Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who is our Savior?

Tom's Journal.

Well, this is the last article, the 3rd one, that I think is very interesting! I realize that 'one man's gold is another man's garbage' and Bible study and history are dry subjects to the MAJORITY of mankind, especially now days in the year 2010.

Do most of you remember your parents teaching you to 'always tell the truth' and the 'Golden Rule ?' Although there are many folks now days who think that they "should do on to others-- and then split." The Bible [in the book of Timothy] even predicts that the Last Days would see many [most] people who are self centered, selfish, ungodly, wicked, etc., and the older ones in their 50's and 60's can remember when you could leave your cars and houses unlocked, and even strangers had respect for others.

This good, rational, insightful article speculates WHAT COULD HAPPEN when the Rapture comes,and what could happen to the USA-- that happened to all the other World Powers in History. I know there is nothing I can say differently to people in the world who are hell bent on 'doing their own thing' and life for them is just ONE BIG PARTY --using and abusing others! That used to be MY party too, but I have weighed the prospect of living the short life of a drunk, glutton, money grabbing bum, immoral pig, lusting after everything that I shouldn't --- OR... getting my heart and mind right with God and the Bible. Hey! I've been on the other side, and it's a bag full of holes-- an empty sack. Even if the 'World' considered me a hard working, skilled, educated, generous man, even a disabled Vietnam Veteran! But I recognized myself as a sinner deserving of hell, IF I didn't chose God's side rather than Satan's. How many different ways can I explain that eternal life in heaven is a better deal than following the devil Satan for what ever time is left on a wicked, violent, corrupt Earth?? Heck, I feel BLESSED just to have what I have now, posting godly, beneficial, Gospel of Jesus Christ, etc., like this one as an encouragement to my friends and readers to strengthen and fortify them in these corrupt End Times. Yet, the MAJORITY of mankind will continue to work/ push/ endeavor the dumb, rebellious idea that somehow MAN will find the solution to all our woes on earth-- instead of doing God's Will-- following the Bible and choosing Jesus Christ as our ONLY Savior-- NOT the goof ball in the White House, and/ or the Congress!!

The "Hand Writing on the Wall" is so clear and real, that we real Christians are dumb founded at the poor choices the majority of people are choosing now! Why would any one CHOSE to eat rotten, poisonous garbage when the Lord offers the finest fresh fruit, etc., and 'new wine' in the universe, and everlasting happiness with Him in Heaven?? For me, the answer is simple.

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman
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Hitchcock Discusses the US as a Following Nation

Posted: 10 Feb 2010 09:25 AM PST

By Nathan JonesInstead of a leading nation, will the United States of America in the end times become a following nation?Dr. David Reagan and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Mark Hitchcock on the show Christ in Prophecy. Mark is a leading Bible prophecy expert, prolific author who has penned over 20 books on the end times, senior pastor of Faith Bible Church located in Oklahoma,


Rev. Hagee said...

Tom, I believe you and your readers should listen to some of what we teach in our ministry:

Shari said...

Tom, I cannot remember if I read this in the little booklet on the last days prohecy, but the book of Ezekeil chapters 38 and 39 does talk about the the US. I will be reading tis book and chapters to see if where I got this info from is correct or not.