Thursday, April 29, 2010

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Tom's Journal.

It's good to have friends like my buddy, Bob, from the land of Oz [Australia] who is also my brother in Arms/ Combat- Vietnam Vet. There is only one other bond that is stronger than this --- a brother in Christ -- but I am sure that Bob is a Christian too. You don't find many atheists in fox holes in Combat... The kind of fighting/ battle I remember didn't have 'fox holes' because my people flew bare chested [well, in uniform] wearing a plastic flight helmet that was NOT bullet proof, in helicopters/ Aviation, unless we wanted the cumbersome 'Flack Jacket' or 'chicken vest' sort of body armor, and most of us didn't wear one-- except the pilots.

I don't know why I always get started on this subject [of my past-- so many years ago-- but it seems like yesterday]. And if I get 'trapped' in this combat mode -- I know how to "pray myself out of it" We will all struggle with these sort of things while on earth, but the Father sent us the Holy Spirit to help us deal with it all, and we have to make SOME effort to resist certain things.

I don't want people to think that I am so myopic and limited that I can't think or do anything else except talk about the Bible, God, or the old Army days -- but I do know my priorities. Pretty soon we hope that some friends help us till and plant the garden in the back yard. I also hope to do more woodcarving and carpentry this Summer, clean up the garage, basement, upstairs, etc. I also know that the month of May is going to be a tough month because this is when every conceivable bill in the world will hit my bank account...Ha! I just heard that the price of gasoline and food will really be going up thru the ceiling soon, especially meat! Good for me-- I love veggies, and I just bought 5 pounds of carrots. I heard a person can live on carrots and nuts and still be healthy!

My wife and I have been feeling tired with back pain lately so we just sleep later. Nothing really opens until 10 AM anyway. I wish I could join the health club again in Kenosha if I could rely on the 'politically correct', chicken staff/ management who refuse to keep the illegal aliens from harassing old, disabled Veterans like me. Now... I could hurt or kill them, but then the way the Progressive/ Liberal courts are in Wisconsin-- they would most likely put ME in prison forever even though I would be defending myself. There is low crime in the county where we live, but we have to be careful when we go to the big cities. Some lazy people who won't work are the real source of trouble and violence, looking for a free lunch and housing, etc, which include many illegal aliens who are hurting us economically. And I support the good people in ARIZONA for putting that proper, just law into action! Build the fence-- because the Feds sure won't lift a finger! That includes Mr. Bush and Pres. Obama, IMHO. Don't forget the Progressive, Liberal Congress. And please let me tell you that it's NOT about racism-- it's about power, control, and the Dims know that the Blacks and Spanish have traditionally voted for Liberal Dims, and that too is why they are moving fast for Puerto Rico!! More Spanish voters-- the more the Dims can stay in power for the next 100 years -- of so they figure!

I hope that you all realize that even right now there is NO WAY America can get out from under the heavy burden of DEBT that we have already laid upon our grand children! What a stinking shame that we have sold our kids' birthright of freedom and liberty for mere stupidity and selfishness --to heathen nations who don't know the God of the Bible! Ahhh, but Christians know about the "God factor" and the grand promises of the Bible. Think RAPTURE, and take action now to know the Lord and study His Word. See:

And, hey! Do you really want to know the truth about Noah's Ark? Just check out Luke 3:36, where Jesus traces His linage back to Noah-- and also back to "Adam,which was the son of God." If you dispute the story of Noah -- you also call Jesus a liar. I would never say something like THAT! That would earn me a one way ticket to hell. Do you think you had things tough on earth??? Ha!

Tom Schuckman

Ok fella's are you doing this yet. I go one better than this bloke ive put my birth certificate on the fridge to remind me not to try and do what a bloke did 20yrs ago. Like trying to climb a tree to cut down branches like I did last year the brain said do it but the body said NO way.

Bob "Bomber" Gibson
Aussie Vietnam vet 1967-Oct 1968.
Infantry Rifleman D&E Platoon 1ATF.

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