So I would never welcome MORE hard times after being thru the mill and around the block a few times-- loosing everything, and then rebuilding myself 3 times! By now many of you know that political parties mean nothing, right? They are all corrupt, and "Absolute power corrupts--Absolutely." Every good swimmer knows that he HAS TO TURN BACK TO SHORE AT A CERTAIN POINT IF HE DOESN'T WANT TO DROWN IN THE OCEAN. Don't EVER think it can't happen to the USA -- as WE could "IMPLODE" FROM WITHIN! Greece, and several other countries, and California are on the 'chopping block' right now! Actually, many big politicians know and WANT a Global One World Gov't, Dims and Republicans! In the meantime, ordinary, regular people are going on with life as if nothing is wrong... 'just as in the days of Noah...' There are so many "key" scriptures that point to this generation with "Signs" of the 'Last Days.' True, biblical Christians see these signs and key scriptures PLAIN AS DAY! They try hard to share this info with others, just as their Lord Jesus commanded but few listen or take action. Sorry... Pity... Those people think, and label us and call us crazy, 'nuts.'

Incredibly, when the big bang hits us, and the Rapture, unbelievers and procrastinators will be shocked, and caught with their pants down, but it will be too late at that point as the 7 year Tribulation will be upon them... and Woe--the ONE WORLD GOV'T, and FALSE RELIGION.
Hey! Dear Friends and Readers, this is one train that I don't want to miss! Really, like the apostle Paul said, 'I have completed my mission and have no guilt or shame as to my ministry.' But remember, Heaven is NOT something we can 'EARN' or gain with "works." We are SAVED with Grace from God THROUGH the ransom sacrifice of Jesus' blood.

If only ONE person heeds this warning and reasoning-- I will be a very happy man, no matter what comes down the pike.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Sovereignty and Lives at Stake as Debt Grows

Posted: 18 Feb 2010 08:30 AM PST

By Bill Wilson. Word of Life MinistryBad things happen when you don't have enough money to pay your bills. America is facing record home foreclosures, with the federal government predicting that at least three million homes will go into foreclosure this year. The government answer to this problem is to throw more tax payer money at it. The jobless rate is upwards of 20% - this includes unemployment

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Kansas Bob said...

Happy Birthday Tom!! Looks like you were born about 3 months before me!