Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Spring Monday.

Tom's Journal.

What a whirl wind day! I had to drive to Milwaukee to pick up meds, then to Kenosha to pick up taxes and pay my CPA, then shopping, and I forgot what I went there for -- bread! Sometimes I have 'overload' and the brain doesn't function well, and I sort of freeze up -- 'so the ship doesn't have warp drive' .. lol. I go through the motions and just muddle along with the basics and slow the ship down. Many people just can't understand and handle this situation-- and they crack up! I just keep plodding on like an old bull elephant, and I manage to get enough done. That's why I take notes and write things down!
Short pencil better than long memory [Chinese proverb].
I am sure that medication helps to screw up our minds, and every once in a while, I take a "medication holiday" and 'come up for air' to see the REAL WORLD.

My wife used to help me remember things and write things down too... but lately she has been getting worse again, with fluid build up in her lungs and pain. Hey! I don't like feeling useless in helping my wife, but there is not much I can do besides being a cheer leader, and assist her. When 2 people in the house-- both spouses are disabled-- it's really a survival thing... lol. Many thanks to the local Union Grove Baptist church that specializes in "Edification" and helping the congregation!! People are finally noticing Sharon and I, and they have been a great source of encouragement and even physical help. God is merciful and all praise to Him!

I didn't get much in tax returns [because I don't pay much in--anymore], but better than a sharp stick in the eye. Who knows that the almighty Gov't won't be too broke to PAY our tax returns next year ..Ha! I EXPECT many things and services to break down in the near future.

I remember the Tet offensive of 1968 [that happened about one month before I got to told to me. The Viet Cong [enemy] over ran the officers' golf course in Saigon, and were pushing toward our Battalion HQ [USARV] Mess Hall, so our people put 300 men around the Mess Hall [eating place] and held the Cong/ pushed them back! Woo Woo! They figured that if the VC over ran our mess hall, and took our food, we would have collapsed. True story. People were still very nervous/ anxious when I got there one month latter. Those were the glory days when we depended upon one another and did most things by the book. It's a wonder that I made it home alive after 2 tours of duty, and I honestly believe that the Father in Heaven saved me for some special purpose.
But He needed to hammer and chisel me for years before I finally got my act together. So... we need to be patient with other "new" Christians who don't grasp the whole picture at once.... please.

The only problem is that right now, most serious bible students and servants of the Lord, believe that we are in the 9th inning of the game. Those 'Left Behind' will have a slim chance but they will have to be martyred, and will suffer, big time! Right now, I am more concerned with me and mine-- and all sincere people who are looking for help and Salvation. Wiley old devil is running a 3 ring circus, and most folks are morphing into Lemmings headed for a big crash off the cliff. There may be a reason why the "Home of the Brave--Land of the Free" cannot take back their Republic! God is in control and His Will will be done-- NOT ours. Of course, American is disgraced and dirty from all the devilish abortions, sodomites, corruption and greed, and their contract with God is broken. Read the BOOK! I have already posted over 700 blog articles, many dealing with how to find Jesus Christ and Salvation !!! And I will continue on until Rapture or death.

You can order an inexpensive, hard covered, DEFINED KJV Bible for about $15 - $20, from: ...What are you waiting for??!

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers for my wife, Sharon, who is again experiencing fluid build up in her lungs and pain/ discomfort.


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