Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Scary Joke Video.

Tom's Journal.

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<<< style="font-weight: bold;">I had fun sharing this joke with my wife, and we are laughing and enjoying each other so much these precious days, now that she is back home with me and the hound dog. You got to find some humor now days in light of all the horror stories going down with corrupt politics, etc. Jehovah [the Father in Heaven] is a HAPPY and loving God, and I have no doubt that His only begotten Son, Jesus had a great sense of humor too. Just consider/ picture how the people back then howled with laughter about a 'camel going through a needle's eye' in one of his parables/ stories...Ha! I think that for the most part, Christians are a HAPPY people who only resort to lethal force if their loved ones/ hearth and home are threatened.

I was talking to my friend, Chris, about the possibility of our brave, skilled soldiers, being commanded to enforce improper, illegal, immoral, unlawful commands/ orders against their fellow Christian citizens back home-- maybe putting them in concentration camps, etc. At that time, the soldiers will have to make up their minds what they will do. I DO NOT SUGGEST MUTINY! And I am not trying to stir things up or strike fear in their hearts, because I respect and care for my brothers in the military. It took a lot of guts for me to refuse a UNLAWFUL order in a helicopter, given to me by a 'arschloch' Lt. William Shields, who told me to go fetch a parachute on the ground for his own pleasure/ trophy-- that very well could have been 'booby trapped' with a VC explosive. Nothing bad happened to me, and the crew chief may have tried to score brownie points, so he got the chute. I don't want to digress, but others told me that the Lieutenant was a crude jerk, and a 2nd rate chopper pilot would had no qualms stepping on any and all enlisted men to climb up in grade, and get more medals for himself...... sorry to tell, but that's the way some of my buddies saw things. And if he got Saved between now and then, I forgive and accept him as my spiritual brother.

All I am saying is that we ought to carefully plan what we do and 'consider the cost' --as Jesus said in the book of Mathew. Some of us might have envied other kids who had smart parents who gave them more opportunity to learn the important things in a godly, Christian household, but not to dwell on it. Remember, being Saved with the precious hope/ faith/ trust of going to heaven instead of hell has GOT TO BE A BIG PLUS no matter where we are now in our walk with Christ right now.

I am so thankful right now that I have that sublime knowledge of everlasting life in heaven, even as I watch the 'world' sink farther down in deep despair and panic as we watch whole countries go bankrupt and swallowed up by huge consortiums, global control [eventually] and the European Union, just look at what is happening in Greece, etc. And the grand ILLUSION of Americans who think that we are "too big to fall/ fail!" Sounds like captain and crew of the ! Even a rat knows when to get off a sinking ship. World History should tell them that anything and everybody can FAIL, and that peace and security are so fragile... especially with prideful goofs like bh obama and nancy pelosi -- [the wicked witch of the West].[

When dealing with Investments/ Finance, people like me like to put SOME credence/ stock in a Mutual Fund's track record [although that doesn't guarantee the prosperity/ performance of the stocks and bonds], the same as if I were hiring a person. If the person comes to the interview dressed like a bum, acts like an arrogant jerk, BUT MOST OF ALL, doesn't have a good work record and skill/ job history--- what am I to think?? 'If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck-- it IS a duck.

Just like, spending $1500 for a new refrigerator right now was not my fondest wish -- but on the other hand I was happy to have enough credit at Sears to buy what we needed right now in a pinch-- and get good quality. It might be fun for a few days, but we are tired of 'camping out of our ice chests'... lol!
Some of my dear friends and email buddies get depressed too when everything sort of gangs up on them-- and with the CONSTANT barrage of negative news, we may get disheartened. But, You heard ME say it: 'If you think it's bad now-- just wait to see what the next 6 months looks like!' There may be so much damage done between now and the November mid-elections, that our ship may be listing to Starboard or sunk [and bankrupt] and the Muslim in the WH, IMO, may be trying to do just that!

Frankly, my dear friends and readers, I don't know how I could deal with all the negative, horrible news and corrupt political dealings going on right now-- and seemingly NO BODY OR GROUP OF AMERICANS STANDING UP AND PURSUING THE MONKEYS PUSHING THROUGH THESE UN-CONSTITUTIONAL BILLS ---if it were not for my trust in the Lord! I see things as simple--- some folks want to put all their faith in MAN and his Gov't which have ALWAYS failed. If you READ THE BOOK, you find that God has a PERFECT track record, never lies, and always keeps His promises! How can you go wrong? But I guess that Lemmings have only one thing in their minds--- suicide.... and what a foolish cowardly act.

Some people know how to stop-- and cut their losses, but that takes HUMILITY. Other with so much pride will go down with the ship, unable to confess their sins and failure-- then accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, to get SAVED. I USED TO BE A HARD HEADED GOOFY MAN, and wondered why all my hard work never got me anywhere, but I learned to 'listen to God-- through His Word, the Bible.' And it took a lot of courage and trust for me to EXIT A FALSE RELIGIOUS [JW] --CULT, and "lose all the people I THOUGHT were my friends" but the Lord increased my true brothers and sisters in Christ 100 fold-- and they are true blue ! I went through the same thing in 1971 when I walked away from my Catholic family beliefs -- to be the Black Sheep of the family and the brunt of constant cruel jokes and harassment ... but of course my parents could hardly defend their Faith because they were completely Bible illiterate and too proud to admit it .... sorry to say, but I still loved them.

In fact, there are many countries who DON'T want Bible missionaries to come in and teach the people how to read and write-- because then they can read the TRUTH! Some churches want their people ignorant so as to milk them and keep the church chest full of ill gotten gain-- money. You know, come to think of it, the birds HAVE come home to roost-- in the case of big time child molestation in many countries right now, while the bishops continue to just "rotate" the offending priest around to "other" congregations, to molest more children. Where will this end?? God is their Judge-- not me. but I think that priests should get the same lawful punishment that any other guy would in his place! People are tired of church cover-ups and scandals.

I just wanted to share a pleasant thought and thank you for all your prayers and kind thoughts/ emails/ comments. Today in S.E. Wisconsin, it was 76 degrees F., sunny and warm! That really picked up MY spirits and I had a great day with my wife, who seems to be getting better with rest and my attentions. It's the little, tender mercies like today that make life worth living.
Well, big, busy day for us tomorrow on April Fools Day. That would be a perfect day to share the above video joke with your buddies.

Earthquakes! Are They Increasing?

Posted: 31 Mar 2010 12:36 PM PDT

By Gary StearmanProphecy in the NewsRecent events in Haiti and Chili have caused many Christians to ask, “Are earthquakes increasing in the way that Jesus said they would in the period leading up to the Tribulation? His words are among the most forthright and unequivocal ever spoken. There can be no mistake about what He said: “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

Thomas G Schuckman


Carolyn said...

Hey Tom. I wasn't able to download the video- sorry. My computer messes up with things like that sometimes.
Just wanted to say though- excellent post as ever. Yes, I do get down sometimes with all the crud going on here and all over- but without Jesus, I'd have gone stark raving crazy by now! He is the only reason I am able to keep on keeping on, and through Him, we are strong! God Bless you both- I'm glad your weather is warming up, and hope it stays nice for a while!

Christopher - Conservative Perspective said...

Hey Tom, I could not find the link to the video? Never the less, good post.

It is my sincere desire that you and Sharon have a very Happy and Blessed Easter!

Heli gunner Tom said...

Penny said,
Hi Tom and Sharon,
I hope this day finds you both comfortable. We have been praying for your health and for peace in your hearts. Sharon, I do hope being home is more comfortable for you. Praise God that you have a loving husband and good help. We all know where our Hope is, though sometimes it's hard for us as humans to see past the moment. The two of you are an inspiration to Rob and me. Your faith in the Lord is uplifting for us as we struggle through our own health/housing problems.

This is for you, Tom. I am fully bi-lingual Spanish/English and am sometimes a little intrusive where the correct use of words is concerned. So please forgive me for this. There are two ways to say "Heaven is my home" You have one on your signature. The word "casa" means house and surely there are many mansions awaiting the faithful. The word I prefer is "hogar" which means home or hearth, meaning the heart of our home. I've looked at the signature daily and just keep saying to myself, Hogar (o-gar). Most Spanish speakers I know use the words "mi casa" when referring to their house, but upon entering that house many use the words "bienvenidos a mi hogar (welcome to my home)." I know my home is in Heaven and the home I have here will never compare. The use of the words can be paralleled with the use of the word love as Jesus speaks to Peter in John 21:15 ++. . . "do you love (friend) me?" " do you love (brotherly) me?" "do you Love (agape-with no boundary) me?"
So that's my big lesson for the day. I hope you take it in the spirit given and in the end use the words that you personally are comfortable with.

Hugs and love in Christ, Penny

Now may the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the patience of Christ.

2 Thessalonians 3:5 (New King James Version)