Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sec. 5210. BO's Private Army.

Tom's Journal.

Dear Friends, Readers,and Believers:
Didn't you have a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach when Nancy Pelosi said a few weeks ago: "We have to pass the heath care bill so we can see what's in it." Well, guess what folks! Another Frankenstein!! Obama just got his own private army!

It reminds me of God and the Israelite s... How many whippings do they need to understand that it's God's own game plan and the Heavenly Father knows what is best for his chosen [but rebellious] people! But mankind, and the USA just don't get the picture yet... and never will, sorry. It's man's imperfect, sinful nature to be proud, arrogant, rebellious, independent, self serving. FEW will know the Lord enough to survive the prophetic 'woes' that are about to be 'visited' on the 'sea of rebellious mankind.' I MUST in good conscience pen these words of truth and warn people. "Let God be true though all men be liars." Most people still don't know where the so-called, "Lord's Prayer" is found in the Bible, nor do they understand what it actually means! When it says, "Let your kingdom come-- let your will be done" at Mathew 6:9, they are actually praying for their OWN destruction, if they don't really know and do God's will! Yet, they continue to attend some 'church' donate their money, and follow some blind guide lead them to hell --being too lazy to read and study the Word for themselves -- just like most Americans let Obama-care get passed WITHOUT even reading it!! Could we not have done more to stop it? Could we have done more to stop Abortion in America? Who is blameless?

Aside from a few people blustering with rhetoric that they will actually DO SOMETHING [Ha!] about all the illegal, unconstitutional bills that are passed without Congressional oversight and control-- not many are lifting a finger or getting up the courage to challenge the status quo in D.C.! Tell me it isn't so! I predict that so much damage will be done BEFORE the November mid-term elections in the USA, that we will already be totally messed up [stripped of all Freedoms and Rights] with no way to redeem or rectify ourselves! I hope I am wrong, in a sense, but it's NOT up to me to direct my very step-- it's God's Will that counts, and His Will be done. As for me, I am sticking as close to my Lord as I can and continue studying/ reading His holy Word until I die or get Raptured! This is one train I don't want to miss. NO ONE WHO HAS EVER READ MY HUMBLE BLOG/ JOURNAL, CAN EVER SAY THAT THEY DIDN'T KNOW THE REAL TRUTH, OR DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE TO TAKE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION BEFORE THE LORD COMES!

Sometimes I have posted letters I received from my Wisconsin Congressmen as proof that I am at least trying to do SOMETHING. But deep down inside my gut-- I know that [I believe that] God will put even his own people [true Christians] to the 'test' so that they believe and depend on HIM alone, and not their own devices, powers, guns or money. Perhaps I am a slow learner too, and have to move on to the next level-- but I will.

It's just that part of my sinful personality wants to rub the Dims' noses in the dirt that they elected a monster who didn't even have the right to be legally elected. How can they be so blind-- even now at this final stretch of the race?? But they are blinded by Satan, just as most of us 'Believers' were in the past, before we came to know and serve Christ and trust Him. Ponder on this.
Good night,friends.
Sharon is home now and doing better. Our old refrigerator is kaput, spoiled some good meat, etc, and I already purchased a new Sears Kenmore Elite, stainless, refrigerator, coming Thursday. It NEVER fails-- that everything falls in my lap EVERY Springtime around 'Tax Time' ...lol. But just imagine some local or world catastrophe that took away our high 'standard of living.' Glenn Beck is correct when he tells us to get prepared-- to survive. More important, IMHO, Read the Book.

Tom Schuckman

Obama Just Got His Private Army
By Nancy Matthis

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