Monday, March 1, 2010

Back in the ER.

Tom's Journal.

Monday! Right on schedule- doctor's orders, I took Sharon to the alternate hospital ER early this morning, and they stuck her full of needles, tubes, electrical harnesses, etc, with many tests, of course, and added a few more meds to her roll. I am getting to know just where to go-- and what to do, what to say, what questions to ask, as this old routine gets ever so weary. But I know full well that Sharon would do the same for me.

I leave things in her hands, and if she has so much extreme pain at home so she can hardly walk, sit down, lay down, breath, sleep, move 24/7.... all she has to do is just TELL me she needs to go to the ER [EMERGENCY ROOM] at St. Catherine's on highway 50 just West of Kenosha, WI..... and we are off like a jet. We are both sick and tired of the hospitals and staff doing a sloppy, HALF job! But you have to "tread very softly" so as not to get the 'staff' fired up or pissed off. Remember that they consider themselves small 'gods' with all that POWER of life and death. Ha! In reality, having been married to an RN and learning what makes 'medical people' tick, specialists in one small, tiny field of life --- Aside from that they neither care nor understand much else in the real world, like finance, investments, mechanics, or moral issues, etc., and you see them out of shape, very over weight, bankrupt, smokers, drug takers, sloppy, etc. I also dated a few other RN's, etc., and I have been around, so I feel somewhat educated enough to speak the truth on this subject. For the same reasons we also know what to expect from lawyers, politicians, law makers, presidents, cops, and for the most part, lazy illegal welfare 'TAKERS' who are so 'full of themselves', and love to abuse their co-called 'authority' Heck, I used to wear many hats too, but I never had the desire to kick poor people who were down, depressed or skinned, as if I were some how superior. I learned long ago that PRIDE was a dangerous thing-- and God punishes those who have too much of it. But then, I guess there is not too much profit in rehashing that well know commodity-- and the "Sign of the End Times." Suffice it to say: 'Real Christians don't practice laziness or welfare fraud, or Lording it over on our fellow man.' And if we were guilty of those things BEFORE we knew the Lord Jesus Christ, we don't practice those sins anymore.

So, we know at this point that Sharon will stay over night, and maybe for 3-4 days extra to learn and treat her for her multiple challenges that seem to be getting worse. It's hard to be with a person who is in constant, serious PAIN, non-stop, 24/7, and she can't even lay down in bed to sleep. For that lack of sleep, I have seen her age over night in the last few years-- sleep deprivation.

Just like our friend in Hershey, PA., we know that it's difficult to keep taking the spouse back and forth to the hospital. If they are dying with no chance of recovery-- why not just tell us the truth and give the patient heavier pain meds, etc, to ease the intense discomfort and give them some DIGNITY?! As it is now, I have to clean up after her, pick up, clean up, help her dress and shower.... and I shall continue so until I am too disabled or dead. I am not about to chase after any more women-- but just lead a quiet, gentle, peaceful life and read my Christian books and write.

Thank you for your many prayers and well wishes.

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Today I look at the blog editor’s notion that I cannot call some of the “pro-life” organizations liars.

In Christ

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garnett109 said...

Keeping both of you in my prayers Tom

Heli gunner Tom said...

Mark E. from AZ said:
I had my Mother in the hospital last year for 3 days after 10 hours in the E R. Generally,I am patient with healthcare workers who are treating emergency / pain related individuals ahead of me in the E R. My Mother volunteers at this hospital.For that she was moved through triage quicker only to wait 3 hours in the trauma room waiting room.

She is 87 and preliminary diagnosis was acute appendicitis with a pain level of 8 on a 1-10 scale.She was admitted and put on IV fluids.IV antibiotics,and IV morphine.The did get her pain level down but the area was sensitive to palp.More conclusion. Maybe diverticulitis! It acts just like that.Wait , no it isn't that.Even though her pain was under control she had been handed off to a staff gastroenterologist.Now,this dude believed he walked on water.Hmm? Here we are the afternoon of the second day and nothing. Another test.....thats it.... you have just stepped on that last nerve and pissed me off.Do you have any clue what is wrong? This is what I asked the RN.She didn't know anything but continue IV fluids and morphine for pain along with antibiotics.I took her aside and said I want some definitive dialogue from the DR.He may think he walks on water but I know he doesn't.Being treated like a mushroom will no longer be acceptable.Yes I had to explain that.The Dr. will keep me in the loop on all aspects of Mother's care,treatment,and yes I want a diagnosis. Continue to reassure my Mother that her care is on going and we don't have a specific diagnosis yet.That afternoon her Staff Dr.called me at home and brought up to speed with what was being done and that he felt he eliminated diverticulitis.The next AM they did a contrast scan and the radiologist who read the scan said epiploic appendagitis. By then her pain was minimal and she was pretty perky.That afternoon she was released with antibiotics Rx and pain Rx.

The GI we went to had seen only one case like this in his 11 years as a spec in gastro enterology .Her Primary care had never seen the condition. Under the best of conditions you must become active in her care and advocate on her behalf.When you hurt RNs and DRs and LPNs and RN aides could say anything and you may not comprehend any of what was said. You deserve to understand your care and treatment.When you cannot you need an advocate to secure a firm stance in the loop and demand answers.