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We had a good day at church today as Sharon was asked to give her testimony to the congregation and the deacons-- and so she was accepted as a member of the Union Grove Baptist Church near our humble home in Wisconsin, USA. I think that it's good to have a 'Home Church' IF THERE IS A FUNDAMENTAL BIBLE TEACHING/ BELIEVING CHURCH THAT YOU CAN GET TO.
I got into the Baptist tradition about 10 years ago because they are SOME of the rare people who like to dig into the Scriptures and mine the pearls of pure TRUTH of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The name, "Baptist" is nothing more than a label defining a particular 'church government'/ system or regulating their procedures, etc., who do things a certain way, and of course they have their own customs/ and a few rituals that don't fall against the truth of the Bible. I think that holding close to the 1st Century Christians that the apostles lived in should be preserved and kept as a model for us today.... and sticking as close to the true Christian Covenant/ "Way" as possible. Of course there are other 'denominations' who are Saved and serve as God's ministers and servants, BUT-- I believe that it's very important to stress serious Bible study and reading on a daily basis to 'keep our edge sharp'-- so as to battle the devil and his henchmen/ agents on earth, and defend the Faith, which is under attack right now-- BIG TIME! And.... 'you ain't seen nothin' yet !' Islam, and unbelieving, devil driven politicians are now hell bent on destroying true Christianity in America. Europe is already LOST ! America is the 'last man standing.'

As eternity hangs in the balance, this is one, final struggle that we MUST WIN! As I have repeated myself so many times: 'What is a mere 70-80 years of life on planet earth compared to ALL ETERNITY in either heaven OR hell ?!' So even politics, which is many men's 'religion' -- everything else in our lives MUST TAKE A SECOND SEAT TO OUR OBEDIENCE TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, and what the Bible says/ commands!
Christians are a HAPPY PEOPLE, and our God in Heaven wants us to be! But we are also to be brave, loyal Soldiers of Christ, and that takes some courage-- much of which is provided by the Holy Spirit.

I brought my newly acquired/ purchased DEFINED King James Bible [KJV] to church today, as requested by friend/ brother Joe Balinger, etc. He was impressed with what I showed him, and I told him he could keep it for a week. I just ordered 2 more in the mail 2 days ago. It makes sense to me that after a while when I know and understand most of the old archaic English words that are foot noted and defined on the bottom of every page -- I could go back to using the many other KJV Bibles we have in the house.
One negative note... in the past I have known other pastors who have studied the Bible in various Bible colleges, who already knew these 'uncommon' words/ terms in the KJV, but they pretend that they have some special power or 'smarts' that the rest of us don't have, so they can bask in the spot light/ lime light and be some how 'special.' That always made me angry, simply because it was disingenuous baloney! Have we all met people who didn't want to share their knowledge-- afraid that others would steal their thunder ?? Pity... Sad... I once that that stupid pride and immaturity, but the Lord beat it out of my hide with a large stick... lol. But leaders of the flock bare a much higher accountability. Please, just get with the program, dear brothers.

As I have posted many times before, the Bible is written so that a person with an average 5th Grade level can read and understand it !! I had a belly full of hypocrites and 'leaders' lord it over me as if they were some special higher learned persons that no simple working man could ever hope to be! I fully believe that any average so-called 'lay person' can know the whole Truth of the Bible well enough to TEACH and SHARE it to the whole world, if the Holy Spirit enables him or her!

But just think about all the different PASTORS and preachers/ teachers of the Word who still wallow in the ignorance of the perverse "new modern day" versions of the Bible, that now can be shown side by side with our DEFINED KJV Bible .... [Web Site: biblefortoday,org ] , to be shown for what they truly are... perversions from the dark side, IMHO [in my humble opinion], anyway! When ever a person/ member of a Bible committee even suggests, taking away the Deity of Jesus Christ-- they risk being cursed and damned for ever in hell -- and we can now prove that's exactly what they have done with most of the 'Modern Day Versions of the Bible!' Just go down the line of: NKJV, NIV, NASB, etc, etc...... sorry. For years I used to be one of their camp followers, steeped in my own ignorance, unbeknowst to me and millions of others.

Right now, I don't know of too many other ways a person can match and compare two different Bibles, side by side, unless that person invests $ in the DEFINED KJV. And this God-send also teaches a person how to cut right through all the "thee's and thou's" , etc., with simple "rules" outlined in the back of this wonderful Book. Now it's true that I have come to a great, full knowledge of the Bible content and understanding while using a multitude of different versions [and perversions], but it was an up hill fight with many years of serious study for me. I say, 'Why not enjoy the full, complete bowl of healthy, ripe fruit that God has given us ?' Stop smoking or drinking soda for one month and you'll have the money, about $35 for a regular sized DEFINED KJV bible. I went for the LARGE PRINT, leather bound Bible, because my wife and I are older and use reading glasses. I am not a rich man, money wise, but I know what my PRIORITIES are in this life. I just HAD to buy a new refrigerator, do my taxes, and now my truck insurance is due in May. Not many of us even get a time to rest from all our responsibilities... Ha!

This is my challenge and suggestion, dear friends, and if I am wrong about this fine new translation, you can throw the book at my mature, gray head, or into my arms... so I can give it to someone really hungry for the Truth that will set them free.

I hope you all have a good, blessed, safe, peaceful day. Time for me to sit back and count my blessings. Sharon is feeling much better today. PTL.

Warm Regards,
Tom and Sharon Schuckman

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