Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday- Sunny.

Tom's Journal.

Well Friends and Readers,
WE KNEW that the passing gas of 'obama-care' would bring on the battle royal, and I don't think this is a 'flash in the pan', nor will it go away soon... and that's good! This was never about 'health care' although they threw us a few scraps of soup bones, but it's all about POWER and CONTROL !! Next comes the so-called 'Immigration/ Amnesty' bill, hard on the heals of the Dims first bloody ['American' English] kill, and that makes sense to ram another through in their drunk delirium of a so-called victory. Actually, it was another slap in the face of true Christianity and the Bible, and the scrap of paper obama signed concerning 'no-abortion' is totally worthless and will be over turned soon enough! For one thing, it was an overreaching/ corruption of presidential power that the Supreme Court could strike down in a heart beat, and still won't end abortion that will be somehow circumvented by his fav. pals, Planned Parenthood, the ABORTION PROS! The Bart Stupak- Dims were just looking for a 'wiggle-out' excuse like Pontius Pilate, who was actually a coward who caved to the Jewish mob mentality of THAT era... and nothing has changed since then. So there is noting really new under the Sun, friends.

Since we all have a short memory [or lazy mind] I suggest that we keep a fat note book of corrupt laws that are passed, and amendments that over turn former promises....Ha!
My words today are NOT filled with poison, just truth and fact as I see it. I have not been wrong too many times, mainly because I try to stay close to the Scriptures of God Almighty. You just can't go wrong with the Lord. HIS ways never change! The world may SEEM to look like they party non-stop, but their pockets are empty, the 'plastic' is maxed out and their tongues are dry and parched from so much substance abuse and disease, etc.

So even though we keep up the fine fight to save as many "Old" Freedoms as we can, Please Know the these Times MUST get worse as the day of the Lord draws near.

I already did a lot of running around early this morning, down to the Milwaukee VA, then to Racine, WI., to buy some good silver ware that we never had, washed my old '07 Dodge Ran 4 by 4, and came home none to soon to let my hound dog outside for a needed 'breather' We are good buddies. Sharon is waiting to know what her status is: staying at the Rehab, or coming home. I have the screen doors open to let in some fresh air. Life is good and sunny today. |Praise the Lord... "PTL."
Thank God I found an emergency opening in my old Dentist's office tomorrow to fix of extract my sore back tooth that is giving me a blinding head ache... lol. If I tried to wait for an opening at the VA-- I'd be dead by that time...Ha! England and Canada-- move over. BTW, When the 'president' and Pelosi were fear mongering about the utter urgency of poor people who were locked out of getting health care RIGHT NOW and fear of them dying at, that was a BIG OLD LIE full of BS! The obama-care bill will NOT TAKE EFFECT FOR THE NEXT TWO YEARS!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it. That's correct, for the most part, from what I understand, not too much will change until 2 years from now. I may be wrong but I thought I heard that on Fox News by The Judge. The stuff I listed below [articles] may shed more light on this subject, that you might find interesting.

And it looks like the 'powers' slugged it out so that my wife can stay in Rehab for the next 2 weeks and get well, PTL ! Good News for a change!

Warm Regards,
8 Pro-Life News headlines added since the last newsletter
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Dirk said...

You're right about the leftists. They know the poll numbers, and they know that Democrats nationally are in big trouble & way behind for every political office imaginable including dog catcher! So, they'll do their best to use every trick in the book to push through as much garbage as they can before November.

You're also right about our role in end-time prophecy. While we as Christians should stand up for what is right, I think all this fits right in with the end-time. Some theologians believe America plays a minor role at best in end-time prophecy, others say none at all since it is difficult to extrapolate anything in the Bible referring to the United States. At any rate, we will not be the super power economically or militarily we once were (we aren't now really.)

I got a kick about your comment on my post today. Yes, I don't think it would have been a good idea for some little dope-smoking, too-lazy-to-work anti-war hippy punk to have spit on you when you came home! As the saying goes, he would have had a bad day! And I wouldn't have felt sorry for him! Some people just have it comin'!