Monday, April 5, 2010

Saved by the Rotty.

Tom's Journal.

Any day that I can get some sun on my body outside is a great day! The sun does my big body a world of good -- and it got me to thinking about grilling a few choice pieces of meat on the grill. I took a drive to the 'big city' to buy a few herbs for the lungs and breathing. Studying herbs for most of my adult life was a good thing. Last night, according to my wife, my CPAP machine [to help me breath with Sleep Apnia] alarm went off twice, and the wonder dog, Deuce, the Rottweiler woke my wife, and she nudged me-- as I stopped breathing twice last night! Wow! Some hound dog, who always guards his master and wife 24/7, and worth his weight in gold! He pretty much saved this old man's life, a few times, and my wife's too. Yes, he is a well trained 'service animal' but the breed is special in that he is highly intelligent in so many ways. He is also a greedy, chow hound, glutton, and a big baby who whines if he don't get his way and likes to mooch our human food, even when he has his own bowl full of dog food. We see Deuce as an investment and a friend.

Can you dig it--- we just don't know when we will die... in our sleep [and that is my fondest, merciful, compassionate wish], in a car accident, battle, or dreaded disease. All the more reason to be prepared NOW, get that Will taken care of, your durable power of attorney, wishes, insurance, etc. We have all that taken care of, but sometimes I still wonder if I left something out. Matter of fact, I was just discussing this subject with me wife... hoping to clear up the little things like the dog getting a good home, but I think that God will take care of him one way or another. But people will be hard pressed to just be able to feed themselves and their kids and they might be eating the dog's own food.

I was also going to mention the latest big earthquake on our Southern border with Mexico -- Baja area, but without much loss of life, and that's what the "News Media" looks at. Can there be ANY more doubt about the 'End Times??'
In my mind, the ONLY thing/ reason why the Lord would hold back the coming 'storm' and Rapture, is because He wants to SAVE every last human who is sitting on the fence who has a 'good heart' but needs a Christian to help win his or her soul to Christ. 2nd Peter 3:9 says, "The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance." [NASB]. But just 2 verses before that scripture, verse 7 says, "But by His word, the present heavens and earth are being reserved for fire, kept for he day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men." BTW... real Christians can't help but share the Gospel of Jesus Christ when ever they can! They don't need to wait for some 'sheep skin' or "degree" from a human organization or church, but all are COMMANDED to go forth and preach the Good News of God's Kingdom, and Salvation thru Grace [not works/ deeds] through the ransom sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross! It is the HOLY SPIRIT that ALL Christians have when they are Saved that puts the correct words and scriptures in our mouth so that we can accomplish our service to God on earth. I sincerely hope that clears up the matter for all time. Some of us have different gifts and talents than other-- but that does not diminish our OBLIGATION to SHARE THE GOSPEL! Just claiming to profess Christianity or wearing some medal around your neck won't cut it.... sorry folks.'

MOST CINO's [Christians in name only...] have already put away their fancy 'Easter clothes', got a stomach ache from the candy [or booze] and are back in 'Satan's world', and the term Resurrection never made an impact on them even on this past Sunday. I count it a sorry loss that most of my relatives [even my own offspring] are still blinded by the devil's machinations and the rat race. But I never want to put them down, hurt them, or brag about myself-- a humble sinner who needs constant prayer and support. The ONLY thing I have going for me is that I am SAVED, have the Holy Spirit, God's Grace and solid bible learning/ knowledge. By myself, I am just 'dust in the wind' and my BEST day on earth, and 'good' offerings/ sacrifices are but filthy rags to the Creator and King.

I was supposed to get my regular injections to the knees today, but the Male/ Gentleman Nurse Practitioner, is on vacation all week, and so my appointment on the 8th floor of the Milwaukee VA clinic- Ortho, has been moved back until next Monday... lol. It's very hard for me to walk from one room to the next at this point after the past 90 days cycle of good shots have been administered. I hate to be so dependent and kept on a short chain to the mighty VA, and can only have pity on other pained people who don't get that special service/ medication. And to think that I once shunned long needles/ injections in the past -- but now I welcome/ beg for them! The VA gives me these tender 'mercies' for free-- but we have to play by their rules and regs.

Sharon has a hard time regulating her blood sugar and her blood pressure day to day, and it usually slips too low, making her very dizzy, sick and shaky. So she has to eat at the correct times, the correct foods, and most diabetics use a bit of chocolate to move their blood sugar up in between meals. Sorry to have to rag on my wife to keep her 'nose hose' on / Oxygen, etc., but I fear that she may have to return to the hospital if I don't watch over her like a hawk. The dog watches over her too. I demand that she keep a lanyard with whistle around her neck every day to call me, and her cell phone near her too in case I have to go somewhere. Pastor Schleigel, from U.G.B.C. is only a phone call away too, along with a few other church members, like Joe Belanger, etc., PTL.

Please consider praying for Joe and Doris Van der Mullen, and my dear Aunt in La Crosse, Kansas, Isabelle Schuckman.
Thank you!
Have a great day! And guess what?? It's tornado season!

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