Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sharon is coming home... again.

Tom's Journal.

Surprise! My wife said the doctor talked to her about 9PM last night and told her that she may go home IF our insurance will get her some extra physical help at home to help her bath and do physical therapy. I rapidly told Sharon that I would gladly bath my wife as I have before, and I will help her walk about with a "gait belt" around her, which she already has-- and to tell her doctor that right now. But we all know how hard it is to find and talk to your doctor when you need to...Ha! Just telling the truth.

Well, I would love to think positive except I know too much about Sharon's health concerns-- and I will bet $100 that she will be back in the hospital in 90 days or so...... sorry. Personally, I don't think that Sharon should be coming home yet,because all the questions about her sicknesses are not answered and addressed yet. But maybe the 'docs' think that they can't do any more for her at this point. The hound dog, "Deuce" the Rottweiler, is a trained therapy and "Service dog" and that will help pick up Sharon's spirits. Praise the LORD! for all the talented, trained pets that He gives us that help to make us happy and well!

I am just a bit anxious, confused, Blue, and overwhelmed at this point, today, with my wife's condition, my upcoming tax preparation, VA appointments, the BS census [invasion of my privacy-- 'Big Brother' etc. It's a very foggy, dreary day in WI, with forecast rain for the next 4 days, with traffic accidents from the poor visibility near me. With all the gravel I bought and laid down-- my back drive way is still a muddy quagmire. At least the sun is coming out, and I long for Spring and Big Sun Shine where the dog and I can play and work in the garden/ back yard!

I just may wait for tomorrow to see, and hopefully pick up my wife.
More latter.
Please enjoy the short, helpful knife sharpening attachment I added below.


The Daily Fix: Sharpen Dull Knives (Scissors and Can Openers, Too!)

One day I came home from the grocery store so excited to dig into all of the juicy tropical fruit I'd scored. The deep reds, bright oranges, sunny yellows, and rich greens were truly gorgeous. I was going to make a delicious fruit salad.

Then I tried cutting into the fruit, and my knife just sort of smooshed it all. Ugh!

I needed to sharpen my knife in a pinch -- trouble is, I don't own a knife sharpener. So I figured out the next best thing: my morning coffee mug.

It's true, the bottom of most ceramic coffee mugs have a flat, unglazed ring that is the perfect surface for giving that dull knife a quick sharpening. Just run the blade across the bottom of the mug at a 45-degree angle, working from the butt up near the knife's handle to the tip. Slide the blade downward in one direction, keeping your fingers out of the way as you work.

This little trick will sharpen your knife like new in a few quick strokes. Just don't use try it on serrated knives.

Now, if you've flipped over all of your mugs and none have the unglazed ring, no worries -- a terra cotta pot will work just as well. Or try flipping over some of your soup or cereal bowls.

Think that's cool? I have some easy ideas for sharpening other kitchen implements too!

- Sharpen can opener blades by running a piece of waxed paper through the mechanism. It will clean and sharpen in one quick step.

- If your scissors are dull, fold a piece of aluminum foil several times and give it a bunch of snips with your scissors. You won't believe the difference. If you don't have any aluminum foil in the house, try cutting through some sandpaper instead; it'll give you the same outcome.

See? It's never too late to sharpen your kitchen skills.

I'm Mrs. FIXIT and it's just that simple! Check out my site, Mrs. FIXIT.


11 Cheap and Easy Home Fixes


Linda's World said...

Happy to hear that Sharon is coming home. I've been praying for both of you. You should check around to see what help you can get because being a caregiver is a tough job. Take care...Linda in Washington state

garnett109 said...

glad to hear that Sharon will be coming home Tom.
Thanks fotr the useful tip on sharping knives good tip for campers!

Joann said...

Well, I do hope that if they are sending her home, she is better... and I hope that she's NOT back in there within 90 days. And I DO think you may need some help, even if it's just part time, help with bathing, cooking, etc.