Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some Progress in Tests.

Tom's Journal.

I talked to my wife about 2 hours ago to check up on her progress. She told me that the hosp. staff did a bunch of chest and back x-rays and then stuck a long needle into her right lung and drew out 800 cc's of fluid!! Wow! That's about one quart from what she said, and she used to be a advanced EMT in a squad down in Ohio years ago. it could be a number of things in getting such a massive fluid build up and her lung was COLLAPSED. More tests are needed. Could be a internal virus, bruise, trauma, inflammation...?? She has 2 MALE RN's [Chris and Frank[ at St. Catherine's Hospital on Highway 50, just West of Kenosha, WI., who took the reins recently, and kicked butt to really help Sharon aggressively, to see what is causing her infirmity. We think that it's about time... Funny, when I was there waiting for her doctor to show up yesterday, I finally left and I heard she came in the room only minutes after---but I wrote/ left a polite but pointed letter that Sharon showed her, that we were looking for more answers, better communication, co-operation, prognosis and CARE. I guess combat Vets would prefer to 'cut to the chase' and take care of business...rather than pussy foot around, and just "put their faith" in the 'gods of modern medicine' But don't forget that WE give high praise to those medical people who help us, as posted in my humble Blog. But as the whole world grows increasingly violent, callous, GREEDY, and self-serving -- the so-called "Medical Community" does too. They walk around like gods demanding near worship, and are so full of themselves, for the most part, but they are certainly no better than you and I. Please note that there are still some very good, gifted, talented, skilled doctors and nurses who take their jobs seriously and REALLY CARE FOR THEIR PATIENTS! But from all my frequent encounters of the "medical Kind" in the past 30 years, they are getting too few and hard to find, in these 'Last Days' leading to the final reckoning with the Lord. And it's ALL IN THE 'BOOK!' READ THE 'BOOK'... THE BIBLE! Need help? Ask me and I will do my best to steer you to the proper resources in your neighborhood.

So, the collapsed right lung was at least part of the reason Sharon was so darn short of breath, which made it so hard to walk or do anything! Duh! She has a bone to pick with all the lazy, do nothing, there for the paycheck only, female nurses and staff who did the bare minimum, in her opinion. And we would be lying to ourselves or living in some dreamland not to agree! In fact, it is written in the Bible, that we should NOT be surprised if we see great religious leaders, pastors, evangelists, friends we have known and trusted for years-- to be misled, side tracked by the devil, at least temporarily! THAT IS WHY reading and understanding the Bible NOW is SO IMPORTANT !! Just how can we have the 'resources' and discernment to see through something so BIG and heart stopping than some of our Sheppard's falling just before the Lord comes? Be prepared to be tested, and be NOT misled-- the devil Satan is very powerful. Being a Soldier of Christ means that we are armored and well TRAINED! A Soldier has to learn a lot to keep himself and his comrades alive in battle. And WE don't have all that much longer to train-- so let us all GET WITH THE PROGRAM, please!

Thank you for your constant prayers, kindness and support.


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