Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Tom's Journal.

This somber photo and text made my eyes tear.

I grew up in the suburbs of Milwaukee [St. Francis] Wisconsin, and a farm family moved in next to our house at 4008 S. Lipton Ave.,in the early 1950's-- the Voltner family. Butch and Joe were two boys about my age that lived next door, and we chummed together quite a bit, until I joined the Army in 21 August 67. Butch joined the Marines about 6 months later, and got killed in Vietnam. His name is on the Wall in D.C., and I know that his Mom took his death very hard. She always wanted to talk to me and was very emotional... and I was, for some reason "guilty" for surviving my time in Vietnam. I guess that he also had a girlfriend back at home too. Donald "Butch" Voltner, was not in Vietnam very long, perhaps 6 months or less-- while I was there for two full tours of duty [over 2 years], but it doesn't take much to kill the fragile human body. Bullets and 'Frag' grenades are very unforgiving. On THIS 'Day of Remembrance', MOST military men and women think and dwell upon someone we knew who fell in combat/ war/ battle. Truthfully, MOST of the goofy, ignorant civilians [Jodie's], non-combatants, who were not taught proper etiquette, morals and manners -- think it's just another 'free day' to get drunk and party hardy. Shame...

Tom Schuckman
Jesus is Lord.

Arlington National CemeteryMoore had been photographing the wars for years, and he'd seen a lot of suffering, destruction and death in Iraq and Afghanistan. "I felt I owed the Arlington National Cemetery a little time. Maybe we all do."

On May 27, 2007, Moore encountered Mary McHugh, who "sat in front of the grave of her fiance James 'Jimmy' Regan, talking to the stone. She spoke in broken sentences between sobs, gesturing with her hands, sometimes pausing as if she was trying to explain, with so much left needed to say."

Moore introduced himself, and McHugh told him about her 26-year-old fallen soldier. James Regan had gone to Duke University, and he had opportunities outside the military. Even inside the military, he could have been an officer. But he didn't want to risk getting stuck with a desk job, so he became an Army Ranger.

Regan was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq four times in three years. McHugh and Regan had planned to marry right after his last tour of duty was completed. But in February 2007, Sgt. Regan was killed by a roadside bomb.

Friends and family had, naturally, worried when Regan announced his decision to join the army. "He couldn't not do it," McHugh explained. "He said, 'If I don't do it, who will?' "

Three years have passed since his death. The war has dragged on and more Section 60 graves have been dug and sodded. With no ot

The Anti Christ may not be European.

Tom's Journal.

I thought this article sent to me from Carolyn Elkins, had some merit and sounded logical. My disclaimer is that: No matter how God works His prophecies, we Christians are in for the long haul, and no matter if some highly regarded religious leaders are right or wrong-- we must adhere to the Bible all the time.

Tom Schuckman

WND Exclusive

Author: European Antichrist looking more and more unlikely

Says atheists will have field day with popular Bible interpretation

Posted: May 30, 2010
7:58 pm Eastern

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Psalm 83...Preview of a Coming Attraction.

Tom's Journal.

It's a well known fact that present day Military academies study ancient history, warfare and battles from their textbooks to prepare for today's war/ battle strategy. 'Nothing is new under the sun,' says wise old King Solomon. But the goofy Generals and world leaders ALWAYS forget the "God Factor." How many times did the God of the Jews, Jehovah, lead the enemies into a trap, and also make the battle 'lop-sided' like a 'David/ Goliath' fight and then give the victory to the Israelites instead of the much larger 'other side' that "seemed" to have the early advantage of numbers, better weapons, etc ?? It is important to note that God wants and deserves the Glory and Praise for each Victory! One of the few things that I have going for me is my relative humility-- and Salvation through Jesus' ransom blood sacrifice on the cross. It always ends up that way and not just coincidentally, that when I go against God's will-- something evil happens to me-- but when I fly right and obey His Word, things run more smoothly.

If things don't work out in the near future concerning our prognostications of Israel's near future war with her violent, destructive neighbors this Summer... it will be because WE ALL HAVE IT WRONG -- NOT GOD'S WORD.
I have also thought that all my preaching, teaching, talk, blogging, sharing of the Gospel and the "new" DEFINED KJV Bibles I mailed, delivered
, and made known, those people I HAVE TOUCHED may choose NOT to join the fold of Christ, just may have a lot to chew on in the Great Tribulation. After all, I can only do so much before the Rapture. In that case, God may be using me primarily as a "planter of seeds."

Sharon stayed home again from church, but the weather report said that today would be a dangerously high unhealthy day-- humid and very hot-- for those with health problems and COPD. I had a hard time of it, myself and the old knees were hurting big time too. I also got too much sunshine/ burn yesterday and will wear more eye protection, a hat and shades from now on. Half of the people were missing from church anyway, most likely on vacation-- and that's only good and right too. Sharon and I have not had a vacation in years!
But I think that we live high on the hog in our rural area away from the high crime cities that we only go for shopping.

As far as I can see, EVERYTHING in the world is coming along/ alive exactly like the Bible promised, and these "signs" and wonders actually STRENGTHEN true Believers/ Christians! We just need to stay alert, and concentrate on our heavenly prize, and not be side tracked or fooled by all the glitter and vice of Satan and his earthly agents. IMHO [in my humble opinion] all the short lived politics of this dying old satanic system of things isn't worth getting upset or worried about! It's just like everything else that can STEAL OUR PRECIOUS TIME IN THESE LAST DAYS! The apostle Paul described it all as a dung heap.... sorry folks. Heaven is my Home. We ought to have horse blinders on so as not to get distracted by the "lion that roars" [Satan] so loud so as to confuse all who have not the Holy Spirit to guild and strengthen them. Our last breath of air on earth is our first in heaven. Sleep and ponder on that as you rest tonight.

Old Soldier Tom

I am very disappointed that the writer picked a 'modern bible version' that omitted God's true, personal name, JEHOVAH, the God most used in the OT [Old Testament]... the God of the Israelites. The most accurate, reliable and true, KJV Bible uses the correct name of God in Psalm 83.

Psalm 83 … Preview of a Coming Attraction

Posted: 30 May 2010 08:06 AM PDT

By Jack Kelley. Hezbollah says that Israel’s disappearance after the next war is an established fact. Iran’s President has called Israel a dirty microbe and a savage animal that will soon disappear in a flash. The commander in chief of Iran’s army predicts that millions will soon receive the joyous news of Israel’s destruction. Israel’s chief of staff warns of a “tough ordeal”

Friday, May 28, 2010

Be Careful on the Highways.

Tom's Journal.

Sorry Folks... I got nothing to complain about today...LOL. The day is sunny and beautiful, and I have a good sun burn [just the way I like it--ahhh, makes me look GOOD and hides the old age-- a bit!], Sharon clipped the dog's toe nails, the garden is growing very well, and we intend to just have a good time this week end--Memorial Day- 2010. I had a new young man from church mow the lawn yesterday, Josh B., and I showed him my electric guitar, Amp, etc, and my wood shop, and gave him a new DEFINED KJV Bible, as he attends the same church as we do.

Sometimes I think that I can "WILL" myself to be happy and content...Ha! My head and stomach really need a break from all the DAILY B.S. [berry sap] BAD, VIOLENT news that comes across my TV and PC screens, but... if I WANTED to dwell on the daily bad News of Milwaukee, with shootings, murders, drive byes, rapes, robberies and traffic accidents-- I could probably induces some internal bleeding that I don't need, but thanks anyway. I want to block the 'bad news' out of my mind, just for this week end, so I can relax, enjoy life with my dear, wonderful wife-y pooh. I don't care if I live in a tent or rat hole-- we must have A/C for Sharon to live, and we do. I may have plenty of bad habits and personality flaws -- but I always supported my family and made it safe, with plenty of good, wholesome food, etc. Sharon is making some grilled ham and cheese for us now at 2:41 PM, and then I still need to water the garden and charge up my power scooter that carries me so well in the huge stores that I visit. Life can be good -- and praise the Lord for small and simple pleasures.

I have always admired and envied real, biblical Christians who loved and understood God so much, and His Word, the Bible--and I am blessed to be in that group too. Somehow they learned how to allow the Holy Spirit to work in them and apply the Holy Scriptures to work the "fruits of the Spirit"-- book of Galatians 5:22, into their daily lives so that it is very visible in their faces and demeanor for all to see. Really-- why should REAL Christian worry so much--- with the divine Promises of God soon to be realized... Glory with God in HEAVEN! Wow! 'No more crying, pain, want, out cry, depression, sadness' FOREVER in HEAVEN!! See Revelation, last 2 chapters. The book of Hebrews tells us to 'NOT FORSAKE THE FREQUENT GATHERING OF OURSELVES.' That means we should attend the meetings at church on a REGULAR basis, 'to incite one another to love and fine works.' And it NOT putting on our "church faces" or being a hypocrite-- but who wants to see a 'Rainy Jane' or 'Tiny Tears' act every Sunday morning ?? That's not to say that we should not show our true feelings. But the next/ other person may very much have bigger fish to fry, death in the family, or terrible sickness and injury! Reach out and Touch someone! Learn English and Learn the Bible. In fact, the apostle Paul told the young elder, Timothy, in this letter that: "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That he man of God may be perfect, throughly* [completely equipped] furnished unto all good works." ~ 2nd Timothy 3: 16, 17. -- from the DEFINED KJV Bible [DEFINED KING JAMES BIBLE].

And for the myopic, less mature, sour people and unbelievers, Just consider this: If someone with a good and honorable reputation invited you to a fine dinner at their house, would you call them up on the phone and ask them /what kind of meat/ food/ silverware and veggies they were serving / using, or if they were going to serve the best wine or desert in the world??
NO!! That would be a very bad insult to the host! So then, how could someone question or insult the Most High -- Most Powerful God of the Universe by questioning if it were worth the trip to heaven for eternity? What crass, impolite, bad mannered, ungrateful, base, curs [dogs] some of us are....Shame! Being satisfied in heaven would be the LEAST of my worries -- but just getting there is my main, chief goal in life, besides pleasing the Lord, working hard in His Service, sharing the Gospel and keeping myself clean as much as I can.

I don't consider myself a perfectionist, just a faithful, obedient Old Soldier doing my J.O.B. on earth, not taking my eyes off the Prize of Heaven.

That's all folks.
Hats off and salutes to all the fine American and Allied warriors/ soldiers who fought in our wars for our freedom back home-- even for those who abuse that very freedom and liberty-- and pervert justice in high places. God surely sees what harm and evil they work, even with a snide, smirky smile on their corrupt, Socialist faces. God Bless my friends and fellow soldiers on the Vietnam Memorial WALL in Washington D.C., and all the other burial sites in the world, and on the field of honor, including my combat mates in Australia.

Be Safe and Careful on the Highways this Holiday weekend, and don't spill your blood or others, please.

Tom and Sharon Schuckman

The Church And The Tribulation Believers

Q. How can the rapture of the church occur when the fullness of the gentiles come in when millions of gentiles come to faith during the tribulation? Also, how can I prove the sheep&goat judgment occurs at the 2nd coming and is not the same as the great white throne judgment?

A. In his phrase “fullness of the Gentiles” Paul was referring to the Church. We know this because he said after this group comes in (is raptured), God will turn to Israel again. This is a reference to Israel fulfilling their final 7 years from Daniel 9:24-27. The millions who come to faith during those final years are not part of the Church but are of a group we call Tribulation believers.

You can prove the Sheep and Goat judgment happens just after the 2nd Coming by looking at the reference to its timing in Matt. 25:31, “When the Son of Man comes in all his glory …” Also, in Matt 25:34 He welcomes the “sheep” (surviving Tribulation believers) into the Millennial Kingdom. The Great White Throne judgment takes place at the end of the Millennium and is for unbelievers only.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to help the pain of swollen feet and legs.

Tom's Journal.

I hope this info may help some of my friends. I also believe in soaking feet in hot water with Epson salt, and even apple cider vinegar... and that makes my feet HAPPY!

Tom Schuckman

Herbs for Swollen Feet

From LoveToKnow Herbs

Herbs for swollen feet improve circulation and eliminate water retention, two common causes of edema, or foot swelling. Herbs can be used as tinctures, teas, and in energizing foot soaks.
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Edema, or swelling, occurs when water builds up under the fatty tissue directly under the skin. If you notice foot swelling, press your finger into the swollen area for a second. When the depression remains after you remove your finger, chances are it’s simple edema.
Causes of edema include common problems, such as too much salt in the diet, improperly fitting shoes, or monthly hormonal changes. However, edema can also be caused by more serious ailments. It’s important to see your doctor if you notice edema in your feet and ankles, as this can be an early warning sign of heart, circulatory, and kidney problems. Your doctor can rule out serious problems and consult with you on your treatment for swollen feet.

Some Herbs for Swollen Feet

Herbs for swollen feet treat water retention and circulation issues.


Yes, that green garnish on your plate next to the steak is actually a useful medicinal herb. Parsley (Petroselinum crispus) acts as a powerful diuretic. Parsley also contains minerals, vitamins and chlorophyll, all vital for good health and nutrition. You can grow your own parsley with a simple pot of soil, seeds, and bright sunlight. Incorporate fresh parsley into salads or meals for an easy way to consume this useful herb.
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Swelling Knees - Symptoms, Causes, Treatments, More. Rheumatoid Arthritis Info Online.
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You may think of dandelions as annoying weeds ruining a perfect lawn, but herbalists see dandelions in a different light. The lowly dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) provides excellent relief for water retention. The natural diuretic action flushes excess water from the body, relieving swollen feet caused by fluid retention. Used since ancient times by Arabian, Persian and European healers, dandelion is also an excellent liver and kidney tonic. Dandelion may be taken as a tea, tincture, or in capsule form.


Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Ginkgo improves circulation, which in turn reduces water retention to the feet and legs. Always consult an herbalist or natural health practitioner if you have underlying circulatory problems before taking ginkgo.
Ginkgo is perhaps one of the most-studied herbs in the natural pharmacopeia. Even the Mayo Clinic, one of the most respected medical authorities in the United Sates, gives Ginkgo a grade of “A” in relieving circulatory problems associated with painful legs.


Rounding out the top three herbs for swollen feet is peppermint (Mentha piperita). If you love the refreshing scent of peppermint, enjoy this herb in a footbath to relieve tired, swollen feet. Peppermint energizes, refreshes, and makes a welcome addition to treatments for edema.

Treating Swollen Feet

You can try many safe and effective treatments at home for swollen feet.

Change Your Shoes

Too-tight shoes constrict blood circulation to the foot, causing swelling and pain. In addition to tight shoes, poorly fitting shoes may also cause swelling. If you notice that your feet swell after wearing certain shoes, change your shoes to see if that helps.

Elevate Your Feet

Elevate your feet if they’re swollen. Elevating the feet higher than the heart decreases fluid retention. Simply place your feet on a pillow and rest for twenty minutes. Sleeping with your feet elevated may also help.


Give yourself a foot massage. Rub your feet with peppermint oils and fragrant herbal oils. Massage improves circulation, which in turn reduces edema. You can also take a tennis ball and place it under your foot, rolling the ball around under your foot for several minutes. This exercises all the muscles in the foot and can relieve swelling.

Peppermint Foot Soak

Another technique to reduce foot swelling is a hot and cold peppermint foot soak. You’ll need a tub of hot and of cold water and a towel. Soak your feet in a tub of hot water, as hot as you can stand, for no more than ten minutes. Then quickly switch to a tub of ice-cold water for just 30 seconds. Repeat the cycle several times, adding peppermint as needed to the cold-water bath for more zing. Always end with the cold-water bath.


If you suspect too much salt in your diet is causing swollen feet, try changing your diet. The DASH Diet, recommended by the American Heart Association, is a low-sodium diet that may help reduce water retention in individuals who are sensitive to sodium. Don’t be afraid of a boring menu if you try the DASH Diet. Tasty menu choices add variety.

Sodomite Army-- USA.

Tom's Journal.

I have posted on this subject a few times and shared my concerns with a few Christians who chose to re-enlist. The implications, IMO, are profound, and I would have pause back in 1967 joining an Army of perverts.

I was a bit afraid to get into trouble and lose my rank [as rank meant money on payday, etc.]/ Now, ponder on this: If a pervert or a group of perverts jumped your bones and you fought back, you never know how the "new action Army" would adjudicate at your hearing or court martial. And who would want to live in fear or worry about one more thing when a soldier or sailor needs to focus on the task of operations and combat?! We may surely see a lesser retention rate and many good Christian warriors may NOT chose to join our once great Armed Forces.... now when we have more enemies than ever looking to destroy America from within and without. I heard that over 100 Generals and Admirals have already retired because of this shameless policy. I would say that these brave warriors are men of honor, and most likely Christians.
The figures show that after Clinton's 'don't ask -- don't tell Gay policy' there was a huge jump in sexual assaults to both male and female soldiers and sailors, from what i heard on Hannity on Fox News last night. Shame! Why would the obozo Gov't want to weaken our military...hummm? Just one more nail in our coffin as America glides down that slippery slope of destruction.

Hey! Do you want the TRUTH... or just nice flowery words and cover-ups?

Very Important to Listen! >>>

Brannon Howse: May 25, 2010
Special Report with host Brannon Howse and guest John Loeffler. The Coming Persecution of Christians in the West and how to respond and prepare. Brannon and John will explore the five stages for establishing the persecution of Christians. Stage one. Define the opposition. Stage two: Marginalize the opposition. Stage Three: Vilify the Opposition. Stage Four: Pass laws criminalizing the activities of the opposition. Stage Five: Enforce the new laws against the opposition.
Download the MP3
Right click and select "Save Target As" ("Save Link As" in FireFox)

Tom Schuckman

May 26, 2010

Gates Gives Endorsement for Sodomite Military

The Associated Press
The Associated Press is reporting that a lukewarm endorsement from Defense Secretary Robert Gates and opposition among some lawmakers cast doubt Tuesday on whether Congress this week would lift a 17-year-old ban on sex offenders serving openly in the military. Homosexuals predicted that the bill might pass the House but face a tough road in the Senate. "The door isn't closed, but it's barely cracked," said Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network Executive Director. A compromise was struck on Monday by the White House and a small group of Democrats who fear that repeal efforts will be doomed if Republicans regain control of one or both houses of Congress after fall elections.

Flashback - March 25, 2010
Gates Makes It Harder to Oust Homosex Troops
The Associated Press:
Defense Secretary Robert Gates Thursday approved new rules that will make it harder to discharge [sex offenders] from the military, calling the changes a matter of "common sense and common decency." Gates announced new guidelines for how the Pentagon carries out the 1993 law banning gays from serving openly in the military -- rules which essentially put higher-ranking officers in charge of discharge proceedings and impose tougher requirements for evidence used against gays.

Posted by Editor at May 26, 2010 03:41 AM

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Global Troops to Protect Israel?

Tom's Journal.

For those with more than one ounce of brains -- this is a SICK JOKE, and 'obozo' must think the whole world is mentally challenged! Of all the nations of the world, the Jews were commanded by their God in Heaven, to keep close, permanent, accurate RECORDS of their history and genealogy. The Jews knew full well that the Americans and Allies in WW-2 could have hastened to bomb and/ or liberate the Nazi concentration and death camps in Germany and Poland... but they didn't ! The Jews saw the UN troops stand by while Syria and Iran sponsored / helped Lebanon ship in thousands of modern rockets and weaponry. Sorry,, the Jews are smarter than we think! It just will not happen this way, IMO, for a number of reasons. I don't think that God will let the Israelites blunder like this knowing full well that obozo doesn't have their best interests in mind-- Muslim that he is-- underneath sheep's clothing. And go figure: After all the lies obozo has told-- can ANYONE really trust him now/ again?? I just happen to be born German-American, but all my friends know that I am a history buff and a serious Bible student. And I can darn well LEARN from my own mistakes and those of others. Once lied to or cheated-- shame on the perp. Twice lied to or cheated -- shame on ME! Just reading the Bible, we can and should LEARN from the mistakes of those people mentioned in the Bible, for example, my previous post about the mistakes of the Jews wanting a human 'king' of their own-- just like all the heathen/ pagan nations around them. See: 1st Samuel 8th chapter.

It has never happened to me, but I know that if I were to drink a liter of booze and tried to drive-- something bad would happen. Could I even live with myself if I killed some innocent kid or person in another car or whatever ?? I never got a DUI, and I never will, because I just don't drink and drive. Period. I have seen the horrible damage DUI's have caused others, and I don't need that kind of pain and shame. Don't worry folks -- I have plenty of other faults and personality flaws to work on. Just ask my wife.....Ha! BTW, Sharon has been feeling poorly again, and her legs are so swelled up that they are leaking fluid through the skin from water/ fluid retention, so we think. It's HER call, if she wants me to take her to the hospital again -- but she hates that place... Please pray for Sharon, again. Thank you.

Israel knows enough to NOT accept the "help" of obozo or any other kind of goofed up Socialist Gov't, or the UN. Israel's existence is far more sacred and important than to trust some arrogant, pompous monkey who sides with his own people-- the Muslims, who are hell bent on destroying "the apple of God's eye." And soon after the Jews come back to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior-- all will be fine after the final war of Armageddon, and their remnant will be Saved while the world tumbles down the slippery slopes to hell! Pray for Israel.
I am putting my money on the sons of Israel to win the very NEXT war with her hostile Muslim neighbors -- WITHOUT the help of Socialist USA or impotent UN.

I will speak the truth as I know it -- until someone kills me, or God takes me. If I am wrong in what I say, God will correct me.

Tom Schuckman

Obama Plan: Global Troops to Protect Israel

Posted: 25 May 2010 01:43 PM PDT

By Aaron Klein. WorldNetDaily. A U.S. plan envisions stationing international troops along Israel's border with a future Palestinian state, WND has learned.Palestinian Authority officials privy to the plan say the Obama administration proposed deploying NATO soldiers along the Palestinian side of a future border with Israel as well as along the borders of Jordan and any future Palestinian

Samuel thought that HE was rejected.

Tom's Journal.

My friend, Joe B., asked me to work up a post that integrates/ parallels modern day obozo-times with ancient day Israel.. Go to the Book of 1st Samuel, the 8th Chapter.
Verse 1 says: "And it came to pass, when Samuel was old, that he made his sons Judges over Israel."[KJV]. His 2 sons, Joel and Abiah grew to be wicked Judges [ a form of ruler in the land].... and they turned aside after illegal money, bribes, and perverted judgment. So the Elders of Israel came to Samuel and told him to "make us a king to judge us like the [heathen] Nations.' Samuel took that news hard, but Jehovah God told him that the people were not rejecting Samuel -- but God Himself! God told Samuel to give the stubborn, myopic people of Israel what they wanted. But be careful what you wish for-- you may just get it!

So Samuel did the bidding of the Lord but God had him tell the people of Israel exactly what the Lord said would happen IF and WHEN they got their king. The new king [who would be King Saul-- who started out as a good man, meek and mild, kind and 'goodly'] would latter demand all the men and daughters of the people-- ALL whom he wanted; the fields, vineyards, land, property, 10% of the goodies, taxes, cattle, asses, flocks, etc..... JUST LIKE THE KINGS OF THE NATIONS! Oh, the Israelites got their king alright... and then some... LOL. They rejected their good and holy God, broke their Covenant with Him, and replaced Him with a sinful, human ruler-- and we know that 'Absolute power corrupts-- Absolutely!" How many times have we endeavored to send a "good, honest"man to D.C. and in a few years he/ she got involved with immorality, cheated on their spouse, took bribes and got corrupt...?

Now... even as we humans were, and are imperfect sinful creatures, making mistakes every day of our lives, America ONCE had a good start with a well thought out U.S. Constitution in the late 1700's. It was not perfect, but most biblical Christians, IMHO, believed that we had a Covenant [promise/ contract] with the God of the Bible. And for the first 100 years things seemed to work fairly well and our once great nation prospered and we believe that 'God shed His Grace on America-- the USA!' We were protected, blessed with bounty and we also sent missionaries out to bless other nations, etc., even as we made some mistakes along the way.

But as different kinds of Socialism swept through most of Europe in the early 1900's, some of it infiltrated/ infected our own beautiful nation and took root with presidents like Wilson and FDR-- but I don't want to get political today, please, and both parties have hurt the working class, both grew corrupt, believe it or not. And the PEOPLE were swayed to desire a "free lunch", free benefits even if they did NOT choose to work, the influx of so many illegal aliens, greed from all angles and now the money/ debt, currency Melt Down. Friends, THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH! And now Europe is sinking fast and everyone knows it, and the smart folks know that what they are doing right now is only a temporary BAND AID, that will NOT STOP THE MELT DOWN FROM COMING TO OUR AMERICAN SHORES! Yes, our days are numbered as far as being a torch of Liberty as a 'Free Republic', God-fearing Society. Sorry folks-- this is NOT the time to do the 'ostrich act' and bury our heads in the sand, and pretend the hungry wolf will somehow move on. Our God-fearing life style in a free society has been HIGH-JACKED by the godless, hell bound Progressives-- another name for SOCIALISTS. Reject the godly way of life which includes hard, honest work -- for the Socialist god of the New World Order! Yes, be careful what you wish for, my fellow Americans!

When America scrapped it's 'Contract with God' and went rogue about 50 years ago with Roe v: Wade, murdering the innocent, gross practice of immorality/ Sodomy- the Gay agenda, common fleecing of the public, lying and theft, etc. Break a deal-- Face the Wheel.

Now... some folks THINK that they can help America to repent and somehow turn things around. Although God is a kind, merciful God and Just, He has got to be true to His own Word and Promises. He has promised to send back His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to take up/ Rapture all His elect, Believers and Servants! Enough warnings and Signs have been given to mankind in these "End Times" and God will keep His word and promises. A complete knowledge of the Bible is vital to understand why, how and approximately when these things will happen. I have actually posted messages like this HUNDREDS OF TIMES-- over 700 times, to date! Other biblical Christians have done the same and the InterNet has been a great 'tool' that we use, and we believe that God must have planned things this way. Before I used the computer-- I witnessed all the time, at work, on the street, with personal letters, etc. I have been blessed by God to have used me as a 'tool' to do His work. Thank you, Lord.

Socialism by it's very nature is Anti-Bible and Anti-God, and Anti- US CONSTITUTION! But the majority of Americans and the rest of the world have CHOSEN to elect a "king of Socialism" with too much power to ruin the USA [and I don't really care about his or her color or stripe, or political party!].

If you go to a quiet place right now and pray for the Holy Spirit to help you understand the Word of God-- the Bible, and you really mean it, your eyes are bound to be open. Read the whole Chapter of 1 Samuel, chapter 8, and compare for yourselves, please. It might take you about 3 whole minutes.
If you need more help and are humble enough to ask for it, you know my email address. Many of us mature Christians firmly believe that there will be more attacks upon Christians in the USA, and their truthful teachings... and our Freedom of Speech, on the computer/ Inter Net will be lost soon! What on earth are you waiting for??

Warm Regards,
Tom Schuckman

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pentecost and the Rapture of the Church.

Tom's Journal.

It was hot and humid in S.E. WI this morning/ today, and I am NOT complaining, but Sharon had trouble breathing and stayed home from church with her COPD, breathing probs, etc. I had a good time at church seeing all my friends and meeting more new people. The church has A/C and ceiling fans, so it's not uncomfortable.

I goofed up in the garden yesterday by 'planting OVER' our zucchini's with some kohlrabi seeds. Now I think I will re-plant the zucchini's in another place because we love to grill them next to the meat outside-- gives them a great flavor. I am going to get into grilling more veggies this year for a better diet. Carrots, onions, corn, etc.

The article below describes a 'fore shadowing' of the "PRE-TRIBULATION" Rapture with scriptures cited. And the Rapture is not "date sensitive" -- but "Number Sensitive." God is just waiting now for the complete "number of SAVED believers" on earth to be 'sealed' and then the Rapture will come. I'm excited, whether it comes in my life time [and we could die at any time, in our sleep or on the road], tomorrow or one year from now. It's a wonderful Promise and Blessing that anyone in the world can have for FREE! But as we all know-- most of the earth will REJECT the Lord Jesus Christ, for one dumb reason or another. The Christian TV channel 30 had a lot to say about SOCIALISM making deep in roads all over Europe and America. Socialism IS anti- God, anti-Bible, anti-gun, and anti- U.S. Constitution !!
Remember that there are many hungry people out there praying/ begging for help to understand God's Will and Salvation, so I decided NOT to waste all my precious time on people who have heard the Gospel many times and had many chances. I am happy to share, but I would like to connect and reach new people who want and need the gift of Salvation. The DEFINED KJV Bible is just another great 'tool' that will aid 'new Christians' understand God's Word more clearly.

If tomorrow is still nice with low moisture, I plan to varnish/ polyurethane the picnic table outside that we use so much. It's kind of like my own office, study area, sun tan place, lounge, and eating table, work bench with vise, all rolled in one.

One more thing... I am getting OFF of Face Book tonight, mainly because that outfit is accused of selling our personal information to different entities and outside parties... and that is dangerous and dishonest. EXPECT this Satanic world to steal, rip off, do you harm and injury! Protect yourselves and Beware.

Tom Schuckman

Pentecost and the Rapture of the Church

Posted: 23 May 2010 07:28 AM PDT

By Jack Kelley. Pentecost comes in the early summer (May-June). It’s the only Levitical Feast Day between the 3 Spring Feasts (Passover, Unleavened Bread, and First Fruits) and the 3 in the fall (Rosh Hashanna, Yom Kippur, and Tabernacles). The Hebrew name for this Day is Shavuot, which means weeks, so in Israel it’s called the Feast of Weeks.This is because it’s supposed to occur

Israel Begins Five Day Nationwide Drill to Prepare for War

Posted: 23 May 2010 06:28 AM PDT

By Joel C. Rosenberg.“Israel’s annual national home front exercise begins on Sunday, as Hezbollah plays up fears in Lebanon that the drill means a conflict might loom with its southern neighbor,” reports Haaretz.“The exercise, ‘Turning Point 4,’ is due to last five days and be carried out in all parts of the country. During the first three days the drill will involve the Israel

Saturday, May 22, 2010

UN to destroy our 2nd Amendment.

Tom's Journal.

I told you so !! Hello, do you hear me NOW??! When guns are banned-- only the criminals will have guns! Read 'em and weep.

United Nations To Pass "The Small Arms Treaty"

Obama - Hillary & UN Destroy Second Amendment

Hillary Clinton and her anti-constitution cronies are partnering up with the anti-Second Amendment collaborators of the United Nations to pass "The Small Arms Treaty." If this treaty is passed YOUR firearms rights will be compromised and the Second Amendment will be obliterated. "The Small Arms Treaty" is being touted by liberal gun-grabbers as a treaty that will help fight against "terrorism," "insurgency" and "international crime rings." The treaty is merely a façade to seize control of ALL FIREARMS owned by law abiding American citizens.

Select Here - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty Fax All 100 Senators

The treaty calls for tougher licensing requirements. That means everyday, law-abiding Americans will be subjected to even more bogus bureaucracy to obtain a firearm. It is unfathomable that regular citizens would be treated just like the criminals the treaty claims to protect us from. "The Small Arms Treaty" will hijack and destroy all weapons that are classified "unauthorized." What exactly classifies a firearm as "unauthorized" is up to the liberal gun-haters. The treaty will ban the trade, sale, and private ownership of all semi-automatic weapons. Clinton, Obama and their anti-liberty commission are also calling for an INTERNATIONAL GUN REGISTRY that would pave the way to eventually disarming every American citizen.

Select Here - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty Fax All 100 Senators

The globalist gun agenda ultimately seeks to take away not only your individual liberties, but also more importantly, your complete autonomy. Obama, Hilary and the United Nations conspirators believe that every single American is not capable of making their own decisions so they want to make them for us. Just like Obamacare, again big bureaucrats want to take away your right to live freely without the government breathing down your neck.

Select Here - STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty Fax All 100 Senators

Now is the time to take action. We can't afford to lose this battle. This treaty has to be ratified in the Senate. It ONLY takes 67 members of the Senate to ratify and pass this unconstitutional treaty. NOW it is tim

Friday, May 21, 2010

Consumed Right and Left.

Tom's Journal.

I've been saying this for the past 2 years! When the nations [including America... if she still exists] all gang up against / or refuse to help Israel, it will be as if they put their finger in God's eye!
Friends, we should NEVER think that Bible study and reading are a waste of time, or attending and supporting a real Christian church. In fact, after re-reading the book of Romans for the past 30 some years, I just "discovered" some 'new territory' in chapters 9 and 10 yesterday! Wow! It's like looking upon a diamond from a different angle. And then many things in the Hebrew Scriptures -- the 'Old Testament' have a secondary meaning or conclusion/ fulfillment in the Greek -- 'New Testament' --as all Christians know. How can you tell if it's Christian?? Find out if it teaches nothing but the Word of God-- not goofy, worthless "traditions of men!" You can't mix oil and water. How can the Holy Spirit recall what was never put into the mind/ brain/ heart, in the first place? Just like Esau disregarded/ disrespected his own birthright -- those who disrespect God's Word by remaining Biblicaly Illiterate and ignorant shouldn't expect much when God calls His believers and servants to Heaven.... soon.

I know I have talked about this timely subject quite a bit-- but it's the "only show in town," and the consequences are eternal. Personally, I am NOT willing to play games or gamble with my future in heaven. Yes,I am Saved. But I wouldn't want to get caught with my pants down when the Lord knocks on my door. I pray about this all the time, and also ask the Lord to SHOW me if I am doing something that is not pleasing to Him, sinner that I am. Since I don't care for extreme hot, humid weather, I am hoping that heaven has A/C Just kidding, folks.

And for those who THINK they 'can take it with them' -- I don't much care what happens to my bank account and goods when I am up in heaven! You all can have my gas grill... but I'm taking the wife with me.


Consumed Right and Left

Posted: 21 May 2010 08:51 AM PDT

By Dr. James M. Hutchens. The Jerusalem Connection. Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, said: "If the Zionist regime attacks Iran, the Zionists will have no longer than a week to live." … the Islamic Republic would destroy Israel "in less than 10 days". …"the corrupt and criminal Zionist regime is harming not only the Arab and Islamic world, but all of humanity."God

Kagan a Lesbian?

Tom's Journal.

Hi Tom,
This one is so needed My Brother. If this one is not stopped God's judgment is going to come upon us like it did on Sodom. Staley

Dear Staley, God's Judgment is ALREADY upon America-- with all the abortions, corruption, stealing from the working class, and Gay agenda getting passed by Obozo and the Dims/ Progressives! Sorry...

Tom S

--- On Thu, 5/20/10, Thomas G. Schuckman <> wrote:

From: Thomas G. Schuckman <>
Subject: Kagan a Lesbian? Why It Matters (Plus 4 More)
Date: Thursday, May 20, 2010, 9:37 PM

I think this is so cool and with merit !! =-O
Posted: 20 May 2010 02:22 PM PDT
By Matt Barber. Liberty Counsel. I don't see how liberal media-types can write, what with those uncallous, milky-soft little digits all bundled in bulky kid gloves and all. Oh, when the target of their "reporting" is a conservative politico, or even Tea Party Joe, off come the gloves. But when it's one of their own – when circumstances require that a fellow liberal undergo a modicum of journalistic


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life Aboveground: "What Must I Do To Be Saved?"

Life Aboveground: "What Must I Do To Be Saved?"

Tom's Journal.

This Summer could Change the World.

Tom's Journal.

Medal.wmv Video of the most decorated Hero in modern times.

This article is sooooo good!
Jan Markell makes me feel good, like I am not the only Christian in the world who knows the truth and the Bible. God Bless Jan Markell and her outstanding, courageous work!

Tom Schuckman

Why This Summer Could Change the World
by Jan Markell
May 20, 2010

There is always Middle East conflict and war is frequently breaking out in that region. Why could a forthcoming war change the world? A little too sensational, you say? When the "epicenter" is involved, always pay attention. While the situation in the Middle East is generally unstable, it could move to the disaster zone this summer or fall.

Major Paul Vallely is a wise military man. He has been a guest on my radio program, "Understanding the Times." He is now making a media circuit warning anyone who will listen that dark storm clouds are on the horizon in the Middle East. He has gotten information, it would seem, from Israel because what he is sharing is detailed. He surely hasn't gotten it from the Obama administration who is a part of the legions of nations deceived that if only Israel would go away, there would be world peace.

We're back to the term an "axis of evil." This axis is scheming to wipe out Israel and the nations include Iran, Syria, Russia, and the biggest player, Hezbollah which operates in south Lebanon. Israel went to war with Hezbollah in 2006. It was half-hearted even though the destruction on both sides was major. According to Vallely's sources, the Iranians are working with Syria and Hezbollah and are Conferencesplanning a pre-emptive strike soon to stop Israel's expected pre-emptive move against Iran. What a chess board! This operation is coming down to the wire. Sources say the chaos will begin in a few weeks to a few months. It is all based on the fact that Iran is now set to go with her nukes and most of them are pointed at Israel.

Here is the startling news: Just weeks ago a Soviet sub docked in Beirut, Lebanon. It was flying the Iranian flag. Workers on the sub were seen to be wearing masks suggesting that they were unloading something chemical. And it was likely a weapon or weapons of mass destruction.

But Hezbollah has extensive plans that go beyond this. The potential Hezbollah offensive includes chemically armed SCUD missiles with a 450 km range, preemptive strikes on Israeli air fields, and a wave of tunnel attacks that cross from Lebanon into Israel. There are some 60,000 rockets and missiles in south Lebanon hiding in houses, orchards, and miscellaneous buildings. Some of these are advanced scuds which have the capability to hit every city in Israel. The intention is to rein terror on Israel with maximum damage. Israel has been giving out gas masks -- a procedure that has become all too frequent.

Major Vallely states that Israel's jets and airstrips are in the sites of the enemy. Hezbollah and other participants in this forthcoming battle want to make it impossible for Israel to strike anyone by air. Vallely has highlighted possible chemical weapons of mass destruction, thousands of scud missiles, tunnels, and neutralizing Israel's fighter jets. It seems all the bases have been covered. And don't forget the "martyrs." The enemy is stocking up on young men and women who will joyfully place themselves in positions where they can self-detonate with maximum damage. They will likely use the tunnels as well.

So what does Washington think of Hezbollah? John Brennan, assistant to US President Barack Obama for homeland security and counterterrorism, told a Washington conference on Tuesday that Lebanese terrorist militia Hezbollah has evolved significantly over the years, and cannot today be defined as a purely hostile and evil entity.

Reuters quoted Brennan as telling conference participants that Hezbollah is a "very interesting organization" that has evolved from a "purely terrorist organization" into a movement that now boasts members of parliament and even cabinet ministers. Brennan states, "I'm glad to see that Hezbollah is renouncing terrorism and violence..."

Oh, really? Is this deception, delusion, or bold-face lies?

The kind of an attack outlined in this article will force Israel to strike back with ferocity. If chemical weapons are dumped on her, she will have to use her own weapons of mass destruction. We have the makings of a disaster in the Middle East and the fall-out will be felt around the world. A Jew will not be safe anywhere. A friend of Israel may not be either. Don't expect any help or comfort from the White House or State Department. Israel is their sacrificial lamb.

So she is on her own -- except for God. This is good! He won't let her down. God has a covenant with Israel that is repeated throughout the Bible. A prominent passage is Genesis 17:6-8. God is not just a covenant maker -- He is a covenant keeper! Take that to heart, Christian. With God on our side, that is a majority!

The Jews were irresponsible with their slow reaction to the warnings of the 1930s and 1940s and the results were catastrophic. Over one-third of European Jewry was annihilated. They made a second mistake in 1973 when Israel was caught off guard in the Yom Kippur War. On a smaller scale, Israel has made mistakes in lesser wars such as with Hezbollah in 2006. She was forced to fight with one arm tied behind her back and few ground troops. When she doesn't finish the job, her enemies return and everything is more deadly. Had she finished the job properly with Hezbollah in 2006, we might not have the scenario building that is outlined here.

The Western world is myopic. At best they give a gigantic yawn as it concerns issues that are far away from home. Besides, people are struggling with their own problems and they feel they cannot take on more catastrophes. But a major Middle East war will shake up the world so come out from under your denial blanket if that's where you are. At the very least, pray about this volatile issue. Inform others. Ask your pastor to give a message on the importance of Israel. At the same time, show compassion to the Arab world who is steeped in a religion that encourages their followers to die for Allah. Many disillusioned Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

The biggest weapon being used by Satan is ignorance. Most people have not a clue as to the historical issues surrounding Middle East conflicts. Most Christians do not know that the term "Palestinian" was never used before the mid-1960s when Yasser Arafat coined the myths and facts  about the middle eastterm. There is so much historical revisionism that has taken place it is a wonder anyone can figure out the complexities of the Middle East. I encourage you to take a look at a DVD I made two years ago entitled Myths and Facts About the Middle East. This explains some of misconceptions.

You can hear Maj. Vallely's entire remarks here.

We have additional videos for education and inspiration in our new Web category, To Make You Think. We have an entire Web category on all things Israel here.

The speed with which end-time related events are breaking is staggering. You were born for such a time as this and you are an intricate part of God's plan for this generation. See these trying times as a gift from God to you: He trusts you to serve Him at this time.

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Awaiting His return,

Jan Markell

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